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06:01:08 <katomo> ianychoi: hi
06:01:14 <Daisy> Welcome, katomo and ianychoi
06:01:23 <ianychoi> hello :)
06:01:36 <Daisy> #topic Glossary management process discussion
06:02:02 <Daisy> We have spent a long time to discuss the glossary translation.
06:02:40 <Daisy> There are three options: store glossary in pot, store glossary in RST and store glossary in YAML.
06:02:43 <katomo> :9
06:02:54 <Daisy> There is no perfect solutions.
06:03:43 <Daisy> I think, we could select one and have the glossary on-line as soon as possible. When we think it cannot satisfy us, we improve them later.
06:05:07 <Daisy> The advantage of pot solution is : easy to synchronize with Zanata server, and support to use Zanata editor to translate.
06:06:15 <Daisy> The advantage of RST solution is: easily integrated with document, read friendly.
06:06:42 <Daisy> the advantage of YAML is: support the comments (notes) of glossary
06:07:31 <Daisy> The disadvantage of YAML is: cannot use Zanata editor to translate.
06:07:46 <Daisy> so which one do you prefer ?
06:08:22 <katomo> can we manage comment with RST?
06:08:39 <Daisy> not easily, have to code.
06:09:34 <ianychoi> Thank you for your clarification. Then how about using YAML with pipelining Jenkins job (YAML->pot) ?
06:10:00 <katomo> we cannot put just stub?
06:10:07 <katomo> TERM
06:10:10 <katomo> DESC
06:10:18 <katomo> STUB for each LANG
06:10:21 <katomo> ?
06:10:47 <katomo> each lang team translate "STUB for each LANG" as Zanata
06:11:37 <Daisy> ianychoi: As amotoki explained, he thinks context is very important. Translating with Zanata editor could not keep the context and could not keep the discussing history.
06:11:58 <Daisy> katomo: what is stub ?
06:12:26 <Daisy> ianychoi: a context could be regarded as the explain of a terminology.
06:12:48 <katomo> Daisy: sorry, i meant "dummy strings" for translation. i.e. language specific contents.
06:14:14 <katomo> i think context is very important, too
06:14:24 <Daisy> katomo: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/258924/
06:14:40 <ianychoi> Hmm.. seems to be difficult. YAML with rst location data (e.g., ": ../source/terminology.rst:3") will not make lose context data I think.
06:15:31 <Daisy> this is the solution I proposed. It's a RST solution. The terminology.rst is a sample of glossary in RST format.
06:15:40 <katomo> Daisy: thanks
06:16:45 <Daisy> With Sphinx tool, if we convert terminology.rst into pot, we could only keep the terms, the explaination (context) will be ignored. But the context could be reviewed from the HTML page.
06:17:31 <Daisy> This is the YAML based solution : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/261767/
06:18:09 <Daisy> Do you think we could accept to translate glossary with your text editor and upload translations into gerrit and discuss within Gerrit too ?
06:18:29 <katomo> Daisy: Just a simple question. Do you want to maintain the own tools for glossary management?
06:19:13 <jftalta> Hi all
06:19:25 <Daisy> Frankly speaking, I would like to keep a terminology list in our repo, but I don't want to maintain our own translation tool.
06:19:37 <ianychoi> hello, jftalta
06:19:50 <Daisy> I think the glossary translation tool should be supported as a part of Zanata.
06:20:00 <katomo> Hi jftalta
06:20:02 <Daisy> Hi, jftalta . Welcome.
06:20:20 <katomo> Daisy: okay. I need a little more time.
06:20:31 <Daisy> ok.
06:20:39 <katomo> I'm not sure as of now. My concern for Gerrit is each language coordinator can not controll their contents timely.
06:20:41 <aeng> What format file glosary is using?
06:21:05 <jftalta> Sorry for hé delay. It's early un France and I'm having breakfast...
06:21:23 <katomo> Needless to say, we can add all language coorinator as core. but I think it is not appropriate...
06:21:38 <Daisy> We have to convert glossary into pot, finally. because Zanata only support pot format and csv format. We are discussing which format to use now: rst, pot, yaml.
