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16:00:32 <mhayden> #topic Roll Call
16:00:37 <prometheanfire> \o
16:00:39 <jorgem> o/
16:00:41 <johnsom> o/
16:00:43 <mhayden> congrats to prometheanfire for getting in first! :P
16:00:44 <nishpatwa_> \o
16:00:59 <nishpatwa_> haha
16:01:11 <michaelgugino> hi
16:01:25 <prometheanfire> I didn't say 'FIRST' so it doesn't count
16:01:30 <cloudnull> o/
16:02:11 <mhayden> odyssey4me and his UK friends are out on the town causing trouble, so we may have a few less folks in here than normal ;)
16:02:13 <cloudnull> I believe many of our UK cohort will be away todya.
16:02:22 <cloudnull> ++
16:02:34 <automagically> o/
16:02:39 <mhayden> this means that all bugs we talk about in today's meeting get assigned to them, right?
16:02:47 <jmccrory> o/
16:02:48 <automagically> definitely
16:03:39 <mhayden> okay, we have a good group here, so let's get underway
16:03:50 <mhayden> #topic Action items from last week
16:03:56 <mhayden> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/openstack_ansible/2016/openstack_ansible.2016-09-08-16.00.html
16:04:05 <mhayden> the reviews i brought up last week got merged
16:04:21 <mhayden> as did stevelle's Gnocchi identity patch
16:04:28 <mhayden> so i think we're good on those action items
16:04:36 <stevelle> yup
16:04:46 <mhayden> #topic Newton RC1 release
16:05:00 <cloudnull> yupie
16:05:00 <mhayden> i know we're missing odyssey4me today -- is there anything to discuss on this topic?
16:05:39 <cloudnull> i believe we need https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:%255Eopenstack/openstack-ansible.*+starredby:jesse-pretorius+status:open
16:06:02 <mhayden> ah good call
16:06:05 <cloudnull> and the gate is being mighty nasty
16:06:08 <mhayden> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:%255Eopenstack/openstack-ansible.*+starredby:jesse-pretorius+status:open
16:06:25 <cloudnull> which is likely due to issues in the projects as they too scramble to get RC1 out
16:06:37 <cloudnull> so recheck recheck recheck
16:06:46 <cloudnull> if folks can help babysit it'd be great
16:07:13 <cloudnull> I have a few stared items too
16:07:15 <cloudnull> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/starredby:cloudnull+status:open,n,z
16:07:17 <cloudnull> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/starredby:cloudnull+status:open,n,z
16:07:25 <cloudnull> which would be nice to haves
16:07:33 <mhayden> ah, i'll gander at those after this mtg, cloudnull
16:07:46 <mhayden> anyone have anything else urgent on the topic of RC1
16:07:56 <cloudnull> also I think https://review.openstack.org/#/c/365098/
16:08:12 <cloudnull> needs to be updated for doc review from robb
16:08:33 <cloudnull> thats all i got
16:08:43 <mhayden> good stucc
16:08:49 <mhayden> s/stucc/stuff/
16:08:57 <mhayden> we'll keep rollin'
16:09:08 <mhayden> #topic Octavia + OpenStack-Ansible
16:09:19 <mhayden> welcome to jorgem and johnsom from the land of octavia! :)
16:09:22 <jorgem> hey everyone
16:09:26 <johnsom> Hi there
16:09:28 <jorgem> nice to virtually meet you all
16:09:31 <jorgem> ;)
16:09:35 <mhayden> can y'all introduce yourselves and share a little bit of what you're interested in doing?
16:09:42 <jorgem> sure thing.
16:09:44 <cloudnull> ohai
16:10:01 <johnsom> I am the current Octavia PTL
16:10:31 <jorgem> I'm Product Manager (former dev turned to the dark side) at Rackspace for CLoud Load Balancing and Cloud Networks. Have been mostly involved with Neutron LBaaS and Octavia
16:10:47 <nishpatwa_> This is Nish I am in the OSIC team
16:10:58 <jorgem> Interested in getting LBaaS integrated into OSA
16:11:18 <cloudnull> coolo
16:11:18 <cloudnull> *cool
16:11:21 <jorgem> cause it's ready for primetime :)
16:12:03 <johnsom> Yes, newton will be the third Octavia release where it is the reference driver for neutron-lbaas.
