15:01:11 <crushil> #startmeeting openstack-cyborg
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15:01:59 <crushil> Hello all
15:02:08 <zhuli> hey, folks
15:02:14 <li_liu> hello
15:02:21 <crushil> Howard is away today, so I'm running the meeting today
15:03:05 <vipparthy> Hi Crushil
15:03:07 <zhuli> yep, I just want to tell that, Howard is not fit today, crushil please lead us away
15:03:59 <crushil> #topic Status
15:04:47 <crushil> So, zhuli and jkilpatr fire away with your status updates
15:05:34 <zhuli> I have submitted some patches including a bug fix and data modeling BP, please help review them
15:05:57 <zhuli> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/527157/
15:06:01 <jkilpatr> I'll get some reviews in today but I'm trying to wrap up other stuff before vacation. So not much cyborg related to report.
15:06:01 <crushil> will do
15:06:16 <zhuli> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/527396/
15:06:20 <crushil> jkilpatr, zhuli thanks for the update
15:06:55 <crushil> zhuli, I have been trying to leverage your API setup, but haven't been successful thus far
15:07:09 <crushil> I might need your help and will ping you offline
15:07:25 <crushil> anyone else have anything else to report?
15:07:35 <zhuli> crushil, what's the problem you have got
15:07:41 <zhuli> ok
15:08:00 <crushil> zhuli, We can discuss it offline. It's that I can't integrate it to my devstack setup
15:08:26 <li_liu> Hi guys, regarding the FPGA modelling, I have put up the proposal
15:08:27 <li_liu> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/526559/1
15:08:45 <li_liu> please help providing comments and suggestions
15:08:55 <crushil> li_liu, Cool, thanks
15:09:07 <crushil> Will review them this week
15:09:24 <crushil> Anyone else have anything else to report?
15:09:56 <zhuli> li_liu thx, will review it
15:10:15 <crushil> \me hears crickets
15:10:24 <crushil> moving on
15:10:28 <li_liu> Thanks a lot :_
15:11:09 <vipparthy> Crushil, One more thing... DO you know when we can have Queens release for cyborb
15:11:55 <crushil> vipparthy, It's same as any other project
15:11:59 <crushil> https://releases.openstack.org/queens/schedule.html
15:12:25 <crushil> So, early March
15:13:13 <crushil> Moving on, if nobody has anything else
15:14:08 <vipparthy> ok, thank you Crushil
15:14:19 <crushil> #topic open discussion
15:14:35 <crushil> zhuli, We can discuss it now
15:14:50 <zhuli> sure
15:15:46 <crushil> So, basically I was trying to follow your steps, what should be the end point IP be for the CURL call be assuming I have an AIO setup? localhost?
15:17:15 <zhuli> if you integrate the cyborg services with devstack, the IP is the same with other openstack services
15:17:33 <crushil> Ok, I tried that
15:17:47 <crushil> I guess I'll have to just show you offline
15:17:59 <zhuli> np
15:18:27 <crushil> Are all the APIs discussed in the spec already implemented?
15:20:15 <zhuli> not yet, for now only the accelerator APIs is finished, next is the deployables and attribute
15:21:03 <crushil> So, what all APIs can I call today?
15:21:59 <zhuli> GET, POST /accelerators
15:22:31 <crushil> ok
15:22:49 <amol> Sorry for jumping in, but I am beginner for devstack/openstack, but would anyone mind sharing the steps for cyborg integration with devstack at end of this discussion?
15:22:54 <zhuli> the UPDATE/DELETE method code is implemented locally but not submitted yet
15:23:19 <crushil> For the driver implementation to be complete, I have a dependency to those APIs
15:23:25 <zhuli> I will test them tomorrow and will create a patch this week
15:24:08 <crushil> amol, Makes sense. I will document it upstream soon and will let you know on the channel when you can use it
15:24:26 <amol> Thanks crushil
15:25:06 <zhuli> ok, after the API implementation I will try to make related docs about how to use them
15:25:08 <crushil> zhuli, Cool, in the meantime I will try the GET/POST APIs and will push the code as a WIP till you have the rest of the APIs pushed up
15:25:17 <crushil> zhuli, Perfect, thanks
15:25:20 <crushil> amol, np
15:25:22 <zhuli> np
15:26:15 <crushil> Now that we have discussed the APIs, anyone else have anything else that they want to discuss?
15:26:50 <vipparthy> Thank you Gustavo for joining meeting
15:27:36 <crushil> \me hears crickets
15:28:18 <crushil> Ok, if nobody has anthing else, I will close the meeting in a minute
15:29:17 <crushil> #endmeeting