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16:00:35 <j^2> hey everyone
16:00:41 <markvan> yo
16:00:52 <sc`> howdy
16:01:08 <j^2> just a reminder here’s the agenda: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-chef-meeting-20150629
16:01:54 <j^2> i’ll give us a couple mins then start
16:03:22 <j^2> #topic  <sc`> c7 still requires some modifications to common to start to converge. still working on getting a converge
16:03:30 <j^2> it should be the last time we talk abut this right?
16:03:37 <j^2> we have the patches and everything?
16:03:56 <sc`> we have common and repo patched. need some fixes for mariadb
16:04:27 <sc`> i've submitted a PR for that
16:04:41 <j^2> can you link to it please?
16:05:09 <sc`> https://github.com/sinfomicien/mariadb/pull/73
16:05:25 <j^2> awesome
16:05:28 <j^2> any other update?
16:05:58 <sc`> that's it for me
16:06:33 <j^2> rock on
16:06:44 <j^2> #topic specs.openstack.org
16:06:51 <j^2> I completely dropped the ball on this
16:07:19 <j^2> i’ll put it on my todo list for this week, granted being a “short” week, i’ll do my best. It’s not mission critical, but i’ll get it done
16:07:27 <j^2> any other thoughts on this?
16:08:34 <sc`> given the "short" week, i don't expect much to get done :D
16:08:44 <j^2> #agreed
16:08:48 <markvan> I still agree it's the right place to go
16:08:56 <j^2> yep awesome
16:09:08 <j^2> #topic How to handle cross project CI testing.
16:09:22 <j^2> markvan: take it away
16:10:10 <markvan> k, first patch that went to cover all the cookbooks via the bootstrap: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/194747/
16:11:33 <markvan> This will work with existing infra job, but we can consider removing the gerrit-prep step to just use zuul-cloner for everything, but not a high priority
16:12:06 <markvan> Next patch was to build upon that and make this also work for the repo: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/196139/
16:12:51 <markvan> the basic idea behind this approach is to pull down the dependent cookbooks and place them in a ..\dir and then point Berks to find that local path.
16:13:40 <markvan> I made updated in wiki here to help folks start using it: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Chef/Contributing
16:14:11 <markvan> that's it for Depends-On support...
16:14:34 <sc`> awesome
16:14:48 <j^2> :D
16:15:05 <markvan> yeah, turned out that zuul-cloner does a pretty good job
16:15:24 <markvan> just need to melt with with our Berks needs
16:15:35 <j^2> yeah infra basicly said the majority of what we were doing zuul-cloner does like most if not all of it
16:16:07 <markvan> yup, it can handle the dpendencies well....but knows nothing about Berks
16:16:41 <j^2> so this dove tails into the new topic of: switch from gerrit-prep to zuul-cloner
16:16:43 <j^2> thoughts?
16:17:04 <j^2> who put that down? i’m assuming you markvan?
16:17:34 <markvan> yup, we're still using that basic step to get the base patch downloaded for the gate job.
16:18:10 <markvan> so, we would need to remove that step and then tweak the bootstrap to have that patch put in the right dir by zuul-cloner via the map file.
16:18:26 <markvan> so it would be a 2 part change, but no real hurry on that
16:19:02 <j^2> but it’ll make it easier to read in the long run?
16:19:08 <markvan> I guess I would first like to see some folks use the Depends-On as it is now...and then make that next move
16:19:19 <markvan> yup, better in the long run
16:19:23 <j^2> nice
16:19:39 <j^2> yeah i’d really like to see people use the Depends-On way for a while before changing anything else
16:20:01 <j^2> i mean there arent a _ton_ of changes that require it but it would be nice to see that people do it correctly
16:20:12 <j^2> or something like that
16:21:28 <markvan> yup, as cores, we need to watch out for this aspect now, especially for Common changes
16:22:57 <sc`> Depends-On would be great to see in use. my recent changes would have been a good candidate
16:23:02 <j^2> yep
16:23:08 <j^2> #topic <markvan> keystone under apache, blueprint patches submitted
16:24:39 <j^2> markvan: :D
16:24:41 <markvan> yes the patches are in now to provide support.  But will don't change the roles to use it until liberty.
16:25:19 <markvan> And I would like to test a bit more on the centos side once that is in better shape as it might need a tweak for that support.
16:25:20 <j^2> cool
16:25:44 <j^2> sc`: are you looking at this change at all for keystone?
16:25:53 <j^2> (you’re still my main centos guy :P)
16:26:15 <sc`> i'll have to spend some cycles looking at it
16:26:43 <sc`> i've looked at it a bit on icehouse
16:26:45 <markvan> sc`: to play with it, just need to make a one line change in the os-identity role
16:28:01 <j^2> cool
16:28:07 <markvan> let me know if you have questions
16:28:14 <j^2> #topic Open Discussion
16:29:03 <markvan> is jklare around?  How is that periodic CI gate coming along?
16:29:29 <j^2> - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/194164/ should build it at 6am UTC every day
16:29:29 <j^2> - https://review.openstack.org/#/c/194181/ to move it from experimental to non-voting in check
16:30:36 <j^2> looks like they are still WIP
16:31:21 <markvan> yup,  and I think we the non-voting check in there only applies to older branches, and we decided to have it non-voting for master as well to start with, right?
16:31:42 <markvan> so, still needs a tweak
16:31:49 <j^2> yep
16:32:00 <j^2> hopefully he’ll be around next week so we can ask him
16:33:04 <j^2> cool, anything else?
16:33:13 <j^2> we need more people to show up to this meeting
16:33:23 <markvan> just a quick comment on stable/kilo branching.
16:33:26 <j^2> sure
16:33:46 <markvan> Looks like we just have a couple patches left and get the periodic enabled and should branch shortly after that?
16:34:05 <j^2> yep
16:34:35 <j^2> but we need to actaully be stable, so i’d like to way a couple weeks after those patches are in
16:34:44 <sc`> when the kilo packages for centos stabilize, my patch against common and repo will need to come out
16:35:49 <markvan> k, just wanted to keep pushing on this, as liberty  changes ramp up
16:36:09 <j^2> agreed, but i don’t want to hit stable till we actaully can build this
16:36:30 <markvan> +1
16:36:39 <markvan> that's it for me
16:39:05 <j^2> cool
16:39:16 <j^2> movement to close the meeting early?
16:39:19 <sc`> imo, we should probably hold off on branching stable/kilo until the rdo packages solidify
16:39:26 <j^2> sc`: i can see that
16:39:42 <sc`> ironic being the main issue
16:40:20 <j^2> ironic is always the issue
16:40:31 <sc`> :D
16:41:55 <sc`> i've got nothing else
16:41:58 <j^2> cool
16:42:08 <j^2> lets go ahead and call it then
16:42:13 <j^2> till next week guys
16:42:19 <j^2> #endmeeting