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08:01:52 <Daisy_> Good afternoon, ujuc
08:02:07 <Daisy_> I see Korean translations have very good progress.
08:02:08 <ujuc> Hi :) Daisy_ :)
08:02:16 <ujuc> yaya :))
08:02:59 <Daisy_> Today we have only 1 topic.
08:03:14 <epico> Hi
08:03:20 <Daisy_> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-i18n/2015-March/000992.html
08:03:38 <Daisy_> #topic Kick off Kilo translations
08:03:40 <ujuc> hi epico :)
08:03:46 <Daisy_> I have sent an email to our ML.
08:03:59 <Daisy_> just now
08:04:06 <Daisy_> I think you might not have time to read about it.
08:04:19 <Daisy_> Just a few explanations here.
08:05:27 <Daisy_> The Kilo release date is April 30
08:05:46 <Daisy_> We have to finish the translations a few days earlier. I think, April 20 might be a good day to cut.
08:06:02 <Daisy_> Horizon team is feature freeze now.
08:06:24 <Daisy_> The string freeze would be in the first release candidate, that's around April 9.
08:06:35 <Daisy_> We won't wait for the string freeze.
08:06:47 <Daisy_> After feature freeze, there won't be a lot of strings changes.
08:06:55 <Daisy_> So we start our translations from today.
08:07:00 <Daisy_> 1 month left.
08:07:55 <Daisy_> any questions?
08:08:04 <amotoki> I would
08:08:18 <Fdot> Hello Daisy_ sorry for being late :)
08:08:24 <amotoki> like to request you check dajngo-openstakc-auth translation too.
08:08:32 <Daisy_> It's all right, Fdot.
08:08:40 <Daisy_> amotoki: how to check ?
08:09:05 <Daisy_> Fdot: please read through this email and see if you have questions: http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-i18n/2015-March/000992.html
08:09:10 <jftalta> Hi all
08:09:37 <Daisy_> Hi, jftalta . Welcome !
08:09:49 <amotoki> django-openstakc-auth is "OpenStack Dashboard Authentication " in Trasnsifex.
08:10:05 * Fdot is reading
08:10:13 <jftalta> Thanx Daisy !
08:10:28 <Daisy_> https://www.transifex.com/projects/p/horizon/resource/djangopo/
08:10:31 <amotoki> If you have any update, please update them first because freeze date of depending libraries is earlier.
08:10:43 <Fdot> Daisy_: yes :)
08:10:57 <Daisy_> amotoki: I will let the team know about it. Thank you for the reminder.
08:10:58 <amotoki> perhaps horizon team wil release another version of djanog-opnestack-auth for Kilo.
08:11:08 <Fdot> Daisy_: let's translate Horizon \o/
08:11:28 <amotoki> In addition, after the feature freeze, we find not a small number of string bugs, so strigns may be changed.
08:11:31 <Daisy_> django-openstakc-auth is the first priority, right? amotoki
08:11:38 <Daisy_> understand.
08:11:43 <Daisy_> That's acceptable.
08:11:57 <jftalta> I guess 1 month will be enough for the french team.
08:12:28 <amotoki> Daisy_: hopefully so. django-openstack-auth (d-o-a) have small changes in kilo, so it must be easy.
08:12:52 <amotoki> please report string bugs to Horizon if you find any.
08:12:53 <Daisy_> I guess if 10 people work together, 1 month will be enough to translate horizon from scratch.
08:13:16 <Daisy_> amotoki: is the pseudo translation test working now ?
08:13:29 <amotoki> Daisy_: not sure
08:13:34 <Daisy_> not sure?
08:13:40 <amotoki> Daisy_: I have never tried it.
08:13:54 <Daisy_> so there is no test to check whether strings are marked with _() ?
08:14:05 <Daisy_> there might be some missed strings, then ?
08:14:25 <Daisy_> Let me ask Dough Fish then.
08:14:33 <amotoki> Daisy_: yes. we mihgt have some such strings.
08:14:44 <Daisy_> ok. got it.
08:14:58 <Daisy_> Then the translators need to do a more careful check.
08:15:02 <amotoki> Anyway check of pseudo translaiton needs to be done manually :-(
08:15:09 <Daisy_> I know.
08:15:20 <Daisy_> manually done is better than "no way".
08:15:44 <epico> https://code.google.com/p/pseudolocalization-tool/
08:15:54 <epico> just FYI.
08:16:54 <Daisy_> Thank you, epico.
08:17:04 <epico> Welcome, Daisy_
08:17:14 <Daisy_> Any questions/comments to Hrizon translation ?
08:18:17 <Daisy_> if no, let's go to open discussions.
08:18:24 <Daisy_> #topic Open discussions
08:19:29 <Daisy_> In Vancouver summit, I plan to get another time slot for translators meet up.
08:19:54 <Daisy_> if you have chance to go there, please join the meet up.
08:21:00 <ianychoi> Hello. I am reading meeting notes : )
08:21:10 <Daisy_> Hi, ianychoi
08:22:48 <jftalta> Translators meetup is a ood idea. The one in Paris was pleasant and useful
08:23:17 <jftalta> Good*
08:23:23 <Daisy_> Thank you, jftalta
08:24:01 <Daisy_> any topics to discuss ?
08:24:24 <ujuc> no
08:24:46 <Daisy_> if no, I will close the meeting and give time back to you.
08:25:01 <jftalta> No, not for me Daisy
08:25:07 <ianychoi> no Thanks!
08:25:19 <Daisy_> I will be in the channel of #openstack-translation, and wait for any questions from you.
08:25:27 <Daisy_> Thank you all for attending.
08:26:37 <Fdot> Thank you Daisy_
08:26:55 <Daisy_> #endmeeting