15:06:35 <zhipeng> #startmeeting openstack-cyborg
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15:07:01 <zhipeng> so i don't have perticular things in mind
15:07:10 <zhipeng> since we will do the ZOOM sprint later
15:07:20 <zhipeng> 9:00pm ET
15:07:31 <zhipeng> any topic you guys want to discuss ?
15:07:46 <zhipeng> I think zhuli and Intel dev are converging on something
15:08:03 <crushil> zhipeng, I have started working on the generic driver finally
15:08:16 <crushil> I will try to get something up during the thanksgiving weekend
15:08:21 <zhipeng> crushil gr8t news !
15:11:28 <crushil> Let's meet up at 9pm and as a courtesy zhipeng if you can send the zoom invite on the ML too, that would be great
15:11:43 <zhipeng> no problem :)
15:21:53 <zhipeng> ok let me close the meeting now, see you guys later on ZOOM :)
15:22:18 <zhipeng> #endmeeting