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13:00:50 <ujuc> hi
13:01:00 <eumel8> hello :)
13:01:08 <Daisy> Hi, ujuc, eumel8
13:01:13 <Daisy> Who's else ?
13:01:37 <Daisy> eumel8: is it your first i18n meeting ?
13:01:43 <eumel8> no
13:01:55 <ianychoi_phone> Hi!
13:02:01 <Daisy> Sorry. Forgive my bad memory. Which team do you from ?
13:02:09 <Daisy> Hi, ianychoi_phone
13:02:23 <eumel8> german team
13:02:28 <eumel8> always :)
13:02:28 <Daisy> Are you Frank ?
13:02:35 <eumel8> yes
13:02:48 <Daisy> OK. Got it. Thank you for joining us. Let's start.
13:03:04 <Daisy> We have a long list to cover today.
13:03:16 <Daisy> #topic Discussion: Glossary management process
13:03:26 <Daisy> The glossary.
13:03:47 <Daisy> I'm going to use the first solution: saving glossary in po and pot files in Gerrit.
13:04:32 <eumel8> ok
13:04:55 <eumel8> but translation is handled by Zanata?
13:05:12 <Daisy> For several reasons: 1. it is simple. 2. Zanata will support glossary editor in the future. I look at their document. It looks good. We may use the glossary editor in Zanata when it is ready. po and pot file format are best format supported by Zanata.
13:06:01 <Daisy> eumel8: Yes, we will upload po/pot to Zanata for translation. We just keep a version in our i18n repo.
13:06:08 <eumel8> then we do so
13:06:11 <eumel8> +1
13:06:26 <jftalta> +1
13:06:35 <Daisy> Thank you for joining, jftalta .
13:06:48 <Daisy> ujuc: any concerns ?
13:06:53 <jftalta> Hello Daisy
13:07:11 <ujuc> me 2 +1 :)
13:07:16 <Daisy> thank you, ujuc .
13:07:18 <ianychoi_phone> +1
13:07:26 <Daisy> Thank you team. move next.
13:07:31 <Daisy> #topic: Discussion: IBM contributions
13:08:03 <eumel8> mhmm, Doug is not here
13:08:16 <Daisy> IBM wants to contribute their translations to community again.  Doug said it was the last time. :)
13:08:51 <Daisy> Because they will send translators directly working with us for Mitaka translation, using Zanata.
13:09:12 <eumel8> ah, very good
13:09:21 <Daisy> I look at their package. It is not big this time.
13:09:35 <Daisy> Nova: 74 strings
13:09:37 <Daisy> Glance: 52 strings
13:09:38 <Daisy> Keystone: 22 strings
13:09:40 <Daisy> Cinder: 620 strings
13:09:41 <Daisy> Celimeter: 8 strings.
13:10:09 <Daisy> Only the number of cinder is a big one.  Others are quite small.
13:10:24 <jftalta> IBM made a good decision :)
13:10:34 <eumel8> I'm also a little nervous about the current procedure with IBM but we need any help so we do so.
13:10:39 <eumel8> for the last time :)
13:11:07 <Daisy> eumel8: what do you mean ?
13:11:34 <eumel8> I mean the discussion on the mailing list
13:11:59 <eumel8> with the different positions
13:12:44 <Daisy> You mean the mail from Akihiro ?
13:12:54 <eumel8> yes
13:12:58 <Daisy> ok.
13:13:01 <Daisy> A good point.
13:13:29 <amotoki> hi
13:13:45 <ianychoi_phone> Hello, amotaki!
13:13:47 <Daisy> Japanese team did a lot of reviews for IBM last contributions in Liberty release. Japanese team want IBM to adopt their comments.
13:13:51 <Daisy> amotoki: welcome
13:14:15 <jftalta> Hello amotoki
13:14:18 <ujuc> hello
13:14:24 <Daisy> I spent some time reading their review comments. I think they are very helpful for new comers who want to contribute.
13:14:35 <Daisy> The pity is that the comments are not able to extract.
13:14:50 <eumel8> maybe Doug is able to connect the IBM translators direct to the japanese team
13:14:51 <Daisy> I have copied them out, and I have forward them to IBM team.
13:15:16 <eumel8> or  he can invite the guys to i18n
13:15:18 <amotoki> thanks Daisy
13:16:18 <Daisy> I think IBM team should revise their translations before contributing to community.
