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16:00:24 <asettle> http://www.reactiongifs.com/r/hello-bear.gif
16:01:12 <asettle> *crickets*
16:01:14 <asettle> Good job team
16:01:33 <andymccr> o/
16:01:36 <crushil> \o
16:02:00 <evrardjp> o/
16:02:12 <michaelgugino> o/
16:02:22 <rromans> .
16:02:47 <spotz> \o/
16:02:57 <asettle> Good work team, we managed quorum :P
16:03:01 <palendae> o/
16:03:18 <logan-> o/
16:03:20 <jmccrory> o/
16:03:20 <asettle> I'll wait until 5 past to begin items :)
16:03:24 <andymccr> sweet sweet
16:03:42 <stevelle> o/
16:04:10 <spotz> cause we're slaxkers
16:04:24 <palendae> RAX people have overlapping meeting
16:04:31 <asettle> While we're waiting for the last minute, last call for all team to update agenda; https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/openstack-ansible#Agenda_for_next_meeting
16:04:32 <asettle> :)
16:05:13 <asettle> Alright folks, let's mooooveeeeee
16:05:33 <asettle> #topic Action Items
16:05:36 <asettle> We had a few, lucky you people
16:05:42 <asettle> 1. Team to populate etherpad with ideas and discussion point for PTG
16:05:49 <asettle> Has everyone updated the etherpad with their ideas for the PTG?
16:05:56 <asettle> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/osa-ptg-pike
16:05:57 <andymccr> i added a few more
16:06:14 <asettle> Thanks andymccr :)
16:06:24 <andymccr> but we have a few ideas going whcih is good!
16:06:26 <asettle> Good to see a decent list of attendees!
16:06:40 <asettle> Looks like mhayden evrardjp odyssey4me amongst others have added a few things
16:06:41 <asettle> Thanks team :)
16:06:52 <asettle> andymccr: do you have a end-date for updating the etherpad?
16:07:23 <andymccr> asettle: hadn't thought really - should probably add one :) but im happy as long as it gets in at least up until the last week before the ptg
16:07:34 <asettle> Cool, andymccr well I leave that in your capable hands.
16:07:40 <andymccr> so lets say thursday the 16th
16:07:41 <andymccr> so 2 more weeks
16:07:52 <asettle> 2. Blueprints! Specs!
16:07:59 <evrardjp> I didn't change stuff since 2 weeks on the etherpad
16:08:02 <evrardjp> :p
16:08:03 <asettle> mhayden and I have been spamming everyone in the universe to close their unnecessary blueprints
16:08:07 <asettle> evrardjp: that works :P
16:08:13 <andymccr> yeah thanks asettle and mhayden
16:08:17 <andymccr> i have a few emails to respond to on that
16:08:27 <asettle> So, just a reminder - if you have an email from me with lists of blueprints - your end date is the PTG :)
16:08:27 <andymccr> ive added a topic to the etherpad about discussing blueprint management at the ptg
16:08:37 <asettle> We are cleaning up so we can better deal with this in future.
16:08:50 <asettle> I had a lot of replies asking for closure, so, I'm not going insane :P
16:09:14 <andymccr> yeah it was badly needed
16:09:25 <asettle> Alright!
16:09:31 <asettle> I think we sailed through those crazy action items
16:09:41 <asettle> Let's move on to topics for discussion :)
16:09:45 <asettle> #topic Operations guide
16:09:57 <asettle> For those who do not know - we are creating an ops guide
16:09:59 <asettle> It is up for review
16:10:01 <asettle> #link http://docs.openstack.org/developer/openstack-ansible/draft-operations-guide/index.html
16:10:09 <asettle> It needs content help too - so, help out where you can
16:10:14 <asettle> Also
16:10:28 <asettle> I have been driving this effort, but after Ocata I will be disappearing to take over the PTL role for OpenStack manuals
16:10:36 <asettle> If someone can take over the drivers seat for this, that would be great.
16:10:38 <asettle> Any takers?
16:11:09 <spotz> asettle: I can try to
16:11:22 <andymccr> spotz: awesome. thanks! yeah we need to keep the doc momentum going on
16:11:30 <andymccr> but on that note congrats to asettle !