06:23:18 <Daisy> OK. We don't waste time here. Let's keep on the discussion on ML. Firstly, we clarify the requirement, and then we think about the solution.
06:23:18 <jftalta> @daisy : I'm sorry but i've got to get ready to go to office. Just want to say that I'm thé french team coordinatrice.
06:23:28 <Daisy> Great !
06:23:33 <Daisy> welcome, jftalta .
06:23:41 <jftalta> Sorry, coordinator
06:23:43 <ianychoi> I think yaml could be useful if we want to import pot to Zanata, but I think mostly it will not be needed.
06:24:05 <jftalta> Thanks Daisy :)
06:24:18 <Daisy> You could go to office then. We have meeting in the third Thursday every month at 1300UTC. You may attend that one.
06:24:41 <jftalta> Maxime Coquerel and Safouen Benhadj  will help.
06:24:53 <Daisy> Great. Thank you, jftalta .
06:25:03 <ianychoi> Nice to meet you, jftalta! I am a Korean team translator.
06:25:24 <katomo> fjtalta: welcome :) again
06:25:47 <jftalta> Hi ianychoi. Nice to meet you.
06:26:08 <Daisy> So action item is to clarify the requirements and set priorities. and we discuss the solutions on ML.
06:26:14 <jftalta> Hi Katomo
06:26:23 <ianychoi> +1, Daisy
06:26:46 <jftalta> I have to leave you. See you on next meeting.
06:26:53 <ianychoi> See you :)
06:27:00 <katomo> okay
06:27:18 <Daisy> See you, jftalta
06:27:22 <Daisy> Next topic
06:27:28 <katomo> see you
06:27:45 <Daisy> #topic state of progress: stackalytics integration
06:28:15 <Daisy> I'm sorry to say I'm lost on the progress too. I failed to connect with Ilya for a long time.
06:28:48 <aeng> from Zanata, we've completed contributor's list
06:28:58 <aeng> next will be the review stats
06:29:05 <katomo> great
06:29:10 <Daisy> I think, it may be not polite, but if I still cannot connect with Ilya, we may consider to change a owner.
06:29:24 <ianychoi> wow, great Zanata :)
06:29:34 <katomo> hmmm
06:29:55 <Daisy> aeng: thank you for the update. Which version support contributor's list ?
06:30:08 <aeng> upcoming release, 3.9.X
06:30:12 <Daisy> when ?
06:30:26 <aeng> well.. we just release 3.8 recently
06:30:36 <aeng> probably 2-3 months
06:30:54 <katomo> T_T
06:30:58 <Daisy> oh. Are you able to support the review stats in a same release ?
06:31:05 <Daisy> the question is to aeng.
06:31:06 <aeng> should be able to
06:31:16 <aeng> targeting this or next sprint
06:31:31 <aeng> but should be in 3.9
06:31:44 <Daisy> Because we may bother infra guys to upgrade when Zanata is ready. I think it will be great if we only need 1 upgrade.
06:32:21 <Daisy> so aeng, please put these two features in 1 release. So we don't need to upgrade twice.
06:32:31 <aeng> :)
06:32:33 <aeng> +1
06:32:42 <katomo> nice
06:33:01 <ianychoi> Thanks! :)
06:33:14 <Daisy> Who knows when is next summit ? In April or in May ?
06:33:39 <ianychoi> the last weekdays on April
06:33:44 <Qiming> http://docs.openstack.org/releases/schedules/mitaka.html
06:33:56 <Daisy> ok. Thank you, Qiming and ianychoi
06:34:15 <Daisy> Not sure if we could catch next summit.
06:35:12 <Daisy> so I will continue to ping Ilya and see his status. I will update with ML.
06:35:25 <katomo> thanks
06:35:30 <Daisy> Next topic
06:35:34 <ianychoi> okay
06:35:50 <Daisy> #topic state of progress: dashboard translation check site
06:36:12 <Daisy> I got a intern from HP, Elizabeth's team, who would like to help.
06:36:32 <Daisy> It's great. So we have two people working together on this task.
