15:27:18 <zhipeng> #startmeeting openstack-cyborg
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15:27:27 <jkilpatr> we gotta keep up the tradition of irregular meeting schedules
15:37:32 <zhipeng> lol
15:37:43 <zhipeng> the meeting conflicts are crazy
15:37:51 <zhipeng> you basically have to be Neo
15:38:03 <zhipeng> to dodge all these meetings in a clear way ...
15:39:15 <zhipeng> okey folks for those of you who is still listening to the channel
15:39:23 <zhipeng> #topic patch discussion
15:39:32 <zhipeng> any comments on zhuli's patch
15:39:54 <jkilpatr> As I already commented a little more descriptive commit message would be appreciated, otherwise looks great
15:40:18 <jkilpatr> no need to go crazy but I would like to at least have a few lines about the intent of the changes.
15:41:37 <zhipeng> yes that's a given
15:41:51 <zhipeng> you got my reply for ptg right ?
15:41:56 <jkilpatr> yup
15:42:04 <zhipeng> since we are not an official project yet so no way to be formal :P
15:42:19 <jkilpatr> not to take us off topic but how's that going?
15:42:21 <zhipeng> we propably just use the tables in the hallway
15:42:32 <zhipeng> how's what going ?
15:42:47 <jkilpatr> is there some formal project process or are we just waiting for first release?
15:43:54 <zhipeng> oh yes there is
15:44:09 <zhipeng> i think after we cut the release for Pike around mid-Sep
15:44:29 <zhipeng> we are all prepped to apply for the acceptance of an official project
15:44:55 <zhipeng> then I will submit a patch to the governance yaml file
15:45:04 <zhipeng> and apply for a slot in the TC meeting
15:45:21 <zhipeng> hopefully everything goes right we could be official when Sydney happens
15:46:43 <zhipeng> so in short I will take care of this stuff
15:48:07 <jkilpatr> thanks zhipeng
15:49:04 <crushil> perfect, thanks zhipeng
15:49:35 <jkilpatr> back on topic I'm going to try and have a patch for an installer up by EOW. right now I'm thinking about splitting it into two parts, a settings detection set (that's cloud setup specific) and the installer component. The idea being we have one playbook that gathers settings for lets say tripleo clouds, and another for packstack clouds for seamless installs
15:49:36 <zhipeng> no thank all you guys hard work to make this happen
15:49:49 <jkilpatr> but if you have somthing unusual you can feed the setup playbook anything you awnt.
15:49:51 <jkilpatr> want*
15:50:58 <zhipeng> i'm ok with this
15:51:08 <zhipeng> fantastic if it could be done :)
15:51:32 <zhipeng> i think we could start with tripleo
15:51:44 <zhipeng> anything that you could easily get your hands around
15:53:06 <jkilpatr> well tripleo and I guess devstack, then maybe packstack. But I plan to go tripleo/devstack support -> get ci builds running (probably on devstack to save resources)
15:53:14 <jkilpatr> we can come back and add packstack if there is demand.
15:53:28 <zhipeng> packstack is using chef or puppet right ?
15:53:35 <jkilpatr> puppet
15:54:09 <zhipeng> okey I agree that we put packstack in the backburner at the moment
15:54:17 <zhipeng> just try with tripleo/devstack first
15:55:52 <jkilpatr> what's next on the agenda?
15:56:42 <zhipeng> no other perticular topics
15:56:50 <zhipeng> I could think of
15:57:37 <jkilpatr> how about driver readiness? zhuli tied together everything above that but I think we're still waiting on the passthrough driver?
15:57:56 <zhipeng> crushil ?
15:58:04 <zhipeng> any thoughts from your side ?
16:17:09 <crushil> Sorry was disconnected
16:17:58 <crushil> Once Zhuli's patch merges, I will build up on the stub driver and patch something up by next week
16:19:26 <zhipeng> crushil do you have plans to further working on a specific driver ?
16:19:44 <crushil> The generic driver that was merged was just a stub
16:19:48 <zhipeng> I think if the hardware is not easy to test, we could start with something like dpdk or spdk
16:19:53 <zhipeng> i know
16:19:56 <crushil> Now that we will have the APIs ready
16:20:07 <crushil> I can test it on real hardware
16:20:25 <crushil> Btw I will be at a customer site the week of 28th
16:20:39 <crushil> I will try to patch something up by next friday
16:21:05 <zhipeng> cool
16:21:34 <crushil> If not, then I'll do it once I come back early september and do it so that we have a working generic driver ready before the summit
16:21:34 <zhipeng> it would be better to have a first specific hardware driver, built upon the generic one
16:21:42 <zhipeng> cool
16:23:57 <crushil> Did the meeting end?
16:24:12 <crushil> zhipeng, You can go to bed. It's past midnight for you
16:24:21 <zhipeng> haha
16:24:26 <zhipeng> i have other meetings lol
16:24:36 <crushil> You're a night owl. :)
16:24:41 <zhipeng> I have like four meetings tonight, from 10:00pm to 1:00am
16:24:49 <crushil> dang, sorry man
16:25:03 <zhipeng> lol
16:25:10 <zhipeng> you go to denver right ?
16:39:20 <crushil> Yup
16:39:46 <crushil> Will be in Sydney too if one of the talks gets accepted
16:51:41 <zhipeng> #endmeeting