06:00:18 <Daisy> #startmeeting OpenStack I18n Meeting
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06:00:33 <katomo> Hi
06:00:34 <adiantum> hi
06:00:49 <ianychoi-webirc> Hello
06:00:49 <Daisy> Hi, katomo and adiantum.
06:00:53 <Daisy> Hi, ianychoi-webirc
06:01:21 <Daisy> Good to see you again.
06:01:27 <Daisy> Let's start the meeting.
06:01:27 <ianychoi-webirc> Hi, Daisy
06:02:03 <adiantum> Good to see you Daisy, ianychoi-webirc and katomo
06:02:14 <Daisy> We were all in the Tokyo meeting.
06:02:28 <adiantum> yes
06:02:32 <katomo> yeah, adiantum
06:02:36 <ianychoi-webirc> yes!
06:02:51 <Daisy> I previously thought this IRC meeting could include more people who didn't attend Tokyo summit.
06:02:58 <Daisy> So I will change the agenda a little.
06:03:20 <Daisy> I will skip the first one.
06:03:37 <Daisy> I will skip the first topic and go to the second directly.
06:03:43 <Daisy> #topic Review Mitaka plan.
06:03:58 <Daisy> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/tokyo-i18n-meetup
06:04:05 <Daisy> I have listed some TODO items there.
06:04:21 <Daisy> Any of you have updates to these items ?
06:04:37 <Daisy> Sorry I don't have. I took several days vacation and just came back to work today.
06:05:05 <Daisy> KATO, I saw some patches from you to set up i18n repo.
06:05:09 <katomo> training guide translation
06:05:11 <Daisy> Thank you for taking care of it.
06:05:21 <ianychoi-webirc> That's fine. Vacation is always nice :)
06:05:24 <katomo> you are welcome.
06:05:40 <Daisy> katomo: any updates for training guide translation?
06:05:55 <katomo> scripts are merged
06:06:10 <Daisy> great
06:06:18 <katomo> need to be executed from Jenkins
06:06:20 <Daisy> So need I create projects in Zanata ?
06:06:25 <katomo> I'm checking infra jobs
06:07:01 <katomo> Daisy: yes, but I guess automatically created by infra jobs.
06:07:16 <eumel8_> morning, Frank here!
06:07:18 <Daisy> katomo: I didn't see it in translate website.
06:07:20 <katomo> are you always manually create?
06:07:36 <adiantum> hi eumel8_!
06:07:47 <katomo> Daisy: not yet periodically uploaded
06:07:52 <Daisy> katomo: I don't know in Zanata. I didn't create any projects in Zanata till now. But I always manually created in Transifex.
06:07:58 <katomo> need to update jenkins job.
06:08:08 <Daisy> katomo: can you send me the link to the patch ?
06:08:17 <katomo> okay, I ask Andreas about details
06:08:54 <katomo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/240739/
06:09:00 <Daisy> katomo: ok. I hope the process to add new projects could be documented somewhere.
06:09:05 <katomo> just created scpirt only
06:09:17 <katomo> script*
06:09:35 <Daisy> katomo: yes, just scripts.
06:09:42 <Daisy> Not jenkins jobs
06:09:55 <katomo> yeah
06:10:19 <Daisy> Anyway, it's a good start up. Thank you, katomo.
06:10:31 <ianychoi-webirc> Thanks you, katomo  :)
06:10:44 <Daisy> adiantum: any progress with stackalytics ?
06:10:59 <katomo> ianychoi-webirc: thanks to review
06:11:14 <ianychoi-webirc> It's my great pleasure.
06:11:50 <adiantum> Daisy, have a small vacation, didn't progress yet
06:12:06 <Daisy> adiantum: all right. Do you have any plan ?
06:12:16 <adiantum> yes
06:12:54 <Daisy> Thank you, adiantum. Please take care of it.
06:13:05 <adiantum> Daisy, yes, sure
06:13:40 <Daisy> anything else update ?
06:14:06 <Daisy> If no, let's move to open discussion.
06:14:14 <Daisy> #Topic Open discussion
06:14:37 <katomo> #info Arch Design Guide is under RST conversion by docs team
06:14:45 <katomo> #info Config Reference is under RST conversion by docs team
06:14:59 <katomo> it is not appropriate to translate them at now.
06:15:10 <Daisy> Good info.
