07:03:30 <Daisy_> #startmeeting OpenStack I18n Meeting
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07:04:19 <Daisy_> Hello, everybody. I have to check again who are around. Just now my network is broken. I don't know if I missed somebody.
07:04:30 <Daisy_> chandan_kumar: I know you are there.
07:04:34 <jpich> Hi o/
07:04:40 <chandan_kumar> yes
07:04:46 <Daisy_> Good morning, jpich
07:05:03 <Daisy_> Good. We have three people. :)
07:05:41 <Daisy_> First, let's have a discussion about how to encourage more people to join IRC meeting. :)
07:05:42 <epico> hi
07:05:48 <Daisy_> Hi, epico.
07:06:03 <Fdot> Hi Daisy_
07:06:11 <Daisy_> Hi, Fdot ! Nice to see you.
07:06:26 <Fdot> Nice to see you too :)
07:06:37 <jpich> Maybe trying different times? And sending reminders on the list one or two days before?
07:07:02 <Daisy_> Last time, on UTC 0000, there are only epico and me.
07:07:05 <Fdot> jpich: +1 ;)
07:07:13 <epico> Daisy_, yeah
07:07:23 <Daisy_> Fdot, are you OK with this time slot?
07:07:27 <Fdot> reminder could be a good idea
07:07:36 <Fdot> it is a little bit early for me :)
07:07:42 <jpich> The wiki page at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/I18nTeamMeeting also says "next meeting on November 21st", maybe people think the meeting is not happening anymore
07:07:48 <Fdot> 30 minutes should be better
07:07:55 <Daisy_> Good suggestion.
07:07:59 <jpich> This time slot is a bit early for me too, but I can't make 0000UTC at all so it's still better :)
07:08:03 <Daisy_> Fdot, do you mean we have only 30 minutes meeting?
07:08:16 <Fdot> sorry forgot a word :D
07:08:24 <Fdot> 30 minutes later could be better :D
07:08:25 <Daisy_> I know, 0000UTC is not avaialbe for Fdot, and jpich.
07:08:37 <Daisy_> ok. No problem for me.
07:08:44 <Daisy_> I can arrange it one hour later.
07:09:24 <Daisy_> We have three suggestions: update the wiki page, send to ML early to remind, move this time slot one hour later.
07:09:35 <Daisy_> How do you think the topics?
07:10:00 <Daisy_> How can we find more interesting topics?
07:10:05 <Fdot> ok for me :)
07:10:43 <Daisy_> I think there are some topics we can discuss in ML.
07:11:00 <Daisy_> What do Horizon team usually do, jpich?
07:11:16 <Daisy_> I mean, about to choose topics to discuss in the IRC other than ML.
07:12:20 <jpich> Daisy_: We don't always have an agenda, but people often come with questions. Maybe it's not totally clear to the i18n team members that it's ok to come to the meeting to ask questions and solve problems together, too? (people might not be aware of this)
07:12:29 <jpich> Including an "Open Discussion" item in the agenda
07:12:53 <jpich> We also usually start the meeting with a status report from the meeting chair to remind of the important dates
07:13:00 <jpich> and celebrate what we've accomplished so far
07:13:05 <jpich> Good for team spirit :-)
07:13:34 <Daisy_> Yes. I feel the IRC meeting is good for my spirit too. It's so nice to talk with you in IRC meeting.
07:13:50 <jpich> Status is very helpful when coming close to milestones, feature freeze, RC and releases
07:14:01 <Daisy_> OK. then we have another suggestion: include "open discussion" and encourage people to come with questions.
07:14:20 <Daisy_> Yes.
07:14:31 <jpich> Daisy_: Agreed :) The translation channel doesn't have a lot of people so there are not many other opportunities for discussing directly
07:14:50 <Daisy_> Nice suggestion, jpich.
07:14:58 <Daisy_> Any others?
07:15:24 <Daisy_> If no, I will give you a status update about our translation.
07:15:41 <Fdot> no others suggestion for me ;)
07:16:06 <Daisy_> Thanks, Fdot.
07:16:15 <Daisy_> Now status update.
07:16:23 <Daisy_> Horizon RC1 is shipped. Now we have 12 languages completed the translation.
07:17:06 <Daisy_> Among 12 langauges, German is new to Horizon release.
07:17:34 <Daisy_> Russian and Serbian are hurry up their progress. I think Russian could finish it on time. Not sure of Serbian.
07:17:54 <Daisy_> Installation guide publishing is under progress. This week, we are solving a Korean font issue.
07:18:19 <Daisy_> If you want to add your language font , please inform me.
07:18:34 <Daisy_> Fdot, does French have special font?
07:19:04 <Daisy_> The font is prepared for the publish of translated documents.
07:19:09 <Fdot> Daisy_: no :)
07:19:29 <Fdot> we are using standard fonts
07:19:33 <Daisy_> The maven tool only supports a few languages, but it allow us to use local languages. So we need to download font files to local sever.
07:19:36 <Daisy_> OK.
