16:01:20 <spotz> #startmeeting openstack_ansible_meeting
16:01:20 <spotz> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/openstack-ansible#Agenda_for_next_meeting
16:01:20 <spotz> #topic Roll Call
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16:01:30 <spotz> No beating me evrardjp!
16:02:18 * mhayden wanders in
16:02:29 <evrardjp> o/
16:02:33 <andymccr> o/
16:02:52 <spotz> Give folks another minute then we'll get going
16:03:08 <spotz> So wait is evrardjp now the fearless leader or not yet?
16:03:33 <andymccr> spotz: trying to get rid of me?!
16:04:07 <spotz> andymccr: Nope never, but we have no vote to do like docs and ironic so wasn't sure when I start asking evrardjp to update!:)
16:04:39 <spotz> #topic Review action items from last week
16:04:43 <evrardjp> wow andymccr is our leader
16:04:47 <spotz> And only one from evrardjp:)
16:04:47 <evrardjp> forever.
16:04:56 <spotz> #topic evrardjp working on doc for a phasing out bugs as opinion schedule
16:05:00 <evrardjp> yeah so.
16:05:04 <evrardjp> I re-read the docs.
16:05:11 <evrardjp> And we have something written
16:05:12 <spotz> hehe
16:05:25 <evrardjp> just a sec
16:05:40 <evrardjp> https://docs.openstack.org/openstack-ansible/latest/contributor/bug-triage.html#bug-skimming-duty-weekly-checklist
16:06:02 <evrardjp> second ite,
16:06:06 <evrardjp> item*
16:06:09 <evrardjp> so It was already listed, so there is no need for a new discussion
16:06:19 <spotz> Woot!
16:06:22 <evrardjp> we can say, 1yo bugs can be opinion.
16:06:40 <spotz> what about 1 yo reviews....
16:07:35 <evrardjp> That isn't documented, but we should probably see on a case by case basis. Probably abandonning most of them would be wise.
16:07:39 <odyssey4me> you might want to re-ping everyone that the meeting has started
16:08:19 <spotz> done
16:08:47 <spotz> evrardjp: There were some really old stuff the one tie I looked at the end of the list
16:08:55 <prometheanfire> o/
16:09:02 <spotz> hey prometheanfire, congrats!
16:09:20 <prometheanfire> heh, thanks, haven't checked the list today yet
16:09:42 <spotz> prometheanfire: Only docs and ironic are voting
16:09:56 <spotz> Ok back to our meeting:) Anything else on that evrardjp?
16:09:57 <palendae> Hello
16:10:05 <spotz> hey palendae
16:10:30 <evrardjp> none
16:10:37 <spotz> #topic Topics for Discussion
16:10:47 <spotz> #topic PTG - 11-15 September - Denver, Colorado
16:10:55 <andymccr> yay PTG
16:10:57 <spotz> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/osa-denver-PTG-planning
16:10:59 <mhayden> yay!
16:11:00 <andymccr> so PTG etherpad is up @ ^ link
16:11:08 <spotz> :)
16:11:15 <andymccr> there has been some movement, so lets get some more ideas in there :)
16:11:41 <andymccr> looking forward to it - and looking forward to seeing evrardjp take the reins ;P
16:12:09 <spotz> And I'm gonna miss it!
16:12:58 <spotz> Any one want to discuss PTG stuffage besides remembering to put stuff in the ether?
16:13:00 <andymccr> spotz: we will post pictures on Twitter of our new fearless leader telling us what to do :P
16:13:10 <spotz> andymccr: video!
16:13:24 <prometheanfire> let me know when open room time for questions
16:13:37 <andymccr> prometheanfire: think its gonna be a short one will ping you though :)
16:13:41 <spotz> prometheanfire: anfter release and blueprint, not much longer
16:13:51 <spotz> #topic Release Planning and Decisions
16:13:57 <andymccr> ok so
16:14:15 <andymccr> we're a bit stuck at the moment - cloudnull has arranged for extra infra which is amazing!
16:14:31 <evrardjp> \o/
16:14:32 <andymccr> but we have the patches ready to get things moving again.
16:14:33 <spotz> That going to fix the timing out?
16:14:36 <prometheanfire> nice
16:14:42 <prometheanfire> where'd he get it from?
16:14:50 <spotz> OSIC cloud?:)
16:14:53 <andymccr> prometheanfire: he is magical
16:14:59 <prometheanfire> andymccr: we know that already :P
16:15:14 <andymccr> special thanks to odyssey4me and mhayden for taking care of a tonne of the gate consistency issues and getting things in place to move us to a better place (long term too!)
16:15:25 <spotz> Yeah team!
16:15:33 <mhayden> de nada, i was happy to break everything in the process as well
16:15:35 <evrardjp> thanks indeed!
16:15:36 <mhayden> :/
16:15:40 <andymccr> hahaha
16:15:50 <mhayden> it's all 6's and 7's
16:15:51 <evrardjp> my pleasure to help you on that note mhayden.
16:15:53 <andymccr> other than that i need to check when the next release for stable branches is
16:15:58 <mhayden> evrardjp: team effort ;)
16:16:04 <evrardjp> :D
16:16:10 <prometheanfire> I do have a release question
16:16:13 <andymccr> but i think i'll save releases team a bit and release next week since they are a bit busy at the moment
16:16:15 <andymccr> prometheanfire: sure
16:16:24 <prometheanfire> when you branching pike?
