00:00:33 <Daisy> #startmeeting OpenStack I18n Meeting
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00:00:46 <ujuc> Good moning, daisy :)
00:00:54 <Daisy> welcome
00:01:28 <Daisy> let's start while we are waiting for others.
00:01:28 <epico> morning
00:01:35 <Daisy> good morning.
00:01:46 <ujuc> good morning :)
00:01:57 <Daisy> #topic Issues collection and progress check for "Installation guide" translation
00:01:58 <stevebaker> hmm, this was meant to be heat's meeting slot
00:02:32 <Daisy> stevebaker: Is this?
00:02:53 <Daisy> stevebaker: now it's I18n meeting, and we had been there for meeting for a long time.
00:03:21 <stevebaker> hang on, ignore me for a sec
00:03:31 <randallburt> oh good. thought I'd screwed up my calendar.
00:03:57 <Daisy> ujuc just reported an issue of http://docs.przytulnoc.pl/
00:04:19 <Daisy> related with ko_KR doc
00:04:33 <stevebaker> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings says that i18n is at 0100UTC, which I believe is in an hour
00:04:51 <Daisy> ujuc: please send an email to ML, I'm sure Deejay1 will follow up.
00:05:04 <ujuc> yeap
00:05:31 <stevebaker> http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/
00:05:51 <sdake> that timeanddate site must get alot of traffic from nerds everywhere :)
00:05:53 <Daisy> oh. Sorry, stevebaker.
00:06:10 <stevebaker> no problem
00:06:21 <Daisy> We moved our meeting 1 hour early several months ago, but I forget to update the wiki.
00:06:42 <Daisy> I only updated our wiki page: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/I18nTeamMeeting
00:07:04 <stevebaker> we've had 2 meetings in this slot, but you may have been taking a break
00:07:06 <Daisy> stevebaker, is it possible for you to use another channle? I remember there is another channel.
00:07:38 <Daisy> #openstack-meeting-alt?
00:08:14 <Daisy> Every third Thursday, we have I18n meeting here.
00:08:37 <Daisy> And every first Thursday, we have meeting in another time slot.
00:08:58 <Daisy> That may cause the misunderstanding.
00:08:59 <stevebaker> heaters, lets go to #openstack-meeting-alt
00:09:08 <Daisy> sorry, heaters.
00:09:32 <ujuc> sorry, heaters.....
00:09:58 <Daisy> let's continue then.
00:10:32 <ujuc> gogo
00:10:34 <Daisy> ujuc: I see you make good progress in installation guide translation. Do you plan to finish the translation in this month?
00:10:54 <ujuc> may be..... :3
00:11:15 <Daisy> good.
00:11:41 <Daisy> Chinese translation is far way from the goal. I will try my best too.
00:12:22 <ujuc> :)
00:12:54 <Daisy> I will check with German and Portuguese (Brazil) to see their plan.
00:13:07 <Daisy> I'm good with the first topic now.
00:13:12 <Daisy> Let's move to next.
00:13:17 <ujuc> lol
00:13:24 <Daisy> #topic: Synchronization processes for Horizon messages translation
00:13:35 <Daisy> As my previous discussion with amotoki, two ways of syncronization between Transifex and git for Horizon messages will be autoamtica till the first RC1. After RC1, Transfiex resources will continously be automatic updated, yet po files in git won't. So the job to update po files in git has to be stopped.
00:14:25 <Daisy> any questions?
00:14:39 <Daisy> amotoki: are you around?
00:14:57 <ujuc> good :)
00:15:05 <Daisy> ok.
00:15:23 <Daisy> #topic open discussion
00:15:30 <Daisy> I think it's a quite small meeting.
00:15:41 <ujuc> me too
00:15:43 <ujuc> ;)
00:16:01 <Daisy> The Atlanta summit will be held from May 12 to May 16.
00:16:13 <epico> :)
00:16:21 <Daisy> I have sent a email to our ML to introduce the travel support program.
00:16:35 <Daisy> I know most of translators are not sponsored.
00:16:52 <Daisy> If our translators want to join, we may consider this program.
00:17:10 <ujuc> oh :)
00:17:32 <Daisy> The program will support "key contributors" who has sessions in the design summit.
00:18:08 <Daisy> I welcome any ideas related with our translation platform and translation process.
00:18:39 <Daisy> If you have, let's have a discuss, we can polish these ideas together.
00:18:57 <ujuc> um... daisy, you say make translation tool ...?
00:18:59 <Daisy> I welcome any feedback related with I18n and L10n for openstack too.
00:19:06 <Daisy> yes, ujuc
00:19:17 <ujuc> doing?
00:19:30 <ujuc> um ...
00:19:46 <Daisy> the platform includes Transifex, and the synchronization scripts.
00:20:17 <Daisy> The process may include the translation process, the synchronization process, the review process, the bug report process, and etc.
00:20:53 <ujuc> oh~
00:20:55 <ujuc> :)
00:21:28 <Daisy> Think about them.
00:21:35 <ujuc> How can I see the prototype?
00:21:51 <Daisy> I think we are using it, ujuc.
00:22:02 <ujuc> :)
00:22:16 <Daisy> The current tools and processes are what we are using now.
00:22:32 <Daisy> If you are not satisfied with anything, think about how to improve them.
00:22:49 <Daisy> Even you have only a requirement, we can have a discussion and figure out a possible solution.
00:23:06 <Daisy> same with you, epico.
00:23:09 <ujuc>00:23:12 <ujuc> ;)
00:23:48 <Daisy> I know your interests are I18n and L10n. If you have any ideas to improve I18n and L10n of openstack as a software, let's have a discussion.
00:23:55 <epico> okay :)
00:24:03 <Daisy> good.
00:25:06 <Daisy> I'm going to send an email to our ML and ask for the translators email who contributed to installation guide translation.
00:25:17 <Daisy> Those translators should be recognized.
00:26:04 <Daisy> I'm done.
00:26:10 <Daisy> Anything else to discuss?
00:26:16 <ujuc> no :)
00:26:41 <Daisy> epico, how about you?
00:26:50 <epico> no
00:27:25 <Daisy> ok. so let's close the meeting.
00:27:28 <Daisy> Thank you for attending.
00:27:39 <ujuc> :)
00:27:41 <Daisy> #endmeeting