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15:04:25 <zhipeng> hey zhuli welcome
15:04:57 <zhipeng> okey on Mike's note, I want to share something in case you missed from our last super long meeting minutes
15:05:26 <zhipeng> So I met with Ben Plaff from OVS, and did an OVS Orbit episode with him, on Cyborg and OVS-DPDK
15:05:47 <zhipeng> I updated our master deck to add some materials related to ovs-dpdk
15:06:02 <zhipeng> #link https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1xXjqlMaXjXe7mn-iwoETGcTPnTbqCDfpaT6yqlZ8srE/edit?usp=sharing
15:06:03 <jkilpatr> cool, I'll have to go and look at that.
15:06:21 <zhipeng> so the podcast will come out likely around early next month
15:06:47 <zhipeng> and given Ben's status in open source networking, I think this is a good publicity for Cyborg :)
15:07:56 <jkilpatr> Agreed, hopefully we can have something to show at that time too.
15:08:40 <zhipeng> yep :)
15:08:50 <zhipeng> ok let's move on to our original agenda
15:08:59 <zhipeng> #topic BP and coding discussion
15:09:04 <zhipeng> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/cyborg
15:09:26 <zhipeng> For the api/db spec
15:09:46 <zhipeng> I will address and provide a update for crushil and zhuli's comments
15:09:51 <zhipeng> hopefully tmr
15:10:05 <zhipeng> any other major concerns over the api spec ?
15:10:37 <jkilpatr> I'm happy with it.
15:11:03 <jkilpatr> If we're down to correcting typos it means it's mostly done
15:11:09 <zhipeng> cool
15:11:37 <zhipeng> so on the stubs patches, any outstanding issue so far ?
15:12:18 <jkilpatr> I managed to patch my pep8 errors this morning, now I'm working on transport urls and how to configure them, it's more confusing than I expected configuration to be.
15:12:34 <jkilpatr> good news is once I get that working we can have a common configuration segment that takes care of it
15:13:25 <zhipeng> great !
15:13:42 <zhipeng> #info agent stub https://review.openstack.org/473486
15:13:55 <zhipeng> #info conductor stub https://review.openstack.org/472662
15:14:10 <zhipeng> #info generic driver stub https://review.openstack.org/473186
15:15:42 <zhipeng> crushil any problems from your side ?
15:15:46 <NokMikeR> regarding the api, how aligned is it with ETSI NFV specs?
15:15:56 <crushil> Nope. I will fill out the driver as time goes by
15:15:58 <jkilpatr> should we consider going ahead and reviewing/landing the generic driver? I don't know what more we want from the dummy driver.
15:16:08 <zhipeng> I've try to align with it as much as possible
15:16:34 <zhipeng> jkilpatr I will take a look at that tmr my timezone
15:16:42 <crushil> jkilpatr, We can, but we need agent and API code completely mapped out before the generic driver can be completely filled out
15:16:58 <zhipeng> crushil actually not entirely
15:17:21 <zhipeng> you could see my definitions in the api spec
15:17:59 <zhipeng> anyways I will review and comment the patch see if we are good to go to land the first code
15:18:08 <crushil> Ok, I will fill it out this week and remove the WIP
15:18:42 <jkilpatr> crushil, yes but adding onto it in the other patches is possible. I just don't want to end up with siloed commits where everyone is waiting on everything to work so they have to keep pulling stuff into their own commits
15:18:43 <zhipeng> great
15:18:45 <crushil> I was just waiting for the API and DB design proposal spec to merge before I filled it out
15:19:03 <crushil> jkilpatr, Makes sense
15:19:06 <zhipeng> lol I will accelerate my work on that
15:19:57 <zhipeng> btw i saw in the news that NVIDIA release the PCIe version of their V100
15:20:24 <crushil> That's great
15:20:29 <zhipeng> this normal form factor means we could play with it, if there are vendors willing to provide it lol
15:20:49 <zhipeng> oh another news
15:20:49 <crushil> Btw I have a GPU sitting in the lab in one of my servers
15:20:56 <jkilpatr> or people willing to pay for it
15:20:58 <zhipeng> ah cool crushil
15:21:02 <crushil> It's a Tesla K80
15:21:12 <jkilpatr> I still need to get a gpu or two into my lab machines for testing
15:21:23 <zhipeng> that is awesome enough for Cyborg :)
15:21:36 <zhipeng> continue on my news reporting
15:21:50 <zhipeng> I talked with OPNFV DPACC ptl the other day
15:22:06 <NokMikeR> LingLi?
