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16:00:05 <jklare> hey everybody
16:00:08 <j^2> hey hey!
16:00:15 <calbers> hi there
16:00:35 <jklare> any topics from you guys for today?
16:01:05 <j^2> nope, though we’ll probably have some Doc Reviews coming in from a few people
16:01:23 <j^2> they want ATC and asked me what the easiest way to get it from openstack-chef.
16:01:31 <j^2> i  said docs, god we need better docs
16:02:11 <jklare> our docs or our stuff in the docs repo?
16:02:19 <j^2> both?
16:02:31 <sc`> o/
16:02:44 <markvan> yo
16:02:46 <jklare> cool
16:02:50 <jklare> hey sc` markvan
16:03:55 <sc`> will be good to get some more docs, especially from the outside
16:03:55 <jklare> #topic refactoring (The same procedure as every year, James!)
16:04:26 <jklare> yeah, we need to update a lot of stuff after we merged the refactored cookbooks
16:04:41 <jklare> all the READMEs in the cookbooks and of course all the docs in the docs repo
16:04:49 <jklare> not sure how that links to each other
16:05:27 <markvan> I see the repo is getting thru the gate, but failing at the end with that odd tempest issue.  Good to see this coming together
16:06:09 <jklare> markvan yeah, i actually have no idea why its failing
16:06:17 <sc`> i ran an allinone locally on my mac with the patches last week and it completed from a chef point of view. didn't try tempest
16:06:58 <jklare> this tempest error we get looks like the command is run in the wrong or without a virtualenv
16:07:04 <jklare> missing something in its path
16:07:15 <jklare> but i have not looked into that in detail
16:07:42 <jklare> i pushed patches for all of your comments markvan
16:07:45 <markvan> yup, looks does not appear to be related to this refactoring, we could blacklist it if we want more green light.
16:07:53 <jklare> :D
16:08:06 <jklare> i think we should fix it
16:08:17 <jklare> but we still can start merging since its non-voting
16:08:20 <markvan> yeah, just some final cleanups, I'll go thru them again shortly and we can start pushing after that.
16:08:26 <jklare> great
16:08:52 <jklare> sc` j^2 can any of you spare some hours this week for review?
16:08:53 <sc`> after building allinone i was tempted to +wf the patches with a +2
16:09:08 <j^2> jklare: yeah i should be able to
16:09:12 <markvan> just for sack of mind, we could push a temp patch to the repo without and deps to see if the tempest fails with "old" master
16:09:26 <sc`> +1
16:09:36 <jklare> i think we still need to clean up some stuff, but that can be done in additional smaller patches
16:09:55 <jklare> i do not like to keep working on this ones util its perfect
16:10:06 <jklare> makes code review quite hard
16:10:11 <markvan> agreed, more cleanups at this point is just churn
16:10:16 <sc`> same here. if they converge, let's get them in master and clean it up later
16:10:26 <sc`> i want external folks to start banging away on some of this soon
16:10:44 <jklare> got somebody in mind sc` ?
16:10:57 <markvan> so maybe we should spend a bit a time on that tempest issue (from both sides, why it failing and does it fail without the refactor)
16:10:59 <jklare> because we still need more docs on how to use it and what we changed
16:11:14 <markvan> and at some time we can do final reviews
16:11:46 <sc`> maybe someone from my team. have to talk it over internally. we're looking at either liberty or mitaka, mitaka if it's released by the time we get to 'upgrading'
16:11:54 <jklare> actually i would love to get that tempest issue fixed, but i have to focus a bit more on utilising the refactored cookbooks for our own deployment
16:11:59 <jklare> got some deadlines there
16:12:38 <jklare> my idea is to use the cookbooks for a real multi node deployment and fix/cleanup things on the way
16:12:47 <sc`> makes sense
16:13:23 <sc`> i don't want to spend a whole lot of extra time finessing the patches. if they work (and they appear to), let's start pushing some code
16:13:52 <markvan> tempest check patch: https://review.openstack.org/277480
16:13:57 <jklare> sure, but we still need to fix that tempest issue, since our integration jobs should work before we could call something stable
16:14:21 <jklare> markvan cool, lets hope it fails :)
16:14:31 <sc`> yup. just adding my $0.02 :)
16:14:49 <jklare> ?
16:15:11 <sc`> wrong window
16:15:15 <jklare> :D
16:15:38 <jklare> i hoped you wanted to start betting on the gate job :)
16:15:47 <j^2> ha!
16:16:28 <jklare> anything else directly related to the refactoring?