13:16:27 <Daisy> I mean, the Japanese translation.
13:16:42 <Daisy> Not other languages, because there was no review of other languages in Liberty release.
13:16:48 <eumel8> are there also contribution from IBM in the installation guide?
13:16:57 <Daisy> No, only to messagings.
13:17:00 <eumel8> ok
13:17:12 <Daisy> only to messaging.
13:17:22 <Daisy> No logs, no web user interfaces.
13:17:42 <amotoki> honestly I am okay with either decision on IBM contribution to Japanese for Mitaka.
13:18:16 <amotoki> I just hope we Japanese team and IBM team share our thought towards Newton release.
13:18:34 <Daisy> question: since there was no reviews for IBM contributions for Liberty, except Japanese translations. Do you think we need to create branches for IBM contributions or not ?
13:19:41 <eumel8> good question
13:19:48 <eumel8> I think yes
13:19:50 <Daisy> I mean, there was no reviews of other languages for IBM translations last time. Do we need to create branches this time ?( The question is for other language team, not for Japanese team. ).
13:20:12 <Daisy> frankly speaking, I don't like to create branches.
13:20:21 <ianychoi_phone> For Korean, I do not have enough time to IVM translations. And we mainly focused install-guide.. I am not sure whether Korean team can review IBM translations, but I am okay to accept IBM translations. I think for Korean team, the focus order would be common-rst -> horizon -> then ibm translations..
13:20:37 <ianychoi_phone> -1 I do not like another branches
13:20:39 <Daisy> Because I don't know how stable Zanata is to support many branches.
13:21:27 <amotoki> I don't think we need more branch too (it's not from Japanese team view)
13:22:01 <ujuc> i  -1 .
13:22:12 <eumel8> For German. I took a look into Dougs git repo and there is some space for improvement in translation to German :)
13:22:23 <Daisy> I will not review IBM translations too. I didn't review them before. They are for messaging only. All the messaging translations are provided by IBM, in my mind. Oh. except nova.pot.
13:22:27 <amotoki> ujuc: what does -1 mean? no branch?
13:22:38 <ujuc> yep no branch
13:23:31 <Daisy> eumel8: I will think about if there are any ways for you to review German translations.
13:24:02 <jftalta_> Still there...
13:24:07 <eumel8> I want it, otherwise I have personaly no time for additional reviews
13:24:33 <Daisy> ok. how about you, jftalta_ ?
13:24:52 <Daisy> We are talking about whether to review IBM translations, whether to create branches.
13:26:21 <Daisy> oh.
13:26:37 <jftalta_> Unfortunately, don't have time to review IBM french translations
13:27:27 <Daisy> ok. got it.
13:28:11 <jftalta_> French team is reorganizing itself presently
13:28:27 <eumel8> Daisy: then skip the branching
13:28:49 <Daisy> Thank you, eumel8 .
13:29:12 <Daisy> I need a further thinking. Thank you guys for the input. Very helpful.
13:29:18 <Daisy> Let's move next.
13:29:32 <Daisy> #topic Status update: Installation guide translation
13:29:44 <Daisy> I think we are in good status of installation guide.
13:29:58 <Daisy> Thank you ujuc and ianychoi_phone for the Korean translations.
13:30:07 <Daisy> Great work!
13:30:26 <ujuc> :)
13:30:27 <ianychoi_phone> Thank you so much for all i18n guys :)
13:30:35 <Daisy> We have installation guide in Japanese, Chinese and Korean now.
13:30:55 <Daisy> There are some bugs report to i18n recently about Chinese translations.
13:31:25 <jftalta_> French team has to increase effort. It will.
13:31:26 <Daisy> Chinese translations have readers now. When they find errors, they will report bugs. I'm fixing them.
13:31:37 <ianychoi_phone> There might be some Korean bugs.. we will check them.
13:31:39 <Daisy> jftalta_: I know your team was under reorg.
13:31:47 <jftalta_> yes
13:32:22 <Daisy> No worries. Mitaka translation will start from March. You will have a lot of work to do. :)
13:32:23 <jftalta_> But we still have keen people :)
13:32:23 <eumel8> congrats to Japan, China and Korea. great work, indeed!
13:32:28 <amotoki> Draft index is really useful for translators: http://docs.openstack.org/draft/draft-index.html
13:32:53 <ianychoi_phone> Thanks, eumel8 ! :)
13:32:55 <Daisy> Thank you, amotoki .
