15:01:47 <zhipeng> #startmeeting openstack-cyborg
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15:04:13 <zhipeng> anyone else is here for the meeting ?
15:05:15 <zhuli> I'am here
15:05:34 <zhipeng> hey zhuli :)
15:05:38 <zhipeng> thx for the new patches
15:05:42 <zhipeng> looks awesome
15:05:52 <zhipeng> #topic patch discussion
15:05:58 <zhipeng> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/cyborg
15:06:25 <zhipeng> zhuli could you go over the two patches you submitted ?
15:08:09 <zhuli> sure, one is for api which add some hook to cyborg
15:08:49 <zhuli> the other is WIP, aim to go through the api -> conductor -> db
15:10:07 <zhipeng> so about the second patch, what is the relationship between it and Justin's patch on conductor ?
15:10:21 <zhuli> after that, I'll add some unittest as well
15:13:12 <zhipeng> sorry got disconnected ...
15:13:28 <zhipeng> zhuli did you answer my previous question ?
15:13:39 <zhuli> hmm, justin's conductor patch is good for functionality but make all conductor related stuff together which I think should be refactored to be more modular
15:14:17 <zhipeng> modular on conductor itself ?
15:15:47 <zhuli> because we need a separate conductor service
15:16:13 <zhuli> modular on the whole cyborg project
15:16:48 <zhipeng> okey got it
15:17:04 <zhipeng> so the second patch would be a followup of Justin's patch , right ?
15:17:56 <zhuli> yes
15:18:07 <zhipeng> great :)
15:18:24 <zhipeng> crushil do you have any updates ?
15:18:33 <crushil> zhipeng, Nope
15:18:57 <zhipeng> your upcoming patch depends on the current unmerged Justin patch ?
15:19:42 <crushil> Yup
15:19:57 <crushil> Have some customer engagements going on right now and after that will get back working on the next driver patch
15:20:08 <zhipeng> okey
15:20:22 <zhipeng> if you got time plz review Justin's patch and help merge it
15:20:32 <zhipeng> I already gave my +2
15:20:36 <crushil> zhipeng, Will do
15:20:41 <zhipeng> thx :)
15:20:51 <zhipeng> #topic release branching/tagging
15:21:18 <zhipeng> so last week dims from Technical Committee made a suggestion that we should consider cut a pike release branch
15:21:53 <zhipeng> as part of the evidence/effort when we apply for the official project status
15:22:14 <zhipeng> do you guys have any thoughts on the criteria for the release cutting ?
15:22:34 <zhipeng> like up to what point we could consider having a release branch out
15:22:48 <zhipeng> since we are not official at the moment, we have more freedom on the timing
15:25:45 <rushil> I think we should cut a release in queen as we don't have anything to cut
15:27:03 <zhuli> second that
15:36:44 <zhipeng> rushil I don't think we should expect anything functional for pike
15:36:54 <zhipeng> but a basic framework still a release ?
15:38:37 <rushil> The problem is customers would assume that if it's in a "stable" branch, it's ready to be played with
15:39:30 <rushil> But if it still makes sense to you, we can still do it
16:00:20 <ttk2[m]> I have to agree on keeping any release Branch for Queens when we can at least provide basic functionality.
16:00:29 <ttk2[m]> Sorry always getting pulled into meetings lately.
16:01:09 <ttk2[m]> Crushil what do you need from my db commit? And I'll have to look at zhuli's patch to see what he needs conductor wise.
16:02:57 <zhipeng> ok then I think we could cut a branch when most of the basic stuff are there around PTG time frame, but we don't announce it
16:03:06 <zhipeng> so just as something to show for the TC
16:03:19 <crushil> ok
16:05:37 <ttk2[m]> +1
16:06:31 <zhipeng> #endmeeting