16:02:09 <andymccr> #startmeeting openstack_ansible_meeting
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16:02:51 <spotz> Yeah andymccr is leading!:)
16:02:59 <evrardjp> haha
16:03:05 <evrardjp> that's written indeed :)
16:03:18 <andymccr> ahh i didnt mean to be chair i know you can add additional chairs somehow
16:03:20 * mhayden stumbles in
16:03:33 <andymccr> mhayden: do you know? :D
16:03:35 <mhayden> andymccr: #chair <nick> <nick> <nick>
16:03:35 <spotz> hehe, most of the agenda is you:)
16:03:38 <evrardjp> chairs? I'd prefer a couch. #terriblejoke
16:03:40 <cloudnull> o/
16:03:47 <xgerman> o/
16:03:58 <andymccr> haha thats true - we are light on topics this week - its mostly follow up from last week! (and anything new that people didnt add to the agenda!)
16:04:03 <rromans> \o
16:04:33 <spotz> Hurry up and #topic roll call
16:04:36 <andymccr> haha
16:04:39 <andymccr> #topic roll call
16:04:43 <andymccr> yes this :P
16:04:47 <spotz> See I'm leading... :)
16:04:49 <andymccr> is why i shouldnt run meetings
16:04:55 <cathrichardson> o/
16:04:56 <asettle> o/
16:04:56 <jmccrory> o/
16:05:00 <evrardjp> o/
16:05:02 <spotz> \o/
16:05:09 <stevelle> -o/
16:05:43 <andymccr> ok i think we're good to start!
16:06:01 <rromans> .
16:06:05 <andymccr> #topic action items from last week
16:06:10 <evrardjp> we have a larger quorum than at bug triage or previous weeks, so it's definitely a go.
16:06:16 <evrardjp> :p
16:06:20 <andymccr> evrardjp: hahaha
16:06:22 <andymccr> ahh bug triage :D
16:06:34 <andymccr> first item
16:06:36 <andymccr> OSA TEAM TO REVIEW OR ALEX WILL BE UPSET (https://docs.openstack.org/developer/openstack-ansible/draft-operations-guide/index.html)
16:06:40 <andymccr> asettle: ^
16:06:52 <spotz> See that wasn't even on the agenda!
16:06:55 <asettle> Beautiful
16:06:57 <asettle> Hahhahaha
16:07:00 <asettle> THe action items?
16:07:02 <andymccr> ahh i updated it before - its just action items from last week!
16:07:06 <asettle> andymccr: are you being shite at updating
16:07:14 <asettle> :P
16:07:20 <evrardjp> that's a next item right?
16:07:22 <spotz> I had this from the last log - evrardjp triage https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-ansible/+bug/1678165
16:07:22 <andymccr> that is an action item after this :P
16:07:23 <andymccr> hahaha
16:07:23 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1678165 in openstack-ansible "dynamic_inventory.py container_mtu bug" [Undecided,New]
16:07:32 <asettle> spotz: action items from last week can be found in the meeting minutes from last week
16:07:38 <andymccr> ahh spotz i think thats the bug triage logs
16:07:40 <asettle> It's a weekly topic, it just isn't auto updated into the next week :)
16:07:45 <spotz> bah!
16:07:51 <asettle> Hahaha, all good! :)
16:07:53 <asettle> That makes more sense
16:07:55 <andymccr> spotz: i updated the meeting agenda - its a bit confusing
16:08:00 <evrardjp> spotz: yup that's bug triage action points ;)
16:08:04 <evrardjp> but nice reminder.
16:08:06 <spotz> Caerry on:)
16:08:13 <andymccr> OK so asettle do we need to continue reviewing/add it as another action item again?
16:08:28 <asettle> Keep it as a continuous action item
16:08:30 <asettle> We've had some traffic latley
16:08:36 <asettle> It's just good for peopel to notice doc stuff
16:08:43 <andymccr> #action more reviews on https://docs.openstack.org/developer/openstack-ansible/draft-operations-guide/index.html - changes going in.
16:08:51 <asettle> Also, can people please actually review the content, rather than just +2ing it because it's a doc change?