16:11:37 <asettle> Thanks spotz ! :)
16:11:39 <asettle> Appreciate that
16:11:43 <asettle> I'll catch you up on some details another time :)
16:11:54 <asettle> Thanks bromie
16:12:00 <asettle> :)
16:12:18 <asettle> Okay, next item UP
16:12:24 <asettle> #topic PTG planning
16:12:26 <asettle> andymccr: yo
16:12:29 <asettle> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/osa-ptg-pike
16:12:32 <andymccr> so the etherpad is up again
16:12:52 <andymccr> same as last week - fill it in, let us know if you're coming etc.
16:13:02 <asettle> Crazy times.
16:13:07 <asettle> Any questions about the PTG guys? :)
16:13:35 <andymccr> reach out to me if you cant come and need to discuss anything (again)
16:13:45 <asettle> Sweet as :)
16:13:53 <palendae> Take good notes :)
16:14:01 <asettle> palendae: actually that's a good point
16:14:12 <asettle> Who is going to the PTG who can volunteer to be a good note taker?
16:14:18 <asettle> Don't have to do the whole 2 days, but to share the load
16:14:24 <asettle> It will be important for those that cannot attend
16:14:33 <andymccr> palendae: gonna do my best to send out a daily update with detail if possible :P
16:14:33 <asettle> An etherpad that people can follow along with?/
16:15:17 <asettle> mhayden odyssey4me evrardjp crushil adreznec stevelle andymccr or sc68cal - any of you attendees able to help out our contributors?
16:15:41 <sc68cal> for note taking?
16:15:42 <stevelle> I'm going to be time split during cross-project days, so not a good choice
16:15:45 <andymccr> so im gonna send a daily update - but if anybody has ideas around how we can involve people during - im all ears, although in generla we've had issues with that at previous summits/ptgs
16:15:54 <asettle> Yep, just at least helping set up some etherpads so people can follow along
16:16:09 <spotz> Folks asked about the possibility of streaming
16:16:27 <asettle> Also worth looking into too.
16:16:34 <asettle> Is anyone at the meeting, unable to attend, but wants to talk about a topic?
16:16:45 <andymccr> yeah ^ this. if you are lets try figure something out
16:16:54 <crushil> I'm going to time split too. So, I might not be the ideal choice either
16:17:09 <evrardjp> asettle: anyone there will be filling the etherpad, this way we don't rely on just "one person" -> redundancy
16:17:24 <evrardjp> we'll figure out there
16:17:26 <asettle> evrardjp: yeah that's what I'm asking - someone to set up etherpads and ensuring the link is distributed
16:17:37 <evrardjp> sure we'll do that there
16:17:41 <andymccr> i'll be setting teh etherpads up before the ptg
16:17:49 <evrardjp> based on the master etherpad
16:17:50 <andymccr> once we have a list of topics and can prioritize
16:17:57 <asettle> Sweet, that was what I was asking :)
16:18:00 <andymccr> but also we have 2 days - there is no "real schedule"
16:18:01 <asettle> palendae: does that help?
16:18:10 <spotz> that part's easy we do them way in advance for the WoO meetings
16:18:12 <evrardjp> agreed with andymccr
16:18:21 <asettle> spotz: are you attending? :)
16:18:22 <palendae> Yeah, that's good. I don't know that I'll be following them live, but having them will be good
16:18:32 <palendae> For non-attendees and for reference after
16:18:39 <andymccr> yeah definitely
16:18:42 <evrardjp> yes
16:19:11 <asettle> Perfect :) thanks team
16:19:26 <asettle> Okay, let's move on to some good news...
16:19:33 <asettle> #topic Core reviewer and docs liaison
16:19:35 <asettle> andymccr:  take it away
16:19:36 <andymccr> yay!
16:19:54 <andymccr> so i've added spotz as a core reviewer now - so spotz if you don't see the +2 +w buttons on reviews now give me a shout
16:20:11 <asettle> Hooray! Congratulations spotz :) well deserved
16:20:12 <spotz> andymccr: Will do! And thanks
16:20:22 <evrardjp> Congratulations spotz!