13:33:05 <Daisy> next topic
13:33:17 <Daisy> #topic Status update: Translation check website
13:33:25 <Daisy> It's under progress.
13:33:26 <eumel8> we are on 13% but I'm on it
13:33:35 <Daisy> eumel8: no worries.
13:34:53 <Daisy> I'm working on the translation check website. Recently, I studied Puppet to see how to enable the automation jobs, and how to install Zanata client.
13:35:16 <Daisy> so , still under working.
13:35:43 <Daisy> move to next
13:35:52 <Daisy> #topic Status update: Stackalytics feature
13:36:01 <jftalta_> From OpenStack point of view, will it be a devstack machine with master branches deployed on it ?
13:36:12 <Daisy> Yes, jftalta_
13:36:12 <jftalta_> oh, sorry...
13:36:16 <Daisy> it's ok.
13:36:20 <jftalta_> ok, thanx Daisy
13:36:28 <Daisy> adiantum: hi, there ?
13:36:59 <Daisy> I have a program to pull translator contribution data from Zanata.
13:37:05 <Daisy> It is running in my machine now.
13:37:30 <Daisy> But I don't know how to show the data in stackalytics.
13:38:12 <amotoki> have you contacted to stackalytics team?
13:38:17 <Daisy> My plan is, if we are not able to find a people who help to show the data in stackalytics website, we just public the data in excel file.
13:39:34 <amotoki> I think the number of stats is not a first priority. I think the first priority is who are translators considered as ATC.
13:39:45 <jftalta_> It would be a pity. We need stackalytics. Do you agree ?...
13:40:18 <jftalta_> On the other hand, amotoki is right
13:40:46 <ianychoi_phone> Yes I agree, or some help from Zanata guys to get statistics for Summit code...
13:40:49 <amotoki> we usually receive such question.
13:40:49 <Daisy> The program to pull user contribution data is slow. It will take hours to pull the data. To get a user 's contribution to a version of a project, it will send a query to Zanata. There are a big number of projects and a big number of users. You can image how many time the program need to query Zanata.
13:41:22 <Daisy> amotoki mentioned a good point.
13:41:41 <Daisy> We need the data to decide who can get ATC free pass.
13:42:00 <Daisy> jftalta_: it's really a pity that we cannot use stackalaytics.
13:42:22 <amotoki> of course, stackalytics support is great. no doubt!
13:42:52 <eumel8> is the collector program somewhere in git?
13:43:22 <Daisy> Not yet. eumel8 , I will put it in git when it is proved good.
13:43:58 <Daisy> According to our decision long time ago, people who translated more than 300 words in 6 month can get a free pass.
13:44:26 <jftalta_> yes, I remember this rule
13:44:48 <Daisy> so that is from 2015.7 to 2016.1
13:45:04 <Daisy> amotoki: what's the hack ?
13:45:20 <amotoki> joke :)
13:45:38 <Daisy> We started to use Zanata since Sep, so, we will use the data from Sep to Jan.
13:46:13 <amotoki> when we translate a new string with 50 words using translation memory, we will get 50 words translated /
13:46:32 <amotoki> even if only 1 word is changed. this is a trick.
13:46:34 <Daisy> do you mean, 300 is too small for a free pass ?
13:46:50 <amotoki> I don't think so.
13:46:59 <Daisy> ok. :)
13:47:06 <amotoki> the number of translators itself is small.
13:47:28 <Daisy> anyway, I think, if 1 patch can get a free pass, 300 words translation is a equal condition.
13:47:43 <amotoki> agree. good balance.
13:47:49 <jftalta_> yes, its true. And number of good translators still smaller ;)
13:48:05 <amotoki> :) and :(
13:48:06 <katomo> +1
13:48:14 <ianychoi_phone> I also agree, 300 words for translators
13:48:19 <ujuc> +1
13:48:23 <Daisy> hehe
13:48:49 <Daisy> We are talking about the last topic now.
13:48:57 <Daisy> #topic ATC status/Free Access Pass
13:48:58 <eumel8> a work for 2-4 hours
13:49:37 <Daisy> In development team, ATC means a patch in 1 year, and a free pass is 1 patch in recent 6 month.
13:50:03 <Daisy> I don't know when is the time point to refresh ATC.
13:50:17 <Daisy> when is time to refresh ATC list. Does anyone know about it ?