07:20:05 <Daisy_> chandan_kumar: does your language have special fonts?
07:20:50 <Daisy_> Fdot, I'm going to publish the translated installation guide. We have Japanese and Korean version. Chinese version and German version are under processing.
07:21:06 <jpich> About Horizon RC1, note that the translations didn't make it into RC1 but will be part of RC2. amotoki is working with david-lyle, the Horizon PTL to make sure the translation patch merges on time. The current plan is to post the translation update on Monday 0000UTC
07:21:07 <Daisy_> I remember French team have asked a company's help to do the translation.
07:21:27 <Daisy_> Thank you for the update, jpich.
07:21:32 <Fdot> Daisy_: yes with Cloudwatt
07:21:37 <doron> sysinfo
07:21:41 <doron> Sysinfo for 'doron-laptop2': Linux 3.12.6-gentoo running KDE Development Platform 4.11.5, CPU: Intel(R) Core i7-3520M CPU @ 2.90GHz at 2901 MHz (5786 bogomips), HD: 100/428GB, RAM: 10493/11701MB, 196 proc's, 20.20d up
07:21:52 <Daisy_> Fdot, is it possible to publish some  French documents?
07:21:57 <Daisy_> to the docs. openstack.org?
07:22:12 <Fdot> but because of the havana doc refactoring we have lost most of the works done
07:22:25 <Fdot> so unfortunatly no :(
07:22:27 <Daisy_> understand.
07:22:44 <Daisy_> ok. No problem. When you are ready, let me know.
07:22:51 <Fdot> but there is still employee from µCloudwatt working on translation
07:22:51 <chandan_kumar> Daisy_, we have devanagari fonts
07:23:18 <Fdot> on the havana translation and the common part for the manual
07:23:32 <Daisy_> I know you are not using PO files. It's difficult to import to Transifex.
07:24:40 <Daisy_> chandan_kumar: Got it. I think, when it's time to publish documents in your language, we need to add this font to the local server.
07:25:12 <Daisy_> Fdot, when you are ready, let me know. Let's figure out together about how to publish the translations, even we don't have PO and we don't use Transifex.
07:25:33 <chandan_kumar> Daisy_, ok,
07:25:56 <Fdot> Daisy_: the translation has been done last august and there is too many difference now
07:26:00 <Fdot> what we do now
07:26:27 <Fdot> we translate directly in transifex and use the work done when we found a part which didn't change
07:26:28 <Daisy_> What file format do you use to translate?
07:26:52 <Fdot> the translation has been done into word documents
07:27:47 <Daisy_> It's hard. Does the translation have only French or have one paragraph French followed with one paragraph English ?
07:28:25 <Fdot> under the docs documents ?
07:28:27 <chandan_kumar> Daisy_, Fdot you can use Lokalize for offline translation. <http://userbase.kde.org/Lokalize >
07:29:13 <Fdot> chandan_kumar: you can import word document ?
07:29:34 <chandan_kumar> Fdot, never tried
07:29:49 <Fdot> I am going to test :)
07:29:58 <Fdot> thanks a lot for the suggestion
07:30:02 <Daisy_> Yes, Fdot. Usually, when I translate English into Chinese in words, I will add a new paragraph after an English paragraph and input Chinese translation. Then I move to another paragraph.
07:30:30 <Daisy_> Great, chandan_kumar
07:31:09 <Fdot> ok i am going to test :)
07:31:14 <Daisy_> chandan_kumar opened another topic I'm going to mention.
07:31:20 <Daisy_> The translation tool !
07:31:31 <Daisy_> Now we are using Transifex.
07:32:01 <Daisy_> But there are some voices to leave Transifex within OpenStack community.
07:32:22 <Daisy_> I don't hear such voices from our translators.
07:32:30 <chandan_kumar> There are lots of tools, like poedit, gtranslator, vitraal.
07:32:41 <chandan_kumar> but in these Lokalize is best one
07:33:05 <epico> and zanata.
07:33:12 <Fdot> transifex is good for team working
07:33:17 <Daisy_> The openstack-infra hopes to host a translation platform for Openstack translation, because Transifex has closed its source codes.
07:33:22 <epico> https://translate.zanata.org/zanata/
07:33:22 <Fdot> and collaborating
07:33:34 <chandan_kumar> Transifex is the best translation tool as right now
07:33:47 <chandan_kumar> Daisy_, Zanata is the next one
07:34:02 <epico> chandan_kumar, +1 !
07:34:07 <Daisy_> we need to do an evaluation.
07:34:08 <Daisy_> :)
07:34:20 <Daisy_> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aqevw3Q-ErDUdFgzT3VNVXQxd095bFgzODRmajJDeVE&usp=drive_web#gid=0
07:34:24 <chandan_kumar> Daisy_, we have done an evaluation earlier on tools
07:34:29 <Fdot> with transifex it is now possible to connect with translation services like textmaster
07:34:35 <Daisy_> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjlcroGaTsVpdG85eWhqSVEwU19TNHFZQTJYTzZxR1E&usp=drive_web#gid=0
07:34:47 <Fdot> which is useful for translation or review
07:35:07 <Daisy_> There are some concerns that sometimes Transifex would not open its services freely.
