15:01:17 <eglynn> #startmeeting openstack-ceilometer
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15:01:28 <eglynn> who's all around for the ceilo meeting?
15:01:29 <llu-laptop> o/
15:01:34 <fabiog> hi
15:01:43 <ildikov_> o/
15:01:47 <linuxhermit> o/
15:02:12 <idegtiarov> o/
15:02:16 <sileht> o/
15:02:17 <ityaptin> o/
15:02:26 <_elena_> o/
15:02:29 <eglynn> #topic kilo3 status
15:02:46 <gordc> o/
15:02:48 <jd__> o/
15:02:57 <eglynn> fabiog: I think we can roll this in with the "ConfigDB land or burn?" topic
15:03:00 <_nadya_> o/
15:03:11 <fabiog> eglynn: yep
15:03:18 <eglynn> #link https://launchpad.net/ceilometer/+milestone/kilo-3
15:03:18 <jd__> is it a vote?
15:03:44 <eglynn> so the main issue is go/no-go on DB config
15:04:12 <gordc> fabiog: just an fyi, i marked patch wip for now.
15:04:19 <eglynn> fabiog: part of my reluctance here is that the series of BPs seems like it's gonna be incomplete for kilo
15:04:20 <fabiog> jd__: I think we need to take a decision if we want to merge with the current design and then re-factor later or go back to the whiteboard for Liberty
15:04:50 <gordc> fabiog: i'd be more confident with the latter.
15:04:51 <eglynn> fabiog: i.e. we have 3 BPs, but the most advance by far is the initial one (IIUC)
15:05:01 <eglynn> most *advanced
15:05:13 <jd__> postpone
15:05:51 <fabiog> eglynn: I think with all the discussion that went on the other patches got delayed. Personally I think we could still make it. But if the consensus is to re-propose it in Liberty we can go with that
15:06:15 <eglynn> fabiog: say we were to land ceilometer-configuration-via-data-store ... the mechanism would be effectively unused in kilo without the API and agent BPs?
15:06:58 <fabiog> eglynn: I think we could achieve the very basic func. store and retrieve the config
15:07:06 <_nadya_> eglynn: I think we have found one more use case for config-in-db. idegtiarov has describe it
15:07:14 <fabiog> eglynn: we may then thing about how to connect the agents
15:07:21 <eglynn> fabiog: can you confirm conf-datastore-agents is still not started?
15:07:26 <fabiog> eglynn: I think that is the biggest part in contentious
15:07:37 <gordc> eglynn: that's probably my reason for postponing, i don't think the idea to utilise feature is fully realised yet.
15:07:45 <fabiog> eglynn: no the agent work is started
15:07:57 <fabiog> eglynn: but we need the api to be finished
15:07:59 <eglynn> gordc: yes, my instinct is similar
15:08:15 <fabiog> eglynn: so basically you need the db part first tobe in, then api and finally agent
15:08:39 <ildikov_> I like the DB based config idea, but I also share the others' opinion regarding to include full features in main releases
15:09:00 <jd__> I don't want to ship "dead" code
15:09:09 * linuxhermit agrees
15:09:33 <eglynn> fabiog: would we loose much by postponing to liberty-1?
15:09:42 <fabiog> well, then. I think it will be wise to have a session (again) at the summit on this and nail it once for all :-)
15:09:46 <ildikov_> I think it would be nice to have config related session(s) on the design summit
15:10:01 <eglynn> fabiog: i.e. the foundational patches would be effectively unused anyway in kilo, so no real loss
15:10:01 <fabiog> eglynn: no I think we can survive with it
15:10:06 <ildikov_> I think fabiog already mentioned it on the review of the db patch
15:10:21 <cdent> ugh, got distracted, I'm here
15:11:15 <eglynn> are we edging towards rough consensus here?
15:11:24 <fabiog> eglynn: so, since there is no consensus on merging it in Kilo we will propose an updated spec in Liberty and discuss it at the summit, is that a good plan?
15:11:39 <eglynn> fabiog: yes, I think that's the wisest course
15:11:44 <eglynn> fabiog: thank you sir!
15:11:45 <ildikov_> fabiog: *1
15:11:51 <idegtiarov> config in DB seems to be very useful in HA mode and that part also could be discussed on summit
15:12:24 <ildikov_> eglynn: do we have a session proposal page for the summit?
15:12:29 <fabiog> idegtiarov: it is also useful for lifecycle management ...