16:20:33 <andymccr> we've all appreciated the reviews and there were no objections (of course!) - also asettle has been talking about spotz becoming the docs liaison for OSA
16:20:34 <odyssey4me> gratz, and welcome spotz
16:20:56 <jmccrory> congrats spotz
16:20:59 <logan-> congrats spotz!
16:21:02 <spotz> Thanks everyone:)
16:21:28 * stevelle is glad that has happened
16:22:29 <asettle> Awesome :D spotz will also be taking my place as the docs liaison for the OpenStack manuals team. Her knowledge of OSA really does her credit and she will be a really valuable asset to the manuals team
16:23:32 <asettle> Alright!
16:23:37 <asettle> #topic Release planning and decisions
16:23:42 <asettle> andymccr: don't stop now buddy
16:23:54 <andymccr> hahaha
16:23:57 <andymccr> SO!
16:24:07 <andymccr> newton and mitaka are ready - mitaka has merged, newton is going through now
16:24:08 <spotz> hehe
16:24:26 <andymccr> RC1 is this week, im trying to get the nova updates in, but if that doesnt work i'll file a stagnant RC1 and submit tomorrow
16:24:33 <andymccr> the nova work is finally done!
16:24:44 * asettle watches the words go and nods thoughtfully
16:24:47 <odyssey4me> excellent, that was a hard slog
16:24:49 <andymccr> on that note I have a few patches that need reviews: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/428161/
16:25:03 <andymccr> and then: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/418457/
16:25:20 <andymccr> finally there is a sha bump and rc1 pin - which im testing now to see if it will work :)
16:25:40 <andymccr> a few upstream bugs in nova are being fixed so thats a positive outcome too
16:25:48 <asettle> (number 2 patch - trusty hates you)
16:26:11 <andymccr> asettle:  oh yeah we're removing the trusty test again - i have a patch infor that in project-infra
16:26:16 <asettle> Good to know.
16:26:40 <asettle> Any further updates andymccr ? :)
16:26:53 <andymccr> all good - unless anybody has something to bring up re: releases? :)
16:27:19 <evrardjp> none
16:27:34 <asettle> Coolio hoolio
16:27:39 <asettle> #topic Blueprint work
16:27:46 <asettle> andymccr: dude wow you're on FIRE
16:27:47 <asettle> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-ansible/+spec/upgrade-testing
16:27:58 <andymccr> so sc68cal has done a bunch of work on the final part
16:28:03 <andymccr> (for the initial goal)
16:28:04 <asettle> Thanks sc68cal !
16:28:23 <andymccr> any reviews on that would be really appreciated - we also need to figure out how to test it effectively
16:28:28 <asettle> andymccr: link?
16:28:41 <andymccr> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/421295/
16:28:50 <asettle> Gracias, review people ^^
16:29:21 <sc68cal> I also have the project-config change up
16:29:32 <asettle> sc68cal: link? :)
16:29:34 <sc68cal> https://review.openstack.org/419517
16:29:46 <andymccr> oh boom
16:29:48 <andymccr> thanks sc68cal :D
16:30:12 <asettle> #link https://review.openstack.org/419517
16:30:48 <asettle> Awesome :)
16:30:57 <asettle> The next blueprint is mine,
16:31:01 <asettle> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-ansible/+spec/create-ops-guide
16:31:04 <asettle> You guys all know the update there :)
16:31:12 <asettle> I will reassign to spotz for future handling after Ocata :)
16:31:35 <asettle> Also, I'd like to point out there are a lot more active blueprints in this list htat we aren't discussing: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-ansible
16:31:46 <asettle> andymccr: could/should we be updating the meeting minutes for these?
16:31:46 <andymccr> nice, asettle can you still run taht at the PTG in spotz's absence ?
16:32:02 <asettle> andymccr: if I can get out of the docs sessions, yep. We'll have to coordinate. I'll have my people talk to your people.
16:32:04 <andymccr> asettle: thats something i want to discuss at the ptg - i think we need a better approach to blueprints in general
16:32:12 <asettle> Okay, fair :) let's ignore that one for now.
16:32:14 <andymccr> so for now lets leave it
16:32:17 <andymccr> but next cycle we will be doing that
16:32:21 <andymccr> to ensure they get done
16:32:28 <andymccr> (or removed if not done)
16:32:42 <asettle> Cool :) sounds good
16:32:44 <asettle> Anything else on blueprints?