07:35:30 <Daisy_> Transifex would become an commercial software.
07:35:52 <Daisy_> Nobody knows when it would happen, just worry about it.
07:36:29 <Daisy_> Pootle, Zanata and translatewiki, we have compared these three tools.
07:36:42 <Daisy_> 6 month ago.
07:37:14 <Daisy_> During the last summit, there was no conclusion that whether we move away from Transifex and which new tool we should move to.
07:37:18 <chandan_kumar> lots of development has been already done with these tools
07:37:27 <Daisy_> Yes, chandan_kumar
07:37:40 <Daisy_> We should review these tools again.
07:37:52 <chandan_kumar> Daisy_, you have taken my words :)
07:37:56 <Daisy_> :)
07:38:09 <Daisy_> I need help !
07:38:42 <Daisy_> I think, we could brainstorming tool candidates.
07:38:57 <Daisy_> Then we brainstorm the requirements we want.
07:39:05 <Daisy_> Then we do an evaluation.
07:39:44 <Daisy_> Maybe we come up with a list of tool candidates today.
07:40:07 <Daisy_> We may not want a long list. Let's brainstorm the best open source tools for translation.
07:40:35 <Daisy_> Pootle, Zanata and translatewiki. Anything else?
07:42:10 <Daisy_> There are so quiet...
07:42:18 <chandan_kumar> i think only 3 tools are available in open Source
07:42:31 <Daisy_> ok. chandan_kumar
07:42:44 <Daisy_> As to translation tools, you know more than me.
07:43:13 <chandan_kumar> Daisy_, yes , i can provide a list of available tools for translation
07:43:21 <Daisy_> chandan_kumar, among these three tools, which one are you familiar with?
07:43:30 <Daisy_> chandan_kumar, I need open source translation tools.
07:44:02 <Daisy_> If still not open source, we have no reason to move away from Transifex.
07:44:17 <chandan_kumar> i am familiar with Pootle, my friends are familiar with zanata and translatewiki.net
07:44:41 <chandan_kumar> sorry
07:44:45 * Fdot is agree with Daisy_
07:44:51 <chandan_kumar> i am familar with Lokalize
07:45:04 <epico> Daisy_, https://github.com/zanata/
07:45:11 <Daisy_> http://translate-dev.openstack.org/
07:45:30 <Daisy_> The infrastructure team has helped to set up a Pootle test website.
07:46:05 <chandan_kumar> Daisy_, let us sett up all the three instances and use it and then compare ?
07:46:18 <chandan_kumar> instance = translation tool
07:46:58 <Daisy_> we have pootle now. I think, Zanata has on line version. Mediawiki, the wiki used by openstack community, supports translate wiki.
07:47:36 <Daisy_> First, let's revise the feature lists we want.
07:47:52 <Daisy_> I will send a mail to ML, and welcome all of the inputs.
07:48:18 <Daisy_> Then we will have people to do the evaluation.
07:48:55 <Daisy_> OK, friends.
07:49:02 <chandan_kumar> Fdot, Zanata has a feature to import word document for translation
07:49:16 <epico> chandan_kumar, cool
07:49:57 <Daisy_> I have done all of my words.
07:50:08 <Fdot> chandan_kumar: cool :) I have to test it too!
07:50:09 <Daisy_> now it's for open discussions.
07:51:18 <Daisy_> If no, we will close the meeting now.
07:51:30 <chandan_kumar> Daisy_, if i complete hindi translation by monday will it get published?\
07:51:40 <Daisy_> Sure, chandan_kumar
07:51:51 <Daisy_> wait, wait
07:51:59 <chandan_kumar> Daisy_, Thanks. :)
07:52:01 <Daisy_> you mean, horizon or installation guide?
07:52:07 <chandan_kumar> horizon
07:52:28 <Daisy_> Then I think you have to do it as early as possible.
07:52:44 <epico> Daisy_, how about to use "#topic" command in meeting?
07:52:53 <Daisy_> The patch for translation update will be prepared at Monday 0000UTC
07:53:19 <Daisy_> Thank you for reminder, epico. I forgot.
07:53:27 <epico> Daisy_, welcome
07:53:52 <Daisy_> chandan_kumar: could you finish the translation by Monday 0000UTC?
07:53:59 <chandan_kumar> yes
07:54:17 <Daisy_> Great !
07:54:35 <Daisy_> I will let Horizon team know about it.
07:54:43 <chandan_kumar> ok
07:54:46 <chandan_kumar> Thanks :)
07:55:19 <Daisy_> Great, friends.
07:55:35 <Daisy_> I will close the meeting. More discussions, let's go to our channel #openstack-translation
07:55:44 <Daisy_> Thank you for attending.
07:55:54 <Daisy_> Thank you for getting up early.
07:56:12 <Daisy_> Next time, the meeting will be an hour later.
07:56:18 <Daisy_> #endmeeting