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06:01:05 <Daisy> Who is around for I18n meeting ?
06:02:05 <Fdot> Hello ò_
06:02:11 <Daisy> Hi, Fdot
06:02:17 <Fdot> hello Daisy
06:02:26 <Daisy> Good morning. It's nice to have you here.
06:02:38 <Fdot> Thank you :)
06:03:04 <Daisy> I don't see any other people except we two.
06:04:28 <Daisy> It looks like they all fell good to the coming Liberty translation. :)
06:04:51 <Fdot> hé hé hé hé :)
06:05:10 <Daisy> Anyway,let's start.
06:05:19 <Daisy> #topic Zanata status and QA
06:05:32 <Daisy> As Elizabeth said in her email, Zanata on production will be ready some time next week.
06:05:42 <Daisy> They have set up the launched a production instance and are working on final script fixes for translations imports, exports and gerrit proposals. Carlos and his team is working on a script for us to export and import the translations users.
06:06:34 <Daisy> As people are helping us on the environment setting, what we need to do is to set up our teams in the new environment.
06:07:02 <Daisy> Firstly, we will use translate-dev, and then the user information and team information will be exported to translate.openstack.org ( the production env)
06:07:27 <Fdot> ok it is more clear for me now :)
06:07:32 <Fdot> so everything is going to be ready for the final rush
06:07:56 <Daisy> So teams who has not set up in translate-dev, please hurry up, especially for those who want to have Horizon translations in Liberty release.
06:07:59 <Daisy> Thank you, Fdot
06:08:12 <Daisy> Next topic.
06:08:17 <ujuc> hi
06:08:28 <Daisy> Hi, ujuc
06:08:29 <Fdot> hello ujuc :)
06:08:45 <ujuc> hello Fdot :)
06:08:50 <Daisy> We just finished the first topic, about Zanata env. I see you have your teams in translate-dev, right ?
06:08:52 <ujuc> hi Daisy :)
06:09:04 <ujuc> yes :)
06:09:05 <ianychoi> Hello :)
06:09:11 <Daisy> hi, ianychoi.
06:09:16 <ianychoi> :)
06:09:18 <Daisy> We are moving to next topic.
06:09:28 <Daisy> #topic Liberty translation plan and QA
06:09:37 <ianychoi> sorry for late
06:09:46 <Fdot> hell ianychoi :)
06:09:51 <ianychoi> hello :)
06:09:58 <Daisy> Liberty translation will start when the translation production env is ready.
06:10:34 <Daisy> My plan is that our community translators will focus on Horizon translation in Liberty, as usually.
06:10:52 <Daisy> I have communicated with Horizon PTL.
06:11:31 <Daisy> The translation plan is same as the previous version. The string freeze will happen when RC1 is released. RC2 will be only for translators.
06:11:39 <chandankumar> Daisy, Hello
06:11:46 <Daisy> Hi,cha
06:11:48 <Daisy> sorry, Hi, chandankumar
06:13:30 <Daisy> That means, when we start Horizon translation, it is not string freezed. There might be new strings introduced. After RC1 is released, there will be no strings change.
06:13:53 <Daisy> I hope to get at least 10 days between RC1 and RC2. So we will have enough time to work after string freeze.
06:15:15 <Daisy> And we got a new Horizon liasion, Neill Cox.
06:15:16 <Daisy> Neill will work closely with us as we are translating Horizon in this release.
06:15:16 <Daisy> Any questions or concerns to Horizon translation ?
06:16:51 <ianychoi> I see. Actually I am not familiar with liasion, could you briefly explain what Horizon liasion will do or add some link for more explanation?
06:17:06 <ianychoi> or just a reference
06:18:34 <Daisy> In one word, Liberty translation is as usually, except we are using Zanata as our translation tool.
06:19:47 <ianychoi> Yep
06:20:31 <Daisy> ianychoi: liasion is like a representative or a connector between two teams
06:21:12 <Daisy> ianychoi: I failed to find the wiki page about liasion. After I find it, I will send to you.
06:21:35 <ianychoi> Aha.... I see.  thank you daisy :)
06:21:54 <ujuc> :)
06:25:11 <Daisy> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons
06:25:11 <Daisy> oh, just find it.
06:25:11 <Daisy> If no questions about Liberty translation, let's move to open discussions.
06:25:11 <Daisy> #Open discussions
06:25:11 <Daisy> #topic Open discussions
06:25:12 <Daisy> #topic Open discussions
06:25:13 <Daisy> The topic is not changed. Maybe I typed something wrong. Anyway, it's time for open discussions.
06:25:13 <Daisy> ujuc and ianychoi: are you able to go to Tokyo summit ?
06:25:14 <Daisy> chandankumar: how about you?
06:25:14 <Daisy> I believe you all have gotten the ATC codes for the summit.
06:25:28 <chandankumar> Daisy, not coming
06:25:54 <chandankumar> Daisy, i am going to pyconindia 2015, actually i am one of the organizer.
06:26:27 <ianychoi> Daisy,  Yes. I will attend Tokyo summit.
06:26:28 <Daisy> oh, chandankumar, I'm sorry you are not able to go.
06:26:36 <chandankumar> Daisy, will meet you in next summit :)
06:26:47 <ianychoi> Thanks for that link :)
06:26:52 <Daisy> Great, ianychoi !
06:26:54 <ujuc> it's trying
06:27:01 <ujuc> .....
06:27:14 <Daisy> I'm planning the i18n session for Tokyo summit.
06:27:45 <Daisy> We will have two working sessions and a half day meet up.
06:28:04 <chandankumar> Daisy, if you need any inputs during summit, i will be available through hangout
06:28:20 <Daisy> If you have any requests or anything want to talk (or share), please let me know. I will try my best to schedule.
06:28:50 <Daisy> chandankumar: thank you, could you send me some introduction information ?
06:29:03 <chandankumar> Daisy, About me?
06:29:15 <chandankumar> Daisy, Sure
06:29:51 <ianychoi> Aha... not only http://sched.co/49sF , when will have i18n sessions?
06:30:37 <chandankumar> ianychoi, we have only one session for i18n
06:32:43 <ianychoi> chandankumar, Daisy just said that we will have two working session and a half day meet up.
06:34:42 <ianychoi> Hmm... daisy might have some network connection problems...
06:35:16 <Daisy> Anything else to talk today ?
06:35:37 <Daisy> If no, I will close the meeting and give time back to you.
06:35:55 <ianychoi> Daisy, we have then two working sesions and one meet up during Tokyo summit?
06:36:40 <Daisy> Yes, ianychoi, if Foundation won't reject my request, we will have 2 working sessions and 1 half day meet up.
06:36:48 <ianychoi> I have found that there is one presentation from you on Tuesday, October 27. (11:15-55 am)
06:37:13 <Daisy> Yes, it is, ianychoi. It's a public speech, to attract more people joining our team.
06:37:58 <ianychoi> Aha, I see. I thought that public speech is the same type as working sessions.. sorry for my wrong understanding
06:38:22 <Daisy> No, ianychoi. It's a different type.
06:39:15 <ianychoi> Thank you :)
06:39:15 <Daisy> anything else ?
06:39:22 <ianychoi> No.. from me
06:39:23 <Daisy> ianychoi: you are welcome.
06:39:26 <ujuc> no :)
06:39:41 <Fdot> ok for mme :)
06:39:48 <Daisy> Great.
06:39:56 <Daisy> Let me close the meeting.
06:40:03 <ianychoi> Okay.
06:40:29 <Daisy> Thank you all for attending, Fdot, ujuc, ianychoi and chandankumar
06:40:29 <Daisy> #endmeeting