06:15:12 <Daisy> Thank you, katomo
06:15:12 <katomo> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/Migrate
06:15:36 <katomo> :)
06:16:25 <katomo> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-i18n/+spec/i18n-contributor-guide
06:16:58 <Daisy> katomo: wow, it's a wonderful blueprint. I like it very much.
06:16:59 <katomo> I want to create I18n contrbutor guide officially in our repo.
06:17:14 <Daisy> +1
06:17:32 <ianychoi-webirc> +1
06:17:38 <adiantum> +1
06:17:50 <ianychoi> wow better.. :)
06:17:57 <katomo> thanks
06:18:49 <katomo> that's all from me
06:19:34 <ianychoi> For me, after coming back to Korea, I would like to open a small Korean translators meet-up time. Hope that more Korean translators will participate in our translation work.
06:19:56 <Daisy> It looks like we will have a very short meeting today. I know we were just back from summit and haven't get ready for work yet. I'm so thankful to see so many progress made by katomo. Hope we could see more progress next IRC meeting.
06:20:10 <Daisy> Thank you, ianychoi.
06:20:25 <Daisy> I did a translator meet up in Beijing in Auguest.
06:20:26 <ianychoi> Daisy, :)
06:20:54 <ianychoi> Wow.. good. How many translators participated at that time?
06:20:56 <katomo> :)
06:21:25 <Daisy> ianychoi: not big. around 20 signed up, around 10 showed up. :)
06:21:34 <ianychoi> Daisy, great! :)
06:21:44 <Daisy> ianychoi: I could share my deck with you if you need.
06:21:54 <katomo> enough big !
06:22:00 <Daisy> ianychoi: I mean, the deck I used in the meet up to introduce our team.
06:22:08 <ianychoi> Daisy, thanks so much!
06:22:13 <adiantum> Daisy looks good enough =)
06:22:20 <eumel8_> Daisy: me too! maybe you have some advices how to motivate people. would be also nice to increase our local team
06:22:53 <Daisy> eumel8_: I could send the deck to you too.
06:23:06 <eumel8_> thx
06:23:31 <katomo> me too
06:23:41 <Daisy> eumel8_: I think, firstly, you need to promote our team and our work at first, using any chances.
06:23:42 <ianychoi> And https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/ReleaseNotes/Liberty/ko
06:23:52 <katomo> Daisy: I need too
06:23:56 <ianychoi> It's now 97%... today   I will make it to 100%
06:23:58 <Daisy> ok. got it.
06:24:05 <Daisy> katomo: got it.
06:24:13 <adiantum> Daisy: would you be so kind to share your deck with me too?
06:24:20 <katomo> Daisy: thanks
06:24:29 <Daisy> sure, adiantum.
06:24:45 <adiantum> Daisy: thank you.
06:25:00 <katomo> ianychoi: looks many Korean :)
06:25:06 <eumel8_> ianychoi: looks funny for me ;)
06:25:09 <katomo> good progress
06:25:18 <ianychoi> katomo, thank you :)
06:25:27 <ianychoi> eumel8_, that's Korean :)
06:25:39 <adiantum> ianychoi: great!
06:25:44 <eumel8_> but great work
06:25:57 <ianychoi> adiantum, thank you!
06:26:22 <Daisy> I feel people like to translate release note very much.
06:26:45 <katomo> yeah
06:26:57 <Daisy> Release note is good matrial to distribute in local language.
06:27:03 <katomo> it is very important info
06:27:28 <ianychoi> I totally agree with that idea.
06:27:32 <Daisy> Just after release, I see many Chinese people write blogs and articles to introduce the new feature. I think many of them use the infromation in release note.
06:28:34 <Daisy> Any other topics to talk here ? If no, I will close the meeting.
06:28:40 <ianychoi> Nope from me
06:28:45 <katomo> looks same in Japan
06:28:49 <katomo> none
06:28:55 <adiantum> not yet
06:29:00 <Daisy> Thank you very much for attending, guys.
06:29:07 <katomo> thanks all
06:29:10 <adiantum> Thanks all
06:29:12 <ianychoi> Thank you all!
06:29:18 <Daisy> Keep contact and let's meet next IRC meeting.
06:29:20 <Daisy> Thank you.
06:29:20 <eumel8_> thank you all
06:29:25 <Daisy> #endmeeting