15:12:33 <eglynn> otherwise the outstanding BP is the thermal data for Edwin, amiright?
15:12:46 <ildikov_> I think it is implemented
15:12:50 <idegtiarov> fabiog: it also useful...
15:12:52 <ildikov_> eglynn: ^^^
15:13:07 <_nadya_> fabiog: +1, thanks for patience
15:13:08 <ildikov_> eglynn: I mean I have a doc bug for it in OS Manuals... :)
15:13:18 <eglynn> ildikov_: WRT design session page ... not yet, that usually happens much closer to summit
15:13:46 <llu-laptop> ildikov_: yes, manual needs a patch for the new measurements
15:13:47 <ildikov_> eglynn: np, I wasn't sure when we usually open it that is why I asked
15:14:15 <llu-laptop> ildikov_: what's the bug number?
15:14:29 <ildikov_> llu-laptop: I'm on it, but of course if anyone else would volunteer the stage is open ;)
15:14:52 <ildikov_> llu-laptop: #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+bug/1430138
15:14:53 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1430138 in openstack-manuals " Add more power and thermal data" [Medium,Confirmed]
15:15:04 <eglynn> ildikov_: well it's up to us when we start thinking about liberty summit sessions
15:15:22 <eglynn> ildikov_: so if you'd like to start collecting proposal early, please create a googledocs spreadsheet and share the link :)
15:15:44 <eglynn> ... would be handy to capture fabiog's session at least while the ideas are still fresh
15:16:08 <ildikov_> eglynn: cool, I will discuss with fabiog if we need that this early, or prepare a bit and then propose session(s)
15:16:17 <eglynn> ildikov_: thanks!
15:16:46 <eglynn> fabiog: is your update related?
15:17:08 <fabiog> eglynn: I will be leaving HP (after 15 years) next week
15:17:17 <eglynn> dank_: wow! OMG
15:17:23 <eglynn> fabiog: ^^^
15:17:34 <eglynn> dank_: sorry, bad tab completion
15:17:45 <fabiog> eglynn: the good news though is that I will join Cisco
15:17:52 <eglynn> fabiog: well, congratulations!
15:18:01 <fabiog> eglynn: and I will be involved in ceilometer
15:18:09 <eglynn> fabiog: excellent :)
15:18:14 <fabiog> eglynn: and I will attend the summit
15:18:53 <eglynn> fabiog: we'll look forward to seeing you there :)
15:19:12 <fabiog> eglynn: me too
15:19:31 <eglynn> fabiog: I don't mean to pry, but is it Cisco Cloud Services division you'll be working for?
15:19:40 <fabiog> eglynn: yes
15:20:08 <eglynn> fabiog: a-ha, cool :) ... in which we may cross paths from a RH vendor PoV also as well as upstream
15:20:08 <fabiog> eglynn: to be precise infrastructure
15:21:02 <fabiog> eglynn: yep, cloud is a small word ;-)
15:21:09 <fabiog> world
15:21:30 <eglynn> fabiog: well congratulations again :)
15:21:37 <fabiog> eglynn: thanks
15:21:51 <fabiog> gordc: no more mesmorizing slides though :-)
15:22:36 <gordc> fabiog: :( just copy background and whiteout hp logo.
15:23:18 <gordc> no legal issues there.
15:23:33 <eglynn> just use the upstream preso template and save yourself the logo change :)
15:24:50 <eglynn> k, let's move onto the delicious pasta-making
15:25:16 <eglynn> #topic gnocchi
15:26:47 <cdent> i've never eaten gnocchi, is it any good? seems like it would be...thick, pasty
15:27:11 <eglynn> cdent: very fattening I hear ;)
15:27:18 <eglynn> cdent: congrats on joining gnocchi-core :)
15:27:23 <jd__> it's good!
15:27:28 <eglynn> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/groups/353,members
15:27:42 <jd__> I think we implemented a bunch of interesting things recently
15:27:43 <cdent> thanks
15:27:50 * cdent agrees
15:27:53 <jd__> we have the equivalent of Ceilometer complex query on resources
15:28:01 <jd__> so you can look for anything in resources :)
15:28:08 <jd__> we have put that into the metric aggregation code too
15:28:19 <jd__> so you can do aggregation on metric from resources filtered using this kind of query
15:28:39 <eglynn> jd__: excellent!