13:51:01 <eumel8> I asked Stefano about the the feeling from the Foundation but I got no answer yet
13:51:03 <jftalta_> I don't
13:51:05 <amotoki> IIRC, contributor of the previous cycle will get a free pass for the next summit.
13:51:20 <amotoki> I don't know the detail period though.
13:51:45 <amotoki> Daisy: it is better to ask the foundation, stefano, tom ...
13:52:08 <Daisy> I'm sure free pass is talking about the latest 6 month. I just don't know when we shall refresh the ATC list.
13:52:12 <Daisy> OK. I will ask them.
13:52:14 <ianychoi_phone> Neither do I..
13:52:23 <eumel8> for Austin it's already sent out
13:52:44 <jftalta_> Yes. I've already got my code.
13:52:55 <Daisy> I think there will be two batches.
13:53:12 <amotoki> eumel8: the first round has been sent out. there are more follow-up rounds.
13:53:16 <Daisy> The first batch is sent out.
13:53:28 <Daisy> amotoki: yes, exactly.
13:54:05 <Daisy> I will work with Tom to make sure our translators will get the ATC code. like what we were doing for Liberty.
13:54:30 <Daisy> #topic Current plan midcycle meet up
13:54:46 <Daisy> eumel8: frankly speaking, I don't have plan for midcycle meet up.
13:55:22 <Daisy> eumel8: because I don't think our translators are able to travel.
13:55:56 <Daisy> eumel8: I think a local team meet up is more reasonable.
13:55:57 <ianychoi_phone> How about virtual sprint sprint..??
13:55:58 <jftalta_> I agree with Daisy
13:56:07 <ianychoi_phone> Spring...
13:56:22 <katomo> sprint :)
13:56:23 <eumel8> yes, the plan was a virtual meet up
13:56:45 <Daisy> ianychoi_phone: a virtual sprint is for solving problems.
13:57:31 <ianychoi_phone> Yep, I meant spring sprint kk
13:58:04 <Daisy> At the beginning, I'm think about the translation check website. Then I don't know who are able to help to solve this problem.
13:58:57 <Daisy> let's say, if I organize a virtual sprint to set up translation check website, will you join and help ?
13:59:19 <katomo> Daisy: yep
13:59:19 <ianychoi_phone> Sure, definitely! Why not? :)
13:59:20 <eumel8> yes
13:59:25 <ujuc> yep
13:59:38 <Daisy> Good! That make me much confident.
13:59:45 <amotoki> /FYI/ andreas and i are working on translation setup improvement. https://review.openstack.org/#/c/262545/
13:59:46 <jftalta_> Honestly,it will be hard for me
13:59:54 <amotoki> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:translation_setup
14:00:03 <Daisy> how about next weekend ?
14:00:05 <amotoki> if you are interested in them, check it.
14:00:12 <Daisy> I mean, the virtual sprint ?
14:00:31 <ianychoi_phone> Nice :)
14:00:51 <eumel8> the next I'm on holiday.
14:01:03 <Daisy> oh.
14:01:07 <eumel8> or you mean 01/30 ?
14:01:13 <Daisy> Yes, eumel8 .
14:01:22 <Daisy> Let's plan for 2 days.
14:01:22 <eumel8> ah, thats good
14:01:31 <Daisy> A friday and a  saturday.
14:01:46 <ujuc> 29, 30?
14:01:53 <Daisy> We start from 29.
14:02:02 <ujuc> ok
14:02:12 <eumel8> ok
14:02:18 <katomo> I'm okay as of now
14:02:26 <Daisy> Yes. ujuc . we start from 29 UTC 0600.
14:02:59 <ujuc> ...friday 3pm.. ... ...
14:03:07 <ujuc> KST...;
14:03:08 <Daisy> Sorry.
14:03:13 <Daisy> Maybe Friday evening.
14:03:20 <Daisy> I don't know if there are meeting after us.
14:03:20 <ujuc> :)
14:03:30 <Daisy> I have to stop it. Let
14:03:39 <Daisy> let's move to i18n channel to continue the discussion.
14:03:41 <ujuc> oh yes
14:03:45 <ianychoi_phone> Okay!
14:03:47 <eumel8> ok
14:03:55 <ianychoi_phone> Thanks for all :)
14:04:00 <Daisy> Thank you for joining. Go to #openstack-i18n then.
14:04:04 <Daisy> #endmeeting