16:32:50 <andymccr> all good!
16:33:10 <asettle> Okay!
16:33:14 <asettle> #topic Open Discussion
16:33:25 <asettle> I'd like to draw attention to, a Rackspace, but a blog article by our fearless leader, andymccr
16:33:30 <asettle> https://blog.rackspace.com/rackspace-private-cloud-stronger-openstack-ansible
16:33:34 <asettle> If you wanna know the things about OSA and Racksapce
16:33:35 <asettle> READ
16:33:42 <asettle> He's very embarrased right now I can see his face
16:33:44 <asettle> This was good
16:33:53 <andymccr> no comment!
16:34:08 <asettle> But it is a good article :) (I edited it) so, take a wee look for a bit of light tech reading :)
16:34:17 <evrardjp> damn I am sad to not be at the office to see the face.
16:34:25 <spotz> heheh
16:34:27 <asettle> evrardjp: it was good, and then odyssey4me made what *sounded* like a laugh
16:34:41 <spotz> we need pictures of the face on the twitter:)
16:34:52 <evrardjp> spotz: that's gonna get censured
16:34:54 <asettle> spotz: dude I would love to but then you'd find me dead in a dumpster behind RAX London
16:34:59 <evrardjp> censored*
16:35:22 <asettle> evrardjp knows
16:35:51 <asettle> Alright - nothing else to discuss today?
16:35:59 <andymccr> think we're all good!
16:36:02 <evrardjp> I had, but not urgent
16:36:04 <asettle> andymccr: run away faster
16:36:06 <asettle> evrardjp: what's up? :)
16:36:06 <evrardjp> next week it is
16:36:07 <evrardjp> :p
16:36:08 <asettle> WE have plenty of time
16:36:10 <andymccr> anybody available fo rme to ping patches at? :D
16:36:18 <andymccr> and yes i mean at :P
16:36:23 <evrardjp> no that's fine, closer to ptg the better :p
16:36:25 <asettle> #topic Fearless Leader Pings Patches At
16:36:30 <asettle> andymccr: go bro
16:36:34 <andymccr> ahahah
16:36:47 <andymccr> no i just mean if there are ppl volunteering so i can msg you as they are tested!
16:36:56 <evrardjp> oh for that maybe we should use the dashboard the way odyssey4me did in the past
16:36:56 <andymccr> but the integrated build is running now so hoping i can get everything lined up
16:37:01 <andymccr> evrardjp: yeah i agree
16:37:05 <asettle> andymccr: dashboard plz
16:37:05 <andymccr> i can star them
16:37:09 <andymccr> and just paste that :P
16:37:10 <evrardjp> andymccr: yes
16:37:23 <evrardjp> we just need to adapt the dashboard by replacing the usernames
16:37:25 <evrardjp> :p
16:37:35 <evrardjp> or emails I don't know
16:37:52 <evrardjp> do you have the link or shall i find it?
16:38:30 <andymccr> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/starredby:andrew-mccrae
16:38:42 <spotz> That works:)
16:39:12 <evrardjp> alternatively you could add this dashboard:
16:39:13 <evrardjp> https://gist.github.com/evrardjp/d00537d89b7771103dbadb49a4d01c42
16:39:47 <logan-> tied up this morning but ill try to review anything left outstanding this afternoon :)
16:39:51 <odyssey4me> just push a review change up to the gerrit-dashboard repo with the changes you want
16:40:06 <odyssey4me> then use it, then build a shortened link for it and put that in the channel topic and launchpad
16:40:28 <evrardjp> that works too.
16:40:32 <asettle> Thanks odyssey4me
16:40:38 <andymccr> yeah good idea
16:41:07 <andymccr> ok cool
16:41:57 <asettle> Okay, well
16:42:10 <asettle> Everyone gravy? We good to exit? Step off at the turnpike?
16:42:20 <andymccr> sweet! thanks all :)
16:42:21 <asettle> https://media.giphy.com/media/14aa5GbbHT3bHO/giphy.gif
16:42:30 <spotz> Seeya!
16:42:41 <asettle> #endmeeting