16:12:07 <jorgem> Just wanted to hear from everyone what the best approach is. I heard we may need an LBaaS role of some sort?
16:12:15 <mhayden> we currently have LBaaSv2 running with an agent right now in Liberty, Mitaka, and Newton
16:12:44 <mhayden> it seems like we could get a new role together for octavia and run it in its own container
16:12:48 <johnsom> Right, that was my understanding as well.  I think what is needed is to add support for the Octavia driver
16:13:13 <mhayden> and we'd need a toggle for deployers to choose between LBaaSv2+agent and LBaaSv2+octavia
16:13:57 <jorgem> awesome. Anything else we would need?
16:14:13 <mhayden> we will also need an image built and tagged properly in glance, correct? since octavia uses that image when it builds LB vm's?
16:14:38 <jorgem> that is my understanding but will defer to johnsom
16:15:01 <mhayden> also there's a management network in play that we will need to configure -- we have patterns for this in the tempest role now if i remember correctly
16:15:09 <johnsom> That is correct, we use diskimage-builder to create the image for the service vms.
16:15:24 <johnsom> The management network is probably the other major work item
16:15:26 <mhayden> jorgem / johnsom: the best way to start might be to make a spec and lay all this out for a review
16:15:36 <mhayden> https://github.com/openstack/openstack-ansible-specs
16:15:49 <jorgem> cool deal mhayden
16:16:07 <mhayden> i have one from liberty that you can feel free copy as much as you want -> http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/openstack-ansible-specs/specs/mitaka/lbaasv2.html
16:16:17 <cloudnull> can octavia do multi-master(controller) yes?
16:16:19 <cloudnull> *yet
16:16:20 <mhayden> i never made it all the way to octavia in that spec, just to lbaasv2+agent
16:16:57 <johnsom> Yes, all of the control plane processes are multi-instance friendly (and we strongly encourage it)
16:18:02 <mhayden> johnsom: but the active-active LB support is coming in ocata, right?
16:18:08 <mhayden> not sure if that's what cloudnull  was asking
16:18:18 <cloudnull> can you run more than more than one conroller
16:18:24 <BjoernT> mhayden: Were there talks about the required provider network for octavia and security issues we had with that ?
16:18:35 <mhayden> BjoernT: yeah, we will need a plan for that
16:18:49 <johnsom> For the data side, the load balancers themselves, we currently support active/standby in mitaka and newton.  Active/Active should land early in Ocata
16:19:03 <mhayden> the management/provider network will be something new, as is the image build itself -- so those will require some head scratching to get right
16:19:20 <mhayden> the rest is pretty standard openstack stuff
16:19:32 <johnsom> cloudnull Yes, we encourage all of the controller process to run multi-instance
16:19:35 <mhayden> we already have the neutron half of the project deployed
16:19:46 <cloudnull> johnsom: multi-instance?
16:19:50 <cloudnull> as in a VM?
16:20:01 <jorgem> or physical host
16:20:09 <mhayden> cloudnull: the LB (haproxy) itself runs inside VM's
16:20:14 <johnsom> cloudnull as in multiple python processes running on multiple nodes
16:20:49 <johnsom> I.e. the controller worker process should be running on three or more nodes
16:20:58 <mhayden> jorgem / johnsom: could y'all propose a spec with your proposed work items and we can get some reviews going in gerrit?
16:21:05 * mhayden said y'all :|
16:21:27 <jorgem> sure thing mhayden
16:21:38 <cloudnull> so octavia can be installed on our typicall three neutron_agent containers and scheduelling can happen at all three at the same time?
16:21:42 <jorgem> mhayden: Are there other's already working on LBaaS items in OSA?
16:21:43 <cloudnull> which is what I want to know
16:21:56 <cloudnull> which is what I mean by "can you run more than more than one conroller "
16:22:07 <mhayden> jorgem: at the moment, not that i am aware of
16:22:15 <jorgem> k
16:22:27 <mhayden> johnsom: i think cloudnull is asking if we can run multiple octavia workers at the same time
16:22:31 <mhayden> am i right?
