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15:00:52 <jkilpatr> morning everyone
15:00:56 <zhipeng_> #topic Roll Call
15:01:06 <zhipeng_> morning , evenning and afternoon :)
15:01:11 <zhipeng_> #info Howard
15:03:43 <jkilpatr> #info Justin
15:04:01 <crushil> #info Rushil
15:05:23 <zhipeng_> anyone else ?
15:07:18 <zhipeng_> okey then let's proceed
15:07:40 <zhipeng_> we have 2 hours long meeting usually anyway :P
15:07:51 <zhipeng_> #topic BP Discussion
15:08:00 <jkilpatr> we should just have a 24 hour meeting and call it an IRC channel
15:08:06 <zhipeng_> hahaha
15:08:23 <jkilpatr> Anyways Rushil I think you need to wf 0 that commit then wf 1 it again to get the gates to rerun
15:08:25 <zhipeng_> automatic ending every 24 hours and then start again
15:08:46 <zhipeng_> i just did a recheck
15:08:56 <zhipeng_> sometimes the gate is just behaving weird
15:09:07 <jkilpatr> if they still don't work I'll go and talk to the people in #openstack-infra they are always helpful
15:09:30 <jkilpatr> conductor and agent look good.
15:09:45 <jkilpatr> cyborg nova needs a meeting of its own in my opinion
15:09:56 <zhipeng_> absolutely agree
15:10:28 <zhipeng_> i just +2 the agent one, looking at the conductor spec
15:11:16 <jkilpatr> I think the Cyborg/Nova spec might be served by having us play around with writing some code and trying stuff. But that's a cart/horse issue.
15:11:23 <zhipeng_> jkilpatr rushil I will nominate you guys as core reviewer as well today, so that we could move the development faster
15:11:53 <crushil> cool, thanks zhipeng_
15:11:57 <zhipeng_> jkilpatr you mean we do it in parallel ?
15:12:31 <crushil> Is there a deadline for the code to get in? End of Pike?
15:12:42 <jkilpatr> zhipeng_, kinda I mean we start writing stuff with merged specs and play around with the nova stuff, when we have a decent idea of the pattern we want to use we can formalzie it and merge it.
15:12:55 <jkilpatr> I think the issue is that there are enough moving parts that's hard to think about in a totally abstract sense.
15:13:09 <jkilpatr> at the same time it's not really the best practice to do things like that. But whatever gets the code working
15:13:10 <zhipeng_> yes I agree
15:13:28 <zhipeng_> otherwise we would just be talking in abstraction
15:13:50 <jkilpatr> which in principle is fine, but right now we're talking in abstract circles on this spec....
15:14:38 <zhipeng_> ah it seems I don't have the gerritbots here ..., but a quick update, jenkins shines upon the agent spec just now :P
15:14:51 <zhipeng_> jkilpatr agree
15:17:13 <jkilpatr> crushil, you started work on the driver?
15:18:00 <crushil> jkilpatr, I am still deciding what hardware backend I should use as the prototype to start development
15:18:09 <crushil> Any suggestions?
15:18:45 <crushil> I asked this on the channel yesterday as well
15:18:53 <jkilpatr> ok this is a good subject to discuss
15:18:56 <zhipeng_> have you looked into virtio ?
15:19:18 <jkilpatr> how generic should the generic driver be?
15:19:48 <jkilpatr> maybe we need a stub driver that's literally nothing but stubs for all the required functions then a generic driver that's a very basic driver implementation for $something
15:20:39 <crushil> Hmmm, would the "stub" driver require another spec?
15:20:48 <jkilpatr> nah it's just the current spec
15:21:12 <jkilpatr> I mean the current spec specifies driver concepts, the stub driver is just the simplest thing that implements those concepts but does nothing at all useful in life
15:21:23 <jkilpatr> I would think a '
15:21:26 <jkilpatr> sorry
15:21:34 <jkilpatr> a 'generic' driver would be pci attachment though right?
15:22:05 <crushil> That's my understanding
15:22:18 <jkilpatr> ok I see how virtio fits into that picture, just took some googlign.
15:22:49 <jkilpatr> sounds good, stub is lower priority (not that it should be any effort really)
15:23:21 <crushil> What's the deadline for this development work though? End of Pike?
15:23:51 <jkilpatr> specs -> pike ; basic functionality -> qeens from what I understand
15:24:17 <zhipeng_> i was thinking basic functionality at the end of pike
15:24:21 <zhipeng_> at least we should try
15:24:46 <jkilpatr> isn't the pike deadline in like a month? or am I off
15:25:05 <jkilpatr> I guess that's possible
15:26:27 <zhipeng_> no that was the spec deadline
15:26:47 <zhipeng_> the end of cycle would be around Sep ?
15:26:49 <crushil> Hmmm, that would be complicated. I will be on PTO between Mid June to Mid July. Gone for almost a month
15:27:16 <crushil> August 28 is end of Pike I believe
15:27:28 <zhipeng_> anyways let's try to shoot for Sep finish
15:27:30 <jkilpatr> oh man we have more time than I thought
15:27:35 <jkilpatr> that's doable
15:27:37 <zhipeng_> Sep 11th is the PTG
15:27:39 <zhipeng_> ya
15:27:44 <jkilpatr> where is it this time?
15:27:49 <zhipeng_> lucky we are not doing actual releases :P
15:28:00 <crushil> Denver
15:28:41 <jkilpatr> can't say for sure if I'll be there yet.
15:28:59 <crushil> I'm still unclear on this, which backend should I use for the driver? VirtIO or a specific hardware?
15:29:23 <jkilpatr> well it's supposed to be generic, use virtIO
15:29:43 <crushil> ok
15:30:07 <zhipeng_> i think virtio would be preferred choice now
15:34:04 <zhipeng_> crushil you might consider what justin suggested for the generic patch
15:34:14 <zhipeng_> gate god did not shine upon you today :P
15:34:19 <crushil> Lol
15:34:28 <zhipeng_> two of J's specs are both merged
15:36:03 <jkilpatr> \0/
15:36:40 <jkilpatr> I have experience pleasing Zull the linter god.
15:36:44 <jkilpatr> Zuul*
15:37:27 <crushil> It's unable to install dependencies for some reason
15:37:50 <jkilpatr> yes but to what package?
15:38:25 <crushil> Will probably do a reverify in a couple of hours
15:38:32 <crushil> could not install deps [-r/home/jenkins/workspace/gate-cyborg-docs-ubuntu-xenial/test-requirements.txt, -r/home/jenkins/workspace/gate-cyborg-docs-ubuntu-xenial/requirements.txt]
15:40:43 <jkilpatr> crushil, test-requirements.txt is the file in cyborg repo
15:40:50 <jkilpatr> rebase your commit and see if an updated one works
15:41:07 <jkilpatr> or perhaps it's the other way around and my lack of rebasing means the old test-requirements.txt works and the new one doesn't
15:41:32 <crushil> Well rebased it now. We'll see what it does
15:41:33 <jkilpatr> either way the correct soltuion is to open up a new dummy commit, see if the linters run, then edit test-requirements until they do, then merge that and rebase everything else
16:41:05 <ttk2[m]> Anyways anything else?
16:41:13 <ttk2[m]> I think we lose zhipeng again.
16:41:17 <ttk2[m]> Lost*
16:41:28 <zhipeng_> i was lost ..
16:41:35 <zhipeng_> but managed to get back
17:03:35 <crushil> endmeeting?
17:04:09 <zhipeng_> seems ok now
17:04:13 <zhipeng_> #endmeeting