16:09:04 <asettle> I've noticed a lot of patches being given +2's lately without actually being reviewed for simple things like spelling
16:09:04 <andymccr> ^ yeah important
16:09:06 <asettle> It's a bad look dudes.
16:09:20 <spotz> And ran into issues with the install guides like that:(
16:09:33 <spotz> Not ours but just saying
16:09:35 <evrardjp> asettle: well if the content is good it's a good start vs no content.
16:09:51 <asettle> Yeah, basically. I mean, I get it, you can't catch everything at once - but don't +2 it if you cbf checking spelling or grammar
16:09:56 <evrardjp> But yes limiting to +1
16:09:57 <asettle> There are plenty of doc people about to help :)
16:09:59 <andymccr> well im glad some movement is happening, i think we're gonna focus more on this in the coming months to get something workable in the release
16:10:05 <asettle> evrardjp: yep :) exactly that
16:10:31 <evrardjp> asettle: is there a focus to be set there? Because there is massive work to review everything and add content
16:10:47 <evrardjp> (splitting the work with an etherpad?)
16:10:53 <andymccr> spotz and asettle and rromans do a great job on docs, so we can perhaps double up on docs changes - requiring one of them approve?
16:11:06 <andymccr> or does that make it harder for you?
16:11:12 <asettle> I think that would make sense.
16:11:19 <asettle> Just add us as reviewers, and we'll pop up
16:11:22 <andymccr> ok cool
16:11:22 <asettle> Thoughts spotz ?
16:11:39 <spotz> Yeah that'll help if we're not online to squirrel to them:)
16:11:56 <andymccr> #action docs reviews get spotz/asettle/rromans added as reviewers and lets ensure doc quality
16:12:04 <andymccr> ok cool
16:12:08 <andymccr> so lets move onto the next action item
16:12:15 <andymccr> which is related :P
16:12:17 <andymccr> evrardjp work on the firewll for ops guide
16:12:19 <evrardjp> done
16:12:22 <andymccr> boom
16:12:25 <evrardjp> next
16:12:26 <andymccr> next
16:12:27 <andymccr> Andy to actually update the meeting agenda each week
16:12:29 <andymccr> done!
16:12:32 <andymccr> double boom
16:12:33 <andymccr> next
16:12:34 <evrardjp> boom
16:12:34 <asettle> \o/
16:12:38 <andymccr> andymccr to look into getting an on-boarding room at the summit (carry-over)
16:12:43 <andymccr> ok so this is a womp womp
16:12:44 <evrardjp> "done"
16:12:51 <andymccr> the rooms went really quickly, and there aren't any left :(
16:13:00 <evrardjp> oh
16:13:05 <evrardjp> that's sad
16:13:15 <spotz> andymccr: Not even during lunch?
16:13:21 <evrardjp> maybe worth noting for next time
16:13:33 <andymccr> so we missed out on that one, but im going to mention it at my talks, and if people are interested we can arrange something impromptu, i know spotz will be there so we can do something ad hoc potentially
16:13:53 <spotz> Yeah the requour fearless leader was in Milan not bringing us presents
16:13:59 <andymccr> spotz: i'll follow up with Kendall - she's super helpful so if its a posibility will find out
16:14:05 <spotz> request can out....
16:14:12 <spotz> I can't type:(
16:14:15 <andymccr> hahaha
16:14:27 <andymccr> ok so next action item from last week
16:14:27 <andymccr> review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/447151 and talk about shared "osa community goals" for network integration best practices next week (useful for trove and octavia)
16:14:48 <andymccr> xgerman: i see there are some reviews, do you want to keep this one as a carry-over action item? or are we getting traction?
16:15:15 <xgerman> I thin we are getting tatction
16:15:23 <xgerman> I will do the latest changes and hope for the best
16:15:35 <andymccr> xgerman: excellent :) thanks for the work!
16:15:43 <andymccr> ok next!
16:15:45 <andymccr> review and comment on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/451425/
16:16:16 <andymccr> some good reviews in there, i still need to do a spec, after speaking with evrardjp and others i think we have some ideas. and thanks stevelle/cloudnull et al for the reviews!