16:22:33 <jorgem> mhayden: Anyone who is interested that you know of?
16:22:34 <cloudnull> yes
16:22:45 <mhayden> jorgem: i am!
16:22:49 <jorgem> sweet
16:23:05 <mhayden> automagically / jmccrory: any interest in your world for more robust LBaaS in OSA?
16:23:12 <automagically> Yes!
16:23:18 <jmccrory> definitely
16:23:20 <johnsom> cloudnull Yes, though you may not want to tie it to the neutron_agent container.  Other vendor Ansible deployments of Octavia put the Octavia API, Controller worker, Health manager, and Housekeeping in their own nodes/containers.
16:23:21 <mhayden> woot
16:23:26 <jorgem> just wondering who to pester once spec is up ;)
16:23:29 <automagically> That said, we may well end up using the A10 and F5 drivers
16:23:31 <mhayden> jorgem: just assign all the work items to automagically -- he's great
16:23:49 <jorgem> mhayden: haha noted good sir
16:23:55 <johnsom> mhayden Yes, they all run at the same time for load and HA reasons
16:24:09 <mhayden> cloudnull: ^^
16:24:19 <cloudnull> johnsom: that's fine, i just want to make sure I can setup multiple octavia conrollers across the cluster without having to do some hostname muging and the such.
16:24:50 <mhayden> #action jorgem/johnsom to work on a new octavia spec that is much better than mhayden's
16:24:50 <johnsom> No hostname muging, ha!
16:25:03 <mhayden> anything else on octavia for now?
16:25:23 <jorgem> sounds pretty straight forward unless there are more questions for johnsom and myself
16:25:39 <mhayden> woot
16:25:41 <johnsom> Please feel free to reach out to me with questions.  I can also talk directly with folks/teams if you want more information about Octavia and it's current state
16:25:53 <jorgem> #openstack-lbaas is where we hang out
16:25:53 <mhayden> thanks for joining us, jorgem and johnsom! :)
16:26:01 <jorgem> thanks everyone!
16:26:13 <johnsom> o/
16:26:19 <mhayden> #topic Release planning and decisions
16:26:30 <mhayden> so 12.2.3 and 13.3.3 came out this week
16:26:39 <mhayden> was there anything urgent to get into the next release?
16:26:51 <mhayden> i know cloudnull and odyssey4me were working with the shenanigans in the py_pkgs lookup
16:27:14 <cloudnull> i think those are done
16:27:17 <mhayden> woot
16:27:32 <mhayden> anything else on this?
16:28:02 <mhayden> #topic Open floor
16:28:29 <mhayden> thanks to everyone who helped get the security documentation patches rolling
16:28:43 <mhayden> now everything is automatically generated -- much less manual labor on updating docs for controls ;)
16:29:05 <mhayden> and i set a (horrible) pattern for adding sphinx extensions to generate automatic docs from scripts
16:29:37 <mhayden> anyone have any reviews that they need help with other than the ones that cloudnull brought up earlier?
16:29:57 <mhayden> automagically: need assistance on the ansible 2.1.1 reviews still?
16:30:04 <automagically> Do I ever
16:30:24 <automagically> Looks like some of the more recent failures are due to some fact gathering not occurring for containers
16:30:42 <automagically> Here’s what’s open: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/ansible-2-1-support+status:open
16:31:05 <automagically> Anyone want to jump on os_swift, os_ironic, os_watcher, etc
16:31:07 <automagically> Be my guest
16:31:22 <automagically> gnocchi, neutron and tempest as well
16:31:42 <mhayden> i'll grab watcher for ya
16:32:02 <mhayden> anything else to discuss today?
16:32:15 <johnsom> Is barbican already available in OSA?
16:32:44 <automagically> johnsom: The role has been around for awhile, not sure if anyone’s running it in production
16:33:08 <palendae> I know there was some work around it when people were trying to get magnum in
16:33:13 <palendae> But I don't know the state of either currently
16:33:42 <johnsom> Ok, thanks
16:34:34 <mhayden> okay, i'll close it up if there's nothing else
16:35:18 <mhayden> okay, thanks everyone!
16:35:21 <mhayden> #endmeeting