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13:00:44 <Daisy> Who is here for i18n meeting ?
13:00:56 <katomo> Hello
13:01:03 <Daisy> Hi, katomo
13:01:05 <ianychoi_iphone> Hello :)
13:01:09 <aeng> Hi
13:01:23 <ujuc> hi :)
13:01:32 <Daisy> Welcome, ianychoi_iphone, aeng and ujuc
13:01:43 <Daisy> Let's start.
13:02:21 <Daisy> #topic Feedback collection about Zanata test instance
13:02:47 <camunoz> hi Daisy
13:03:01 <Daisy> Zanata trial starts, and we have gotten various of feedback from the team.
13:03:06 <Daisy> Hi, camunoz
13:03:25 <Daisy> I have summarized the feedback to a etherpad page.
13:03:27 <Daisy> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/zanata-feedback
13:03:59 <Daisy> camunoz and aeng: could we go through the issues one by one ?
13:04:21 <camunoz> sure
13:04:31 <aeng> Sure
13:04:35 <Daisy> good.
13:04:55 <Daisy> The first one is "There are multiple copies of some languages, apparently due to case sensitivity problems"
13:05:02 <Daisy> I see your response, camunoz
13:05:19 <Daisy> So it can be fixed by modifying database ?
13:06:15 <adiantum> hello
13:06:16 <camunoz> for the time being, yes.... I would suggest we do that asap so that no one translates into the wrong lang codes
13:07:03 <Daisy> hi, adiantum
13:07:03 <aeng> Agree. We should try to implement feature to delete language
13:07:21 <Daisy> good, aeng
13:07:24 <Daisy> ok. camunoz
13:08:14 <Daisy> The 4th issue in this etherpad page is a UI bug. I think it's not that high priority.
13:08:48 <Daisy> the 5th one has been reported as a bug.
13:09:11 <Daisy> Ok. The 6th: A UI issue: the list of documents doesn't scrolling while the langauge list scrolls down.
13:09:39 <Daisy> aeng and camunoz: does the description of 6th issue make sense ?
13:09:54 <camunoz> I understand the issue. Can I suggest we file a bug for it.... it's a UI problem
13:10:01 <Daisy> ok. sure
13:10:05 <aeng> Yup, reliased the issue
13:10:21 <Daisy> the 7th one:  "review" button is not there.
13:10:25 <Daisy> That's strange.
13:10:47 <Daisy> I don't know why. I remember there should be a button to mark the translation reviewed.
13:10:52 <aeng> Review is opened for all projects now in 3.7
13:11:13 <aeng> And the checkbox is removed.
13:11:26 <Daisy> aeng: what do you mean ?
13:12:05 <aeng> Now reviewer can approve or reject translation in their project
13:12:14 <camunoz> it means that review doesn't need to be "activated" for a project
13:12:40 <camunoz> reviewers can just start reviewing strings whenever they like, or not at all if they don't wish to do so
13:12:49 <aeng> The require review sett8ngs has been removed. Again, thats in 3.7
13:14:03 <Daisy> how could reviewers do the review then ? in this test instance ?
13:15:08 <camunoz> so, until such time as the instance gets upgraded to 3.7, we need to go into the projects (or versions) and activate review for them
13:15:21 <aeng> In 3.6, which is the one in test instance, project mainatainer need to enable "require review" in project setting
13:15:29 <camunoz> after the upgrade has happened, that does not need to happen
13:15:43 <Daisy> ok.
13:16:38 <katomo> ok.
13:17:30 <Daisy> camunoz: in the project setting page ?
13:17:54 <aeng> Version settings page
13:18:20 <Daisy> after project maintainer enables "require review", there should be a check box for review, right ?