15:28:51 <jd__> now I'm adding measure search to finally have something like "give me instance with > 80 % CPU" or the like, I hope that'll be in time for K
15:29:10 <eglynn> for reference, see here for the latest landings ... https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:merged+project:stackforge/gnocchi,n,z
15:29:12 <sileht> I have started to write a new alarm rule kind to use this new format
15:29:14 <jd__> and sileht is updating alarm support following these changes
15:29:38 <eglynn> so the definitive gnocchi alarm code is now the copy in the ceilo repo?
15:29:50 <sileht> eglynn, yes
15:29:57 <eglynn> coolness
15:30:05 <cdent> I _may_ be picking up influxdb where eglynn left off if I can eke out the time. emphasis on the "may".
15:30:25 <eglynn> cdent: that would be great
15:30:58 <eglynn> so the data migration task
15:31:08 <eglynn> sounds like we'll have to punt that to liberty timeframe?
15:31:40 <jd__> eglynn: I think it's a safe bet
15:31:46 <jd__> it's likely than nobody will really want to migrate
15:31:51 <jd__> as they'll start fresh
15:31:56 <jd__> cdent: I'm interested in that too
15:32:15 <eglynn> i.e. migration from "classic" datastores to the featherlight gnochi equivalent
15:32:23 <eglynn> yeah some may want to start afresh
15:32:35 <eglynn> esp. if just doing a PoC with gnocchi
15:32:51 <eglynn> but others won't want to discard old data
15:33:08 <eglynn> I guess co-existence is the other option
15:33:11 <jd__> I doubt we really have a lot of "others"
15:33:16 <jd__> but we'll see I guess
15:33:26 <eglynn> i.e. query v2 API for your old data, gnocchi API for the newer
15:33:26 <jd__> if ops scream "how do I migrate my data" we'll do something
15:33:34 <eglynn> ok
15:33:48 <ildikov_> eglynn: with Ceilo it is usually suggested to use ttl with small inetrval, so it might be the case that it is easier for users to have a fresh start
15:33:54 <linuxhermit> jd__ that will happen
15:33:55 <cdent> If people really get anxious we can make an outside the normal release cycle migrator
15:33:59 <cdent> in fact we should make most things that way ;)
15:34:10 <ildikov_> eglynn: as who would like to store data longer should use an external data warehouse anyway
15:34:32 <eglynn> speaking of ops screaming ... is that a good segue-way into https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/PHL-ops-burning-issues ?
15:34:43 <jd__> cdent: we won't limit Gnocchi releases to the 6 months timeframe I think
15:34:56 <gordc> *claps* kudos on the segue.
15:36:13 <cdent> "If ceilometer dies other services stop (for example Glance will not serve images to spin up a new VM)" <- WAT
15:36:26 <cdent> That's a new one to me. Really?
15:36:26 <llu-laptop> cdent: that puzzles me too
15:36:39 <linuxhermit> we've seen that
15:36:56 <ildikov_> is that because of the message queue under, or?
15:36:57 <llu-laptop> linuxhermit: what's the situation?
15:36:58 <gordc> linuxhermit: is it a ceilometer->heat->glance connection?
15:37:05 <eglynn> cdent: I couldn't see that happening in reality either
15:37:07 <linuxhermit> I don't know why, but I know it happens, and I don't have all the details
15:37:14 * eglynn belatedly changes topic
15:37:17 <fabiog> linuxhermit: yes, it is related to rabbitMQ
15:37:20 <eglynn> #topic ops summit feedback
15:37:34 <linuxhermit> I do remember rabbit being part of it as well
15:37:42 <cdent> I think the biggest issue we need to resolve is that the level of communication between us and the people using what we make is really really poor.
15:37:46 <ildikov_> I guess the queue gets filled up
15:37:46 <eglynn> fabiog, linuxhermit: backpressure from rabbit as notifications are being consumed
15:37:48 <eglynn> ?
15:38:00 <eglynn> *aren't being consumed?
15:38:06 <linuxhermit> eglynn I'll ask ops for more details
15:38:25 <fabiog> linuxhermit: and eglynn well, especially polling can slow down rabbit to a grinding halt
15:38:26 <eglynn> linuxhermit: that would be excellent, as otherwise I'm finding that hard to fathom
15:38:28 <gordc> linuxhermit: that'd be awesome... do we want a bug in meantime to track?