16:16:34 <prometheanfire> we don't want to break you when reqs unfreezes
16:16:49 <andymccr> prometheanfire: yeah so i spoke to tonyb about that today
16:16:52 <spotz> andymccr: I saw a few tags go through the lists but stuff like freezer
16:17:13 <prometheanfire> oh?
16:17:17 <andymccr> we're gonna do what we do every cycle which is basically i'll -2 anything in https://review.openstack.org/#/q/is:open+topic:openstack/requirements+owner:proposal-bot+project:%255Eopenstack/openstack-ansible.*
16:17:22 <andymccr> until we branch
16:17:42 <andymccr> which will hopefully not be too long from now - once we can get the gates going again there is not too much to merge before rc1
16:17:49 <andymccr> then we just need to backport fixes from master to stable/pike
16:17:54 <prometheanfire> right
16:18:00 <andymccr> that freezer proposal is different since its before the branch (which hasnt happened yet)
16:18:02 <andymccr> but after branch yeah.
16:18:08 <prometheanfire> I'll make a note of it in https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/requirements_pike_thaw
16:18:15 <andymccr> thanks prometheanfire - appreciate it
16:18:29 <andymccr> yeah theres an email from Tony that came this morning, its pretty useful for anybody interested
16:19:30 <prometheanfire> it's the '[openstack-dev] [requirements][ptls] HELP! Thawing the requirements repo' thread for those wondering
16:19:53 <andymccr> thats pretty much all for releases. thanks for all the work so far, my major request is that we avoid merging anything that is unnecessary or isnt a stabilizing fix (aside from already pending work that was part of pike) from now
16:20:22 <spotz> #topic Blueprint work
16:20:22 <andymccr> we want to get an rc out and then we can work at stabilizing/standardizing and cleaning up - to get to our final rc
16:20:33 <spotz> cause you said you were done!
16:20:39 <andymccr> all good :)
16:21:15 <andymccr> blueprints - on the wsgi work, we have a few patches left: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bp/goal-deploy-api-in-wsgi (sahara/ironic/nova)
16:21:47 <andymccr> there are a few that we wont be able to meet, neutron, designate, magnum etc (not supported right now) and swift (struggling to get that to work properly)
16:24:39 <spotz> Any thing else on blueprints?
16:25:22 <andymccr> all good from my side - i know the dnf stuff is done so i think there are no other pending blueprints rn
16:25:31 <spotz> Ok
16:25:35 <spotz> #oprn discussion
16:25:40 <spotz> #open discussion
16:25:43 <andymccr> topic :)
16:25:43 <prometheanfire> neat
16:25:45 <spotz> #topic open discussion
16:25:53 <andymccr> prometheanfire: ! ping
16:25:53 <andymccr> haha
16:25:55 <spotz> Third times the charm ok prometheanfire
16:26:13 <prometheanfire> question was, how often have requirement updates messed with OSA
16:27:07 <andymccr> prometheanfire: hmm - not too much, we had some issues where projects not using requirements messed with that
16:27:15 <odyssey4me> prometheanfire not as far as I recall
16:27:15 <andymccr> since we are quite strict on the upper-constraints/requirements bits
16:27:28 <prometheanfire> I'm trying to guage if a cross project test would be useful
16:27:30 <andymccr> and we had some issues with jinja2
16:27:30 <odyssey4me> a lack of testing/pinning of setuptools/pip has been the most common cause for failure
16:27:35 <prometheanfire> including the osa tests in our gate
16:27:39 <andymccr> ahh yeah what odyssey4me said on setuptools
16:28:01 <prometheanfire> ya, setuptools is an annoying chicken/egg thing for us
16:28:15 <evrardjp> yeah I remember that one. pip/setuptools/wheels are the big trio.
16:28:30 <prometheanfire> yep
16:28:35 <odyssey4me> yeah, we'd have to change up quite a few things in the image build and gating processes to pin pip/setuptools
16:29:28 <prometheanfire> I'll bring it up on the reqs ptg meetup just in case anyone has any ideas
16:29:39 <prometheanfire> but if that's the main problem then it's probably not worth it
16:29:49 <odyssey4me> I'd be happy to sit it assuming there are no major clashes
16:29:54 <prometheanfire> (can't help with projects that don't consume reqs)
16:30:02 <prometheanfire> tuesday morning
16:30:04 <andymccr> prometheanfire: sure we'll be there so give us a shout if you'd like us to discuss
16:30:36 <prometheanfire> yarp
16:30:38 <prometheanfire> k, I'm done
16:31:18 <andymccr> sweet, thanks prometheanfire
16:31:29 <evrardjp> thanks!
16:31:31 <prometheanfire> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/relmgt-stable-requirements-ptg-pike
16:31:35 <prometheanfire> done :D
16:31:36 <spotz> Anyone else want to discuss anything?
16:32:22 <spotz> Going once....
16:32:35 <evrardjp> nothing to add.
16:32:37 <spotz> Going twice....
16:32:40 <evrardjp> thanks everyone!
16:32:44 <spotz> Hoing three times.....
16:32:45 <andymccr> thanks all!
16:32:49 <spotz> #endmeeting