13:18:40 <aeng> http://docs.zanata.org/en/release/user-guide/versions/version-settings/ in translation settings section
13:19:33 <camunoz> Daisy: correct... the review "options" will only be visible to those users with the "reviewer" role for the specific language
13:19:34 <aeng> If enabled, reviewer will be able to see "approved" and "reject" button in editor
13:20:34 <Daisy> I have enabled a project: api-site
13:20:34 <Daisy> Thank you, camunoz and aeng
13:21:00 <Daisy> I think I'm OK now.
13:21:19 <Daisy> katomo: do you have further questions?
13:21:35 <katomo> none at now.
13:22:08 <Daisy> ujuc: Have you ever tried Zanata? Do you have any feedback ?
13:22:29 <ujuc> none, yet..
13:23:05 <adiantum> some minor improvement in UI: is it possible to add coordinators & reviewers & translators projects and languages to dashboard?
13:23:06 <Daisy> OK.
13:23:08 <ianychoi_iphone> I will see it when ujuc will approve my request on joining in ko_kr :)
13:23:42 <adiantum> currently i see only created project
13:24:54 <camunoz> adiantum: anything is possible! :) ... I would suggest you add a feature request (in the form of a bugzilla issue) with the details of your request... for tracking purposes
13:25:49 <adiantum> camunoz: thank you :-)
13:26:22 <Daisy> OK then.
13:26:29 <Daisy> Could we move to next topic ?
13:26:37 <katomo> y
13:26:39 <ianychoi_iphone> Ok
13:27:00 <FdotFr> ok :)
13:27:13 <adiantum> k =)
13:27:14 <ujuc> ok
13:27:17 <Daisy> Thank you for staying late with us, camunoz and aeng. You could leave if you want. We will move to next topic.
13:27:36 <Daisy> #topic make translators as "ATC"
13:27:36 <aeng> Thanks daisy
13:27:48 <camunoz> no problem Daisy , talk to you later
13:27:52 <katomo> Thanks, camunoz and aeng !
13:28:12 <ujuc> Thanks, camunoz, aeng :)
13:28:14 <Daisy> In Vancouver, we discussed to get translators "ATC" registration code for each summit.
13:28:29 <Daisy> I discussed with tom and learned a few documents of openstack foundation.
13:28:49 <Daisy> Just one concern in my mind is to sign the appropriate agreement.
13:29:01 <Daisy> which is described here: http://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/developers.html#account-setup
13:29:17 <Daisy> this section: Sign the appropriate Individual Contributor License Agreement
13:29:52 <Daisy> I don't know if asking translators to sign the agreement will become a block of translators contributions.
13:30:14 <Daisy> how do you think, ujuc , adiantum , FdotFr , katomo ?
13:30:31 <FdotFr> Daisy I am agree with this
13:30:32 <adiantum> as soon as we expectiong to publish translator contribution to stacalytics i think we need accepted ICLA
13:30:43 <katomo> I think it's no problem. Everyone should sign CLA to contribute(translate!) for OpenStack.
13:31:02 <Daisy> FdotFr: what do you agree with ?
13:31:04 <FdotFr> Daisy contributors has to sign the CLA
13:31:10 <Daisy> OK.
13:31:20 <FdotFr> this is the case for all the openstack contributors
13:31:24 <Daisy> So you don't have any concerns to have your team to sign the CLA ?
13:31:31 <FdotFr> it has to be the case for translators
13:31:32 <Daisy> OK. Nice.
13:31:59 <FdotFr> Daisy if they want to be ATC they have to be agree with the foundations rules ;)
13:32:17 <ujuc> i agree this.
13:32:17 <adiantum> FdotFr: +1 =)
13:32:26 <ujuc> & +1
13:32:41 <FdotFr> Daisy when we will move to Zanata they will have to create an openstack account (if they don't have already one)
13:32:43 <Daisy> Then another question in my mind: do we start collecting name+email of translators for Tokyo summit, and start the process to get translators ATC badge in Tokyo summit? or do we wait for next summit ?
13:33:01 <FdotFr> so it will be a part of the subscription
13:33:25 <FdotFr> Daisy what is the dead line ?
13:33:30 <FdotFr> for tokyo ?
