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16:01:18 <jklare> hi everyone
16:01:19 <j^2> o7
16:01:29 <sc`> o/
16:02:24 <j^2> i’m going to have to drop early today, i have a meeting i have to get to
16:02:36 <jklare> so, for today i guess the main topics are the integration testing and running liberty itself
16:02:42 <j^2> or, should i say i’m going to me mobile, so thoughts/comments will be slow
16:02:55 <j^2> jklare: :D
16:03:21 <jklare> markvan you around?
16:03:57 <jklare> #topic integration-testing in all cookbooks
16:04:41 <jklare> mark pushed some patches out, and i think these two are the most important ones
16:04:41 <jklare> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/229992/9
16:04:47 <jklare> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/230095/3
16:05:21 <j^2> the first one looks good
16:05:36 <j^2> and the second one relies on the first correct?
16:05:43 <jklare> the first one is basically adding a common task which can run our integration testing from the Rakefile and the second one tries to utilize this one via downloading the Rakefile from common and including it
16:06:26 <jklare> for me these two look good and i think this is the right approach here
16:06:34 <markvan> yup, that was the idea
16:07:04 <sc`> makes sense. i'm +1 for this approach
16:07:49 <jklare> do we have a blueprint or something for this one? so we do not loose track of which cookbooks are patched and which ones need to be
16:08:52 <jklare> i think a short bp for 'adding integration testing to cookbooks' would be good here
16:10:04 <sc`> how about using openstack-chef-specs?
16:10:23 <j^2> sc`: i think it might be too heavy handed for specs
16:10:30 <j^2> the spec that is
16:10:38 <sc`> hm. ok
16:10:41 <jklare> also an option, but a bit more complicated, since it needs to be reviewed and merged first
16:10:55 <markvan> yeah, once these to starters get in, I'll push up all the others, should be quick then
16:11:24 <jklare> great
16:11:30 <sc`> regardless, will be good to get this in
16:11:45 <jklare> more comments for this topic?
16:11:59 <markvan> and I also have the Heat add for the CI, that patch is also ready
16:12:19 <jklare> oh cool
16:14:01 <jklare> we should add this one asap
16:14:17 <j^2> nice
16:15:10 <jklare> markvan you mean this one ? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/211322/
16:15:30 <markvan> yup
16:16:08 <jklare> patch looks good, not sure about the commit message ;)
16:16:28 <jklare> maybe that one was a WIP one?
16:16:50 <jklare> whatever, i think we can discuss that in the patch review itself :D
16:17:01 <jklare> next topic then
16:17:20 <jklare> #topic running liberty somehow somewhere
16:17:31 <jklare> any news here?
16:18:00 <j^2> nothing on my side :(
16:18:26 <sc`> centos packages are still stabilizing. i'm working through modifying common to expect the new set of repos for rdo
16:18:50 <sc`> unfortunately, it's nothing that is in the cookbook currently. kind of a moving target these days :(
16:20:58 <jklare> since i was focussing on a completely other project last week, no updates from me, but i hope that i can give these ubuntu packages (staging) a try at the end of this week
16:21:14 <j^2> With the RC’s going on on ubuntu we should be confident the we can visit building ubuntu much sooner then later
16:22:29 <jklare> question is, when they will release a first "WORKING" version on trusty, since the fast and new packages will probably be pushed to wily first...
16:22:41 <jklare> but we will see
16:23:20 <j^2> yeah, the wily conversation is something we need to have
16:23:36 <j^2> or do we punt for 16.04? :D
16:24:29 <markvan> nobody around here is interested in wily, just 14 and 16
16:25:03 <jklare> true, but 14 is basically too old (no systemd) and 16 is far away
16:25:16 <jklare> but since we can not change that
16:25:40 <jklare> we just have to hope that the packages for 14 will be good (and fast) enough
16:25:56 <j^2> i don’t think we should waste our cycles on wily at all, but we need to make sure there isn’t anyone out there that REALLY wants it
16:26:13 <jklare> i really want it :D
16:26:46 <jklare> and in my company we will got for it
16:27:23 <jklare> but i think for the majority of companies out there, a lts release is the much better option
16:27:28 <jklare> and probably the only one
16:27:30 <j^2> yep
16:27:40 <jklare> so we should focus on 14
16:28:02 <sc`> agreed, even though i don't use ubuntu :p
16:28:07 <jklare> :D
16:28:17 <jklare> ok then, last topic from my side
16:28:38 <jklare> #topic tokyo and all the amazing things that should happen there
16:28:43 <j^2> lol
16:29:02 <jklare> i thought maybe we start early with the planning here
16:29:04 <jklare> ;)
16:29:05 <j^2> jklare the most important thing is Ramen of course
16:29:20 <jklare> sounds good
16:29:42 <j^2> so to say it officially, i’ll have a table for us
16:29:47 <j^2> yes, not a room, a table
16:29:57 <j^2> but that’ll be where we can congregate and work face to face
16:30:30 <jklare> do we have any advertisement pushed out regarding that table
16:30:42 <j^2> i’ll have a sign yes
16:30:49 <jklare> online?
16:30:49 <j^2> but other than that that’s all i got approval for
16:30:59 <markvan> looking forward to being there, but not the travel times...
16:31:02 <sc`> might be worth a ml post
16:31:02 <j^2> ah, nope, we should probably send something to the lists
16:31:24 <markvan> free fortune cookies at our table?
16:31:28 <jklare> i was thinking about sending out something on the ml containing some special times and topics
16:32:13 <jklare> fortune cookies with bug numbers in them and if you open one, you have to fix it
16:32:14 <sc`> unless there's an according to hoyle miracle, i won't be in tokyo
16:32:53 <markvan> jklare: tasty!
16:33:08 <j^2> ha!
16:33:16 <j^2> jklare: that ml is a great idea
16:33:19 <jklare> and if you fix it in time, you get a kingkong :D
16:33:30 <j^2> maybe put it on an etherpad so we can move the topics around and whatnot?
16:34:01 <markvan> jklare: and being in tokyo, your extra kingkong skills will come in handy
16:34:17 <markvan> will just have to keep youaway from tall buildings
16:34:47 <jklare> i was thinking about a quick doodle to figure out at least one hour per day, where we all (or the majority of us) are at this table and discuss specific topics that might be interesting to some people
16:35:44 <markvan> jklare: yup, good idea
16:35:52 <jklare> markvan only if i had more than 10 kingkongs before
16:36:39 <j^2> yeah the etherpad is a better idea as i keep thinking about it
16:36:42 <jklare> ok, i will push out a doodle and an etherpad
16:37:06 <jklare> doodle for finding the best time and etherpad for the amazing ideas
16:37:14 <j^2> +1
16:37:18 <jklare> i will post them tomorrow in our channel
16:37:33 <jklare> the links
16:38:07 <jklare> ah, btw. do we try to stick with these 15:00 UTC syncups? not too much success last week
16:38:33 <j^2> yeah i like the theory but i just don’t have the bandwidth :(
16:40:54 <sc`> difficult to stick to that in practice, given that i'm west coast US
16:43:22 <jklare> ok then, i guess we will not stick with this one then and just have another discussion in tokyo about it (maybe its easier face to face to figure out the ideal way)
16:44:17 <jklare> anything else to discuss
16:44:19 <jklare> ?
16:47:02 <jklare> ok, thanks for attending and see you in the channel
16:47:10 <jklare> #endmeeting