15:02:25 <zhipeng> #startmeeting openstack-cyborg
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15:03:28 <zhipeng> #topic patch discussion
15:03:42 <zhipeng> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/cyborg
15:03:56 <zhipeng> so first order of buisness, on the three stub patches
15:04:02 <zhipeng> do we have any further comments ?
15:04:16 <zhipeng> i think I'm fine with them from my point of view
15:04:41 <zhipeng> sorry two
15:05:46 <zhipeng> both are from Justin
15:05:53 <crushil> I pushed the driver stubs this morning
15:06:06 <crushil> I still need to look at them
15:07:00 <zhipeng> yes that one still needs more work
15:07:01 <crushil> Still working on the driver stub patches. Y'all are welcome to give me review comments though
15:07:21 <zhipeng> crushil I just gave justin's two patches +2
15:07:58 <crushil> cool
15:08:04 <zhipeng> if there are no problems plz help merge conductor and agent stub
15:09:11 <jkilpatr> I think they are both good to go need some stuff but better done integrated
15:09:19 <jkilpatr> sorry two meetings at once, I'll look over here when I can
15:09:50 <zhipeng> jkilpatr no problem
15:10:13 <zhipeng> so it looks like folks from nec have two patches on nitting some trivial problems
15:10:22 <crushil> I saw that
15:10:25 <zhipeng> seems like trolling but looks legit
15:10:45 <zhipeng> so if these are no harm done then I think we could just merge these :P
15:10:50 <crushil> Lol. They do some legit
15:11:51 <zhipeng> okey then :P
15:11:56 <crushil> Need to look at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/481558/ as well
15:12:11 <zhipeng> yes
15:12:17 <zhipeng> just gonna mention that
15:12:31 <zhipeng> I wonder if zhuli is in the meeting here
15:12:52 <zhipeng> anyways this is a patch on the api framework
15:13:30 <zhipeng> i think it is pretty standard setup for OpenStack project
15:13:38 <zhipeng> plz help review the patch
15:14:58 <zhipeng> any comments on the api framework patch we need to address now ?
15:15:26 <crushil> Not now. I will look at them in the next few days and comment accordingly
15:15:38 <zhipeng> okey
15:15:41 <zhipeng> moving on
15:15:49 <zhipeng> #topic Sydney Summit CFP
15:16:00 <zhipeng> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cyborg-cfp-sydney
15:16:06 <zhipeng> so the deadline is this week lol
15:16:21 <zhipeng> let's brainstorm some ideas on the session proposal
15:17:02 <crushil> Yup. We need to
15:17:12 <jkilpatr> so I probably won't be able to go to summit, will be at ptg
15:17:24 <crushil> Dang, that sucks jkilpatr
15:17:52 <crushil> I would like to go to Sydney though
15:18:05 <zhipeng> I was reconnected
15:18:16 <jkilpatr> I'll help with the proposal though
15:18:22 <crushil> jkilpatr Awesome
15:18:47 <zhipeng> jkilpatr that sucks man
15:18:55 <zhipeng> will you come to the Denver PTG ?
15:19:08 <crushil> That's what he said zhipeng
15:19:23 <crushil> You were disconnected when he said that
15:19:23 <zhipeng> okey I was offline then :P
15:19:37 <jkilpatr> so we can get together and hack on stuff.
15:19:44 <zhipeng> cool !
15:19:46 <crushil> We can do a simple POC at the summit
15:20:05 <crushil> And expand on what we plan to do in Queens
15:20:16 <crushil> We can talk about providing vendor support in Queens
15:20:31 <crushil> I at least know 2 vendors who would like to contribute to Cyborg
15:21:33 <zhipeng> i also had telco operators interested in a PoC effort
15:21:47 <zhipeng> crushil could you confirm for the Sydney Summit ?
15:22:51 <crushil> zhipeng If we have a proposal accepted, I will be there
15:23:03 <zhipeng> cool then let's work on it
15:23:25 <zhipeng> so my thinking is that given that each people have 3 presentation limit
15:23:50 <zhipeng> we should submit one as the main presentation
15:23:59 <crushil> Yup
15:24:02 <zhipeng> and each of us could submit another one for more target topics
15:24:33 <zhipeng> so for example I will be the co-auther for the main one, and I will submit another one about Cyborg working with Cillium
15:25:17 <zhipeng> if my second proposal got chosen, I could still add crushil and do a bit overview in the talk
15:25:38 <crushil> Sure, that makes sense zhipeng
15:25:38 <zhipeng> all about maximizing the probability of selection
15:25:53 <crushil> So, will you add me to 2 proposals?
15:26:04 <zhipeng> yes from my side
15:27:09 <crushil> Ok, then I will add one from side
15:27:52 <zhipeng> so our main presentation
15:27:59 <zhipeng> which category should it go to ?
15:28:06 <zhipeng> Boston it was HPC
15:28:19 <zhipeng> shall we try HPC again ?
15:28:38 <crushil> Yup
15:28:58 <zhipeng> jkilpatr your thought ?
15:30:11 <jkilpatr> I think HPC for now
15:30:15 <zhipeng> cool
15:30:21 <jkilpatr> while we have NFV applications
15:30:37 <zhipeng> i will start submitting the draft and add you two as co-speaker so that you could edit as well
15:30:43 <jkilpatr> well help with NFV most NFV users aren't big on putting experimental software into prod
15:30:57 <jkilpatr> in hpc if the cloud goes down for a day it's not going to upset anyone too much.
15:31:03 <jkilpatr> just my 2c
15:31:05 <crushil> jkilpatr +1
15:31:05 <zhipeng> haha
15:31:28 <jkilpatr> in NFV if the cloud goes down for a day it's a major service outage.
15:31:41 <jkilpatr> of course that's getting way ahead of ourselves
15:31:52 <jkilpatr> not that we aren't making quick progress
15:32:15 <zhipeng> maybe crushil's second proposal could go to the NFV category
15:32:37 <jkilpatr> if we're doing demos the amount of prep work will be large
15:32:50 <zhipeng> no demo for NFV in short term
15:32:57 <jkilpatr> +1
15:33:02 <crushil> +2
15:33:17 <jkilpatr> I mean the real demo for our service is a greenfield deployment
15:33:25 <zhipeng> yes
15:33:29 <jkilpatr> like hey look at me I'm setting up a cloud with gpu's and I deploy and it just works.
15:33:52 <crushil> Well it kinda works with nova right now
15:34:12 <zhipeng> it is boring until it starts to work :)
15:34:37 <zhipeng> Let's make Nova great again via Cyborg :P
15:34:42 <jkilpatr> everyone knows they can get x accelerator to work with openstack right now, but no project wants it to be 'their problem' to make it easy
15:34:56 <jkilpatr> nova is like 'yes we should support passthrough and here we do' but it's way too much hand setup
15:35:11 <zhipeng> anyways let's put down the ideas at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cyborg-cfp-sydney
15:35:51 <zhipeng> jkilpatr operation chopping hands is mostly on you :P
15:36:35 <jkilpatr> gah someone's been watching the presentation.
15:36:57 <zhipeng> #topic AoB
15:37:03 <zhipeng> okey, any other buisness
15:37:49 <crushil> Not from me
15:38:02 <jkilpatr> I'm good
15:38:13 <crushil> Just need to work on sessions we need to submit by Friday
15:38:21 <zhipeng> cool :)
15:38:41 <zhipeng> so let's finish the meeting on this good note
15:38:47 <zhipeng> and wish everybody a great day
15:39:00 <zhipeng> #endmeeting