13:33:35 <katomo> Tokyo !
13:33:46 <FdotFr> oh sorry katomo  :(
13:33:49 <FdotFr> Tokyo :)
13:34:00 <ujuc> ;)
13:34:32 <FdotFr> I think we can do it for Tokyo
13:35:18 <Daisy> Because we don't have name+email from Transifex. we have to collect manually.
13:35:18 <Daisy> I don't know the deadline.
13:35:18 <Daisy> The developers should have their codes now, I believe.
13:35:20 <FdotFr> we all know our own local community so it will be easy to collect informations about main contributors
13:36:28 <katomo> the deadline is important...
13:37:03 <FdotFr> Daisy for France, on september I can take the list of french contributors and all who can have an ATC status I will send them an e-mail asking for their Openstack account and to check if they sign the CLA
13:37:06 <Daisy> katomo: could we finish the information collection and sign the CLA in 2 weeks ?
13:37:18 <FdotFr> I f i don't have their mail I will contact them on transifex
13:37:19 <katomo> 1st ATC tickets have already been sent.
13:37:36 <katomo> Daisy: ok
13:37:42 <FdotFr> Daisy katomo oh ok
13:37:46 <adiantum> additional question: we decided that ATC shoud have 200 translated works for two last releases, but current statistics do not show us releases
13:37:49 <FdotFr> so we have to do it now ?
13:38:12 <Daisy> sorry, not to katomo , but to all.
13:38:12 <Daisy> adiantum: what do you mean by "releases"?
13:38:32 <Daisy> in our agreement last time, contributing at least 200 words translation and review in the last 2 releases
13:38:40 <adiantum> i mean OpenStack release
13:38:53 <Daisy> So while I export statistic data, I started from 2014.11.01
13:39:14 <adiantum> oh, i see... so this for last two
13:39:49 <Daisy> Yes, adiantum . Not so accurate, but a estimation.
13:40:17 <adiantum> ok ok
13:41:16 <Daisy> FdotFr: send email, or contact through Transifex, let all of our translators know that we are moving to Zanata. Asking them to register OpenID, sign the CLA, if they want to continue the translation. At the same time, collecting their emails ( don't forget to associate transifex ID with emails )
13:41:45 <FdotFr> Daisy seems good for me :)
13:42:16 <FdotFr> Daisy I will update the spreadsheet with the collected informations :)
13:42:24 <Daisy> Thank you, FdotFr
13:42:47 <FdotFr> Daisy for France I have works to do :D 14 people to contact !
13:43:20 <katomo> For Japanese, I will work.
13:43:38 <FdotFr> Daisy can I have some writing rights on the spreadsheet ?
13:43:51 <FdotFr> "OpenStack Translators Statistic from 2014.11.01 to 2015.7.16"
13:43:57 <Daisy> For Chinese, I only know part of them. So I will contact through transfiex messaging.
13:43:57 <adiantum> i'll make for Russian
13:43:58 <FdotFr> for updating the list
13:44:06 <Daisy> OK, FdotFr . I will give the right to you.
13:44:13 <FdotFr> Daisy thanks :)
13:44:20 <Daisy> I will give right to all of you. :)
13:44:24 <ujuc> I will korean :)
13:44:26 <katomo> me too
13:44:31 <ujuc> :)
13:44:45 <katomo> Daisy: thanks
13:44:49 <Daisy> Nice. Thank you all. Collect the information as soon as possible, and as much as possible.
13:45:13 <adiantum> and just one more question... should we use new_total metric for 200 words? or we should use sum of new and edited?
13:45:28 <Daisy> I will suggest: new_total
13:46:00 <ujuc> new_total?
13:46:01 <ujuc> ok
13:46:06 <adiantum> ok
13:46:10 <katomo> ok
13:46:16 <Daisy> Ok. let's move to next one
13:46:30 <ujuc> ok
13:46:38 <Daisy> #topic update on two blueprints: translators metric and translation check website
13:46:49 <Daisy> as to translators metric, adiantum and I are working on it.