15:38:38 <eglynn> gordc: yes please
15:38:50 <linuxhermit> gordc I was hesitant to create a bug until I had the details
15:39:05 <linuxhermit> I'm in the camp that many thing getted blames on ceilo that might not be just that
15:39:06 <sileht> Before Juno this is possible that the notifier can block but not more now
15:39:21 <ildikov_> cdent: the docco is still behind, we would need more hands there too
15:39:34 <linuxhermit> realize many of the ops are still on Icehouse and a few on Juno etc
15:39:49 <eglynn> also interesting ... "Customers more scared of new time series databases than mongo"
15:39:53 <ildikov_> cdent: I mean to identify what would be needed besides the already opened bugs and then fix the list of missing items
15:39:55 <cdent> ildikov_: that's a good point too, but I'm mean general conversation/interaction
15:40:18 <cdent> ideally these things on this etherpad would not be surprises
15:40:24 <fabiog> eglynn: I think we should have an ops meeting at the summit to collect their complains and feature requests
15:40:43 <ildikov_> cdent: sure, the marketing what linuxhermit mentioned earlier is also important
15:40:45 <linuxhermit> I was in the room, but I didn't feel comfortable acting like a rep
15:40:46 <eglynn> new TSDBs in that context == specifically carbonara I wonder? or == to influxdb/opentsdb/whatever
15:41:08 <cdent> eglynn: not worth speculating we should just ask
15:41:10 <linuxhermit> TSDB was gnocchi etc and influx
15:41:14 <eglynn> fabiog: yes, if we could find a way to frame feedback in a constructive way
15:41:19 <linuxhermit> it's not something that operators have had to manage that before
15:41:27 <eglynn> cdent: fair point
15:41:28 <ildikov_> cdent: but finally, when someone uses a product the end user docco should be enough to show the right way to use it
15:41:39 <linuxhermit> eglynn The Nova PTL ran a great one of those at the summit
15:41:45 <cdent> ildikov_++
15:41:47 <ildikov_> fabiog: +1
15:41:54 <linuxhermit> and people left feeling much better and happier
15:42:03 <linuxhermit> ildikov_ ++
15:42:30 <cdent> We shouldn't fear the negative unconstructive feedback. It's like therapy: once it comes of the chest at least some small number of the people will become useful allies in the future.
15:42:38 <cdent> s/of/off/
15:42:49 <linuxhermit> cdent no also you can respond and dig at the root cause
15:42:58 <linuxhermit> we know not doing mongo right is a problem
15:43:00 <eglynn> cdent, linuxhermit: yes and yes
15:43:05 <linuxhermit> but we don't have great guidance on that
15:43:19 <linuxhermit> and operators aren't used to running mongo
15:43:38 <linuxhermit> most of these people had vmware, oracle etc until they stood up open stack
15:43:43 <eglynn> sileht had a good blog post I seem to remember with deployment guidance for mongo
15:44:12 <linuxhermit> we should find that and have a twitter/blog and repost it or link to it something
15:44:15 <gordc> +1 to sileht post.
15:44:16 <sileht> Just an example of how we do sharding with mongo
15:44:24 <sileht> and configure ceilometer
15:44:34 <linuxhermit> sileht those things are super handy
15:44:40 * gordc has heard to many i have a single mongo node with no sharding scenarios
15:44:51 <linuxhermit> gordc exactly
15:44:53 <eglynn> sileht: got a link handy for reference?
15:45:15 <gordc> blog.sileht.net/using-a-shardingreplicaset-mongodb-with-ceilometer
15:45:18 <sileht> The real issue is which key to use for splitting the db, and that depends of what you have decide to store with ceilometer
15:45:24 <sileht> gordc, thx
15:46:37 <cdent> \o/ that felt vaguely like progress
15:46:39 <linuxhermit> sileht those things are super good knowledge to share
15:46:52 <linuxhermit> so my thoughts after going to the operators summit
15:47:12 <linuxhermit> were that we need to communicate often with that group
15:47:24 <linuxhermit> and that we need to publish and share as much as possible
15:47:31 <ildikov_> linuxhermit: +1
15:47:36 <linuxhermit> SO MANY operators are looking for ANYTHING to replace ceilo
15:47:46 <linuxhermit> and often it's not ceilo to blame
15:48:01 <linuxhermit> but some other relyed upon resource
15:48:27 <eglynn> let's start trying to gather the "tribal knowledge" in one easily discoverable place
15:48:33 <linuxhermit> StackTach was pushed BIG time af the event
15:48:46 <eglynn> ... e.g. linking blog posts like sileht's off the wiki
15:49:03 <linuxhermit> eglynn do we have a ceilometer blog/twitter etc?
