15:07:48 <zhipengh[m]> #startmeeting openstack-cyborg
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15:08:07 <zhipengh[m]> Hey I did it
15:08:24 <zhipengh[m]> #topic PTG planning
15:09:05 <zhipengh[m]> So just circle back to what Justin and Roman discussed a day earlier
15:09:41 <zhipengh[m]> We will have PTG presence, but since we are not an official project, I'm not sure we could get a room booked
15:10:25 <zhipengh[m]> I will ask Theiry for sure, but just prepare to have lobby discussions :P
15:11:06 <zhipengh[m]> For Nova integration, I think we should at least have finished a draft implementation
15:11:44 <zhipengh[m]> So that we could tell Nova folks , like what we need in a certainty
15:11:49 <crushil> Do you know what's the timeline for us to be an official project?
15:12:09 <zhipengh[m]> I'm planning on Late Oct
15:12:35 <crushil> So, by next PTG, we can ask for an official room
15:12:37 <zhipengh[m]> When we got concrete stuff done to show TC that we mean serious
15:12:43 <zhipengh[m]> Yep :)
15:12:50 <zhipengh[m]> Well hopefully
15:15:38 <zhipengh[m]> I just got offline
15:21:00 <zhipengh[m]> Sorry my network is lowsy
15:21:53 <zhuli> seems you have a very bad network
15:22:00 <zhipengh[m]> So I will leave the meeting open as usual so that people could catch up asynchronously...
15:22:21 <zhipengh[m]> zhuli: sadly yes :(
15:23:23 <zhipengh[m]> #topic patch discussions
15:24:05 <zhipengh[m]> So I've just +2 on zhuli and crushil patches
15:24:15 <zhipengh[m]> Looks good for me
15:24:33 <zhipengh[m]> If there are no questions we should move to merge them and get going
15:24:58 <zhuli> yep, i just see that, thanks for the +2 :)
15:25:26 <zhipengh[m]> Thanks for the work zhuli :)
15:27:15 <zhuli> then i can proceed the api stuff, that's really good to me
15:27:46 <zhipengh[m]> Yep :)
15:28:08 <zhipengh[m]> Then I think we have no outstanding issue with the current open patches
15:28:35 <zhipengh[m]> Justin self -1 on the dB patch so I assume he's still working on it
15:29:01 <zhipengh[m]> #topic open discussion
15:34:10 <rushil> I still need eyes on my driver patch
22:29:18 <zhipengh[m]> #endmeeting