16:16:24 <cloudnull> ++
16:16:25 <andymccr> more would be appreciated because again - it's going to form the basis of our architecture moving forward.
16:16:32 <cloudnull> I think that's a great way forward
16:16:38 <andymccr> #action andymccr to create spec for uwsgi/nginx changes
16:16:40 <andymccr> i'll carry that one over
16:17:00 <andymccr> and lastly from action items
16:17:01 <andymccr> andymccr to look into timeslots for meeting and poll the team to decide a best time
16:17:04 <andymccr> so i havent done that
16:17:06 <andymccr> i'll addit again :P
16:17:08 <andymccr> #action andymccr to look into timeslots for meeting and poll the team to decide a best time
16:17:18 <andymccr> #topic uWSGI/Nginx
16:17:26 <andymccr> so this came up as an action item
16:17:32 <andymccr> but again - super important.
16:17:51 <andymccr> jmccrory: logan- im pinging you just as a prod ;) so check out https://review.openstack.org/#/c/451425/ and comment!
16:18:25 <andymccr> #topic Release Planning/discussion
16:18:44 <andymccr> next week will be another release - mgariepy isn't about but i know he had some patches that were needed for CentOS - will follow up with him
16:18:55 <andymccr> but if there are any other urgent/key changes that need to go in let me know!
16:19:50 <andymccr> ok so lastly!
16:19:52 <andymccr> #topic open discussion
16:20:07 <andymccr> Oh actually, let me add that as an action item
16:20:19 <andymccr> #action review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/451425/
16:20:30 <spotz> mgariepy is in channel if needed
16:21:09 <andymccr> ahh :D
16:21:10 <andymccr> yay
16:21:12 <mgariepy> hello :)
16:21:21 <andymccr> mgariepy: if im not mistaken you wanted some patches to go in for next release?
16:21:33 <andymccr> that'll be next week - i just want to make sure i dont miss anything
16:21:35 <mgariepy> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/454209/
16:21:53 <andymccr> ok cool :)
16:22:04 <mgariepy> this one would be nice since ceph is useless without it.
16:22:05 <andymccr> #action review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/454209/ for CentOS release
16:22:26 <mgariepy> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/453710/
16:22:35 <mgariepy> this one also.
16:22:51 <andymccr> ok so will need a SHA bump for that too.
16:23:05 <andymccr> mgariepy: can you include the SHA bump for the ceph client role in that openstack-ansible stable/ocata patch?
16:23:16 <mgariepy> yep i will
16:23:22 <andymccr> sweet :)
16:23:24 <andymccr> ok cool
16:23:41 <andymccr> ok so open discussions if anybody has anything else to bring up!
16:25:36 <andymccr> give it a few more minutes :)
16:25:45 <mgariepy> any plans to push nova and horizon patch ?
16:26:01 <andymccr> mgariepy: the horizon announcement from today? yeah i plan to do a sha bump for those ones.
16:26:04 <mgariepy> http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2017-7214
16:26:11 <mgariepy> nova from the other day.
16:26:26 <andymccr> lemme add an action item
16:26:36 <andymccr> #action andymccr SHA bump for nova/horizon to account for CVEs
16:26:41 <andymccr> good reminder :)
16:26:45 <mgariepy> would it be a lot of work to get a fast-track for this kind of stuff ?
16:26:58 <andymccr> mgariepy: nope - i'll just push a sha for those projects
16:27:05 <andymccr> so it 100% goes into the release
16:27:09 <mgariepy> ok
16:27:10 <andymccr> and i can push the release out a bit earlier next week
16:27:35 <mgariepy> cool, thanks a lot :D
16:28:00 <andymccr> thanks for pointing it out!
16:28:23 <andymccr> ok if theres nothing else im happy to close it out for today!
16:28:47 <evrardjp> fine for me
16:29:04 <spotz> Woot!
16:29:15 <spotz> Damn I lead a good meeting:)
16:29:51 <andymccr> hahaha
16:29:54 <andymccr> smooth! :P
16:29:56 <andymccr> ok thanks all :)
16:29:59 <andymccr> #endmeeting