16:16:44 <jklare> i have another small topic
16:17:35 <jklare> #topic core-reviewers
16:18:20 <jklare> so, as you might have noticed, we have 2 new groups in gerrit -> openstack-chef-core and openstack-chef-release
16:19:26 <jklare> i moved all of you ( sc`, markvan and j^2 ) into that new group as well as zhiwei
16:19:32 <j^2> sounds good
16:19:39 <sc`> right on
16:19:45 <markvan> +1
16:20:03 <jklare> what should happen with the other members of the old openstack-manager-core group
16:20:25 <j^2> it’s safe to say they aren’t around anymore, time to say goodbye
16:20:37 <jklare> alan meados, christopher m luciano, ma wen cheng and matt ray
16:20:44 <j^2> yep
16:21:00 <jklare> i agree with j^2 here
16:21:03 <sc`> i'd say if they're not around, they're not interested (right now) in the project or have time to spare
16:21:38 <jklare> but i wanted to mention it to not just remove people without consensus
16:22:14 <j^2> the last time i saw alan was in Vancouver :(
16:22:16 <sc`> of course. we have to be transparent in stuff like this
16:22:28 <j^2> Chris i think is a different part of IBM now
16:22:58 <markvan> I think ma wen cheng is still around, but dn't know his status, but with zhiwei on there, I think we're good
16:23:03 <j^2> and Matt is still my boss, but he has little todo with OpenStack as a whole now
16:23:10 <jklare> ok great
16:23:11 <j^2> he’ll want ATC again for austin, but i think it’s safe to say he’s not around anymore either
16:24:23 <jklare> any comments on the other group (openstack-chef-release) ? only members of this group are allowed to push signed tags (what i did) and currently i am the only member because infra does not want to have to many people pushing tags
16:24:45 <sc`> works for me
16:24:58 <jklare> i think we should only put our current PTL in this group and he or she should be the only one that pushed tags and does the release related stuff
16:25:18 <sc`> makes sense
16:25:53 <markvan> sounds good
16:25:57 <j^2> totally, it’s part of the responsibility of the PTL to do that
16:26:27 <jklare> ok cool
16:26:54 <jklare> while we are at it, does any of you want to take over the PTL for the next cycle?
16:27:05 <sc`> i was considering it
16:27:09 <jklare> great
16:27:22 <markvan> +1 for sc`
16:28:03 <sc`> still have to deliver mitaka this cycle :D
16:28:10 <jklare> sure
16:28:26 <jklare> but i think we make good progress here
16:28:39 <jklare> but next cycle i will have to focus a bit more in internal stuff
16:28:41 <sc`> definitely. i'll start looking into what needs to be done for centos
16:29:05 <jklare> yeah, centos is a quite interesting topic in that regard
16:29:13 <jklare> most of the refactoring was just pointed to ubuntu
16:29:28 <sc`> packages have been getting more stable, way faster after the CI overhaul
16:29:34 <jklare> so maybe we should focus on more centos support and especially centos testing next cycle
16:29:36 <sc`> so now we're behind instead of waiting
16:30:12 <markvan> yeah, would be good to see a centos gate test, which I think is totally possible in infra now
16:30:35 <jklare> i think the nodes are there and we should be able to build both
16:31:08 <sc`> yeah. would be nice to have a gate for each platform we say we support
16:31:20 <jklare> rhel might be hard
16:31:36 <sc`> rhel might have to be unit tests only
16:31:48 <sc`> suse too, if support ever comes back
16:31:57 <jklare> i would not bet on that
16:32:17 <j^2> yeah the suse guys hard forked us a long time agon
16:32:38 <j^2> I’ve had some conversations with aspires about it, it ain’t coming back to us…probably ever
16:32:50 <jklare> yeah, but maybe they like the new and shiny versions of our cookbooks
16:32:59 <sc`> good to know
16:33:23 <j^2> unlikely, they have spent _tons_ of money doing what they need to get done to build their “enterprise friendly ha OS cloud”
16:33:31 <jklare> and in the end its better to support just 2 platforms with good testing than support 5 without tests or maintenance for most of them
16:33:31 <j^2> they have no desire to come back to the community
16:33:56 <sc`> like i said earlier, my team is going to be switching gears to a newer release of openstack. we want to target mitaka, but will do liberty if it's not done
16:34:34 <sc`> so there may be some patches from them. again, timing
16:35:04 <jklare> ok, i guess we are already in open discussion
16:35:30 <jklare> does any of you have more topics for the meeting or should we move the discussion to our channel?
16:35:45 <sc`> i'm good. we can move things to our regular channel
16:35:47 <markvan> I think I might see the issue with tempest
16:36:10 <jklare> ?
16:36:36 <markvan> it looks like a recent test addition, but requires tempest to actually be "pip" installed, not just cloned.  I don't see anywhere in the integration cookbook where we install it
16:37:02 <jklare> i think we clone the repo and install everything into a venv
16:37:07 <sc`> tempest is packaged in rdo now
16:37:24 <sc`> not sure about ubuntu
16:37:49 <markvan> humm, but I don't think the venv contains tempest itself, just the other dependencies
16:38:23 <sc`> yeah. all i see is the 'git clone' for tempest
16:38:38 <markvan> I guess a couple of debug lines in the gate would show what installed in the venv and verify this guess
16:39:20 <markvan> none of the other test cases actually run "tempest" within the testing suite, until this one showed up in late Nov 15
16:40:00 <jklare> sounds like a good start markvan
16:40:44 <markvan> but I guess I don't really care about testing the tempest cmd line within our integration test, so I vote for blacklisting it
16:40:57 <jklare> :D
16:41:05 <markvan> unless the plugin list is really meaningful to someone?
16:41:07 <sc`> yeah
16:41:09 <jklare> at least we should not spend to much time with this
16:41:47 <sc`> if it doesn't look like it makes sense, take it out. if someone cares enough, they'll add it back
16:41:47 <jklare> i think we can just blacklist it for now
16:41:55 <markvan> There are plenty of other tempest tests we could add that would actaully hit openstack itself that we could spend time on
16:42:22 <markvan> ok, I'll take a look at what it takes to blacklist it...have not done that in a while now
16:42:40 <jklare> great
16:43:04 <jklare> ok, i guess thats all for the meeting for today
16:43:09 * markvan grounded in central iowa blizzard...but it's great, I'm with my granddaughter!
16:43:09 <jklare> thanks for attenting
16:43:31 <jklare> and see your around in the channel
16:43:38 <sc`> see you there!
16:43:46 <markvan> ;)
16:43:53 <jklare> #endmeeting