06:36:57 <katomo> wow
06:37:01 <ianychoi> wow nice..!
06:37:41 <Daisy> The intern will help on the OpenStack setup , and I will work on the part to set up Zanata setup and pull translations daily.
06:38:02 <Daisy> I'm studying the infrastructure scripts to set up Zanata now.
06:38:28 <Daisy> Next meeting, hope I could invite that intern join us and we could have some progress report.
06:39:09 <aeng> wow!
06:39:19 <Daisy> any questions here ?
06:39:36 <Daisy> When do we need the website ready ?
06:39:40 <Daisy> the deadline ?
06:40:17 <katomo> when we start dashboard translation, i think
06:40:19 <Daisy> I would set on the end of Feb.
06:41:07 <katomo> good timing
06:41:13 <Daisy> Soft freeze is Feb 29-4
06:41:14 <ianychoi> +1
06:41:33 <katomo> yes
06:41:36 <Daisy> ok.
06:41:43 <Daisy> Next topic
06:42:01 <Daisy> #topic state of progress: install guide translation
06:42:20 <Daisy> I see Japanese and Chinese team have finished the translations.
06:42:29 <Daisy> Korean team have good progress.
06:42:47 <Daisy> ianychoi: don't forget we have to translate common too.
06:43:01 <Daisy> common is a part of installation guide.
06:43:24 <ianychoi> Thanks. me and ujuc are discussing it for install-guide translation including common-rst.
06:43:46 <Daisy> Thank you, ianychoi . I see you have finished the translation of install-guide.
06:44:02 <ianychoi> My question is that what would be a good timing to set out translation as draft on docs.openstack.org?
06:44:10 <ianychoi> s/out/our/
06:44:10 <Daisy> good question.
06:44:16 <Daisy> katomo: any thoughts ?
06:44:32 <Daisy> My question is what we need to do to publish the installation guide ?
06:45:12 <katomo> when roughly reviewed
06:45:48 <ianychoi> Okay, got it thanks :)
06:45:51 <katomo> as far as japanese team. you can pushlish you own timing.
06:46:01 <Daisy> ok.
06:46:05 <katomo> *publish
06:46:07 <Daisy> Thank you, katomo
06:46:12 <ianychoi> And one more question: terms:`bula` in install-guide references to common-rst.
06:46:17 <ianychoi> Am I understanding right?
06:46:47 <katomo> yes
06:47:29 <katomo> glossary (RST) is included in "common-rst"
06:47:40 <ianychoi> Okay.. I think Korean team should review the consistency between install-guide and common-rst. Thanks, katomo !
06:48:25 <Daisy> ok. Let's move to open discussion.
06:48:29 <Daisy> #topic open discussion
06:49:03 <Daisy> I'd like to update something related with Austin summit.
06:49:16 <Daisy> It's time to book meeting times for Austin summit.
06:49:52 <Daisy> We will need a half day contributors' meet up. I don't know how many meeting time slots we need in Austin summit.
06:50:03 <Daisy> I don't have discuss topics in my mind.
06:50:08 <Daisy> If you have, please email me.
06:50:52 <Daisy> I don't know how many meeting time slots we need in Austin summit, besides a half day contributors meet up. I don't have specific topics in my mind now. If you have, you could email me.
06:51:14 <aeng> stakalitics topic?
06:51:20 <aeng> and glossary perhaps?
06:51:41 <katomo> good idea
06:51:45 <Daisy> good suggestion, aeng
06:52:00 <ianychoi> nice idea
06:52:17 <aeng> good to follow up and see what we missing still or needed
06:52:51 <aeng> alright, got to go now. Thanks everyone
06:54:08 <Daisy> I don't hear anything new about the summit pass criteria. If I get, I will let you know.
06:55:31 <Daisy> anything else to discuss today ?
06:55:52 <katomo> none from me
06:56:07 <ianychoi> nope from me
06:56:31 <Daisy> Thank you for attending.
06:56:38 <Daisy> I will close the meeting then.
06:56:46 <ianychoi> Thanks all! :)
06:56:50 <katomo> thanks
06:56:55 <Daisy> #endmeeting