13:48:12 <adiantum> you can find all info about here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/stackalytics/+spec/translators-contribution
13:48:55 <Daisy> adiantum has discussed the design with the owner of stackalytics. we have forked the stackalytics. we have allocated tasks. we didn't start coding yet, but will start soon. My goal is to have this feature ready before Tokyo summit.
13:48:55 <Daisy> adiantum: do you think we can finish it before Tokyo summit ?
13:48:58 <Daisy> adiantum: maybe we don't have a perfect version. Let's make a basic version at first. I want to show it to our translators in Tokyo summit.
13:49:26 <adiantum> Daisy i think we can create first basic version
13:49:33 <Daisy> good, adiantum .
13:49:35 <Daisy> Thank you.
13:49:46 <katomo> great!
13:49:56 <adiantum> i'll be more active with this task after 22 July
13:49:57 <Daisy> as to "translation check website", I lost contact with Deelay1
13:50:16 <Daisy> so this bp is pending.
13:50:29 <adiantum> we have conference and party dedicated to OS 5thBday in Moscow, i'm currently working on it
13:50:31 <Daisy> who want to take over this one ?
13:50:39 <katomo> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/stackalytics/+spec/translators-contribution
13:51:18 <Daisy> who want to take over this one: "translation check website"
13:51:42 <katomo> adiantum: working on chech site?
13:51:54 <Daisy> Current, there is a patch to infra spec. We just need to write down spec. Infrastructure guy will help us to implement.
13:52:06 <adiantum> no no - i mean conference
13:52:31 <katomo> I got it
13:52:41 <katomo> I will take "translation check website"
13:52:41 <Daisy> katomo: you will work on it ?
13:52:46 <Daisy> Thank you, katomo
13:52:55 <katomo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/184559/
13:52:57 <Daisy> Hope we can use it in this release translation.
13:53:05 <Daisy> Yes, exactly, this one, katomo
13:53:18 <adiantum> katomo: great
13:53:21 <katomo> a few "-1" !
13:53:29 <Daisy> Collect the feedback and refactor the spec. :)
13:53:43 <adiantum> there is a several comments :-)
13:54:23 <Daisy> Nice. I have done my topics today.
13:54:23 <Daisy> #topic open discussion
13:55:00 <Daisy> all thing to talk here ?
13:55:05 <FdotFr> Daisy are you able in transifex to see in which project a translator has worked ?
13:55:33 <ianychoi_iphone> Please see https://review.openstack.org/#/c/201663/ and review it. This review process is required to log on our openstack-translation channel.
13:55:46 <FdotFr> Daisy because I something weird in the top french translators list
13:55:47 <Daisy> I don't see I could do that, FdotFr , but I will do a careful check tomorrow.
13:56:04 <adiantum> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/201663/
13:56:15 <Daisy> ok, ianychoi_iphone
13:56:23 <FdotFr> Daisy I have a translator who register last week and he is the first of the list :D
13:56:37 <Daisy> interesting.
13:56:46 <Daisy> I will make a careful check tomorrow.
13:57:23 <Daisy> time is up.
13:57:33 <Daisy> Can I close the meeting now ?
13:57:42 <katomo> y
13:57:50 <ianychoi_iphone> Y :)
13:57:57 <ujuc> yep
13:57:59 <ujuc> :)
13:58:01 <katomo> thanks,all
13:58:08 <FdotFr> ianychoi_iphone done my +1 ;)
13:58:08 <Daisy> Thank you all for attending , katomo , adiantum , ujuc , ianychoi, FdotFr !
13:58:15 <adiantum> thank you!
13:58:17 <Daisy> It was very nice to talk with you.
13:58:19 <FdotFr> Daisy thanks a lot Daisy :)
13:58:23 <ianychoi_iphone> Thank you all! :)
13:58:30 <Daisy> #endmeeting