15:49:13 <eglynn> linuxhermit: well stackstach pre-dates ceilo and has always been pushed hard IME
15:49:50 <linuxhermit> eglynn perhaps, but our team had been to several ops summits, and this was the first HUGE push of it they had seen
15:50:15 <eglynn> linuxhermit: re twitter, that would a nope ... is there a twitter account for stacktach?
15:50:28 <eglynn> linuxhermit: push for stacktack standalone, or within monasca?
15:50:37 <ildikov_> linuxhermit: I guess that was triggered by the negative feedbacks on the MLs
15:51:03 <linuxhermit> ildikov_ that and basically every carrier had a terrible story in the burning issues talk
15:51:23 <linuxhermit> part of Cisco and HP had positive rebuttals etc
15:51:32 <eglynn> linuxhermit: sounds like we should have had more of a presence there to counter
15:51:43 <linuxhermit> agreed
15:51:44 <ildikov_> linuxhermit: sure, I can imagine :(
15:51:48 <cdent> It's obvious from the way stacktach presents itself on its web page that it is going for a full court marketing press on version 3
15:51:54 <_nadya_> linuxhermit: I like the idea about blog/twitter. It would be really cool
15:52:08 <linuxhermit> I want to help, and I'm just sharing what I saw
15:52:21 <cdent> which is cool for them
15:52:31 * gordc wonders if i should mention i finished off some of stacktachs original integration bps... will wait after performance testing.
15:52:35 <cdent> they move quite outside the usual openstack circles though
15:53:01 <ildikov_> I was thinking about having a session on the summit about how to organize our marketing and have more eyes on feedbacks etc, but maybe that would be too late...
15:53:03 <linuxhermit> cdent they are a redhat project
15:53:07 <linuxhermit> s/redhat/rackspace
15:53:34 <linuxhermit> so they got quite a bit of operator attention at their session
15:54:03 <linuxhermit> but it's not about us vs them
15:54:11 <linuxhermit> it's about us + community = awesome
15:54:14 <eglynn> linuxhermit: yep, the RAX angle has always carried a lot of inbuilt operator kudos
15:54:24 <eglynn> linuxhermit: agreed
15:54:30 <linuxhermit> and it seems like the community needs some guidance help and education
15:54:33 <ildikov_> linuxhermit: yeap, agreed
15:54:37 <eglynn> linuxhermit: though it not always easy to harness that community
15:55:00 <linuxhermit> agreed
15:55:14 <linuxhermit> but I'm not sure what I've seen to foster that
15:55:21 <eglynn> linuxhermit: OK, that's a very useful steer as to how we should organize ourselves for the Vancouver summit
15:55:32 <cdent> yeah linuxhermit++
15:55:44 <linuxhermit> also my boss would totally send several of us to a ceilo midcycle
15:55:46 <eglynn> linuxhermit: e.g. ops-oriented sessions, more active outreach etc.
15:55:59 <linuxhermit> and they are making a bigger investment in ceilo atm
15:56:11 <ildikov_> eglynn: +1, that was my thought also
15:56:21 <linuxhermit> eglynn completely agree
15:56:22 <gordc> linuxhermit: good to hear :)
15:56:22 <eglynn> linuxhermit: yes, the cancellation of the midcycle was deflationary in retrospect
15:56:30 <ildikov_> linuxhermit: it's very good to hear!
15:57:35 <cdent> before we run out of time I wanted to mention that I've started the process of moving ceilometerclient functional tests out of tempest and into the repo
15:57:47 <eglynn> cdent: good, good
15:57:52 <linuxhermit> cdent nice
15:57:59 <cdent> it's the-thing-to-do these days, and is pretty straightforward
15:58:09 <eglynn> coolness
15:58:30 <eglynn> shotclock is against us
15:58:36 <eglynn> shall we call it a wrap?
15:58:50 <ildikov_> just one more tiny thing
15:58:58 <eglynn> ildikov_: shoot
15:59:09 <ildikov_> it would be nice to get rid of the "please rebase" comments on gerrit
15:59:33 <eglynn> review etiquette 101 :)
15:59:35 <_nadya_> ildikov_: ++ :)
16:00:13 <ildikov_> sorry, we had a lot nowadays, so I just wanted make a heads up :)
16:00:23 <gordc> :)
16:00:52 <gordc> and we're done i guess?
16:01:04 <ildikov_> yeap :)
16:01:26 <eglynn> #endmeeting ceilometer