15:22:10 <zhipeng> yep
15:22:26 <zhipeng> it turns out that it might be possible for NXP to donate some FPGA devices
15:22:27 <NokMikeR> Any plans to reanimate the project?
15:22:48 <crushil> zhipeng, That's awesome news
15:22:49 <zhipeng> so that we could start to do the Cyborg integration testing using OPNFV's lab facility
15:23:10 <zhipeng> which is awesome and free for projects :)
15:23:20 <crushil> On my end, I talked to Micron about adding a driver last week and talking to Xilinx today to have their driver in Cyborg
15:23:40 <zhipeng> NokMikeR I'm trying to work with Lingli to restart DPACC on early July
15:23:52 <zhipeng> crushil super cool man !!
15:23:56 <jkilpatr> sounds like there's lots of activity then.
15:24:06 <crushil> If you guys want to join, I can send you the link to the meeting
15:24:21 <zhipeng> crushil that'd be awesome
15:24:24 <jkilpatr> I might if I have time.
15:24:25 <NokMikeR> ok re DPACC
15:24:33 <crushil> It might be too late for you zhipeng, but people in North America or Europe can join
15:24:45 <zhipeng> crushil yes understood :)
15:25:09 <zhipeng> and if we got meeting minutes that'd be perfect
15:25:40 <zhipeng> NokMikeR your thought on DPACC ?
15:26:37 <NokMikeR> more complicated than originally thought - issue seems to be related to translating the gapi to something usefull.
15:27:02 <zhipeng> okey that would be on the data plane side of things
15:27:10 <NokMikeR> in summary maybe a bit before its time? lots of missing parts etc.
15:27:13 <zhipeng> I would leave that to you experts :P
15:27:18 <NokMikeR> lol
15:27:51 <zhipeng> I think in jist Lingli said that as long as there are people willing to work on the project
15:28:05 <zhipeng> she's more than willing to restart the project
15:28:26 <zhipeng> so for gpai as long as there are folks actively working on it
15:28:31 <NokMikeR> Thats also important eg dont bother restarting unless theres really something to address.
15:28:34 <zhipeng> maybe some of the problems could be fixed
15:28:37 <jkilpatr> what lead to it being stopped in the first place?
15:28:56 <NokMikeR> fdio mass migration?
15:28:58 <zhipeng> people sorta drift away
15:29:05 <zhipeng> ah maybe that
15:30:05 <zhipeng> okey any other buisness
15:30:15 <zhipeng> we could wrap up quick this time
15:30:41 <zhipeng> oh on top of my head
15:30:50 <zhipeng> the CFP for Sydney Summit is already open
15:31:00 <zhipeng> and deadline is around July 15th I guess
15:31:16 <zhipeng> let's all think of possible session topics
15:31:33 <zhipeng> we could each summit one cyborg related talk
15:32:03 <zhipeng> SO weird CFP is this early, but we gotta play by the rules
15:32:16 <crushil> Or we can submit one joint talk where we have a basic POC by the time summit rolls around
15:32:27 <zhipeng> that as well :)
15:33:49 <zhipeng> okey if no other business I could close the meeting early today
15:33:58 <NokMikeR> nothing this side
15:34:19 <zhipeng> leave a note here if you come up with anything, handles with [m] are always lurking here :)
15:34:59 <zhipeng> thanks everyone
15:35:03 <zhipeng> #endmeeting