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06:00:48 <ujuc> hi
06:00:50 <amotoki> hey, but I am in another meeting
06:01:03 <eumel8> Hi Daisy, Hi katomo
06:01:04 <Daisy> Hi, eumel8 , ujuc , katomo.
06:01:16 <eumel8> hi ujuc :)
06:01:22 <katomo> hi all
06:02:05 <Daisy> we don't have Alex from Zanata
06:02:21 <Daisy> let me see if I can get him from #zanata
06:02:33 <Daisy> he is not here.
06:02:40 <Daisy> never mind, let's start.
06:02:52 <Daisy> #topic statistic data and ATC
06:03:22 <Daisy> I see a lot of discussion to the patch.
06:03:31 <eumel8> very good work, Daisy. Thx for the stats!
06:03:31 <Daisy> Thank you guys for the review and help.
06:03:40 <Daisy> We work together to make it better.
06:03:44 <Daisy> :)
06:04:09 <Daisy> my question is : what's the final goal ?
06:04:28 <eumel8> I didn't have time for review yet but will do this later
06:04:58 <katomo> Stackalytics integration ?
06:05:01 <amotoki> my question is the workflow of each lang coordinator.
06:05:10 <eumel8> final goal are the stats in statalytics, right
06:05:13 <Daisy> when the program is ready, we can use command line to get the user contribution data. What's next ? what's our plan ? Do we want a regular refresh web paget ?
06:05:57 <Daisy> oh. I just think stackalytics is a big project to understand. :)
06:06:15 <Daisy> amotoki: I didn't get your question.
06:06:38 <amotoki> Daisy: your patch contains translators list in our repo.
06:07:09 <Daisy> amotoki: yes. Alex from Zanata said, they will provide API to get a list of contributors for a specific project.
06:07:11 <amotoki> Daisy: when each coordinator add a new member in Zanata, does he/she need to propose a patch to update the list?
06:07:59 <Daisy> amotoki: good point. I don't want to maintain such a process. I hope When zanata can provide this API, we get the user list by API invocation.
06:08:24 <Daisy> the user list in yaml is just a temp solution.
06:08:52 <amotoki> Daisy: yaml list is good compromise at this point.
06:09:07 <amotoki> from the discussion so far, email address can be dropped.
06:09:15 <Daisy> I had spent some time to read stackalytics code. It's a big project. Who want to help to work on the integration with stackalytics ?
06:10:16 <katomo> Doesn't stackalytics folks help?
06:10:46 <Daisy> amotoki: Email is useless for the current program. If we want to integrate with stackalytics, email is the unique ID to aggregate a contributor's all kinds of contributions.
06:10:59 <eumel8> don't know about stackalytics - but I want to contribute :)
06:11:06 <Daisy> katomo: I can ask for help when we have our program ready.
06:11:14 <Daisy> eumel8: if you know Python, you can help.
06:11:17 <katomo> hm, stackalytics is a open source :)
06:11:42 <eumel8> Python basics - will see
06:12:14 <katomo> Daisy: maybe, I can help a little
06:12:23 <Daisy> ok. Then let's get the simple program ready, and then we move to stackalytics. I can send an email to infra saying we are going to move to stackalytics and ask for help.
06:13:31 <Daisy> eumel8 and katomo : maybe we organize another sprint for stackalytics feature ? thoughts ? I really enjoyed the last sprint when we worked together and made progress.
06:13:45 <eumel8> yes
06:13:51 <katomo> good idea
06:14:14 <Daisy> ok. so it will spend your another weekend. :)
06:14:29 <ujuc> :)
06:14:43 <Daisy> Let's plan for next weekend. How about the time ?
06:15:00 <Daisy> maybe too quick. I don't know if you have time to read codes of stackalytics.
06:15:18 <Daisy> then the weekend on Feb 20th ?
06:15:43 <eumel8> I have no time on 20/21 + 27/28
06:16:03 <Daisy> In March, we will busy with translations, I think.
06:16:29 <katomo> hm...
06:16:33 <eumel8> 5th of March?
06:16:39 <katomo> 3/5-6
06:16:47 <Daisy> ok, how about you, eumel8  ?
06:16:55 <eumel8> yes
06:16:56 <eumel8> ok
06:17:06 <Daisy> ok. then, let's plan for 5th of March.
06:17:06 <ujuc> ok
06:17:09 <amotoki> perhaps we cannot join it again
06:17:11 <Daisy> Thank you.
06:17:18 <amotoki> we -> I
06:17:21 <Daisy> amotoki: never mind.
06:18:11 <Daisy> so we continue with the simple program, when it is merged, we start the work of stackalytics.
06:18:22 <Daisy> Thank you.
06:18:35 <Daisy> another question. Are you OK with the ATC list ?
06:18:47 <Daisy> any objections to the ATC list ? any concerns ?
06:19:03 <katomo> nothing from me
06:19:10 <eumel8> place 8 - not bad :)
06:19:12 <amotoki> where is the up-to-date ATC  list?
06:19:17 <Daisy> if no, I will send new ATC list to governance.
06:19:58 <Daisy> http://paste.openstack.org/show/485750/
06:20:05 <amotoki> I noticed reviews only with comment are not counted.
06:20:34 <Daisy> ATCs who contributed 300+ words translation till Jan 31th.
06:20:48 <eumel8> we can celebrate amotoki as translater of the year :-)
06:21:13 <Daisy> We set Jan 31th as the end time. Next cycle, we start from Feb 1st.
06:21:48 <amotoki> Why do you set the date to Jan 31?
06:21:59 <amotoki> It does not match the dev cycle
06:22:29 <amotoki> and translators for Mitaka are not considered as ATC in Mitaka cycle.
06:22:46 <Daisy> because we need to generate ATC list and prepare the summit tickets to them. Jan 31 is a good time point and I have times to prepare the patch to governance and get the patch merged.
06:23:16 <Daisy> And, what's more, Jan 31 is the time when we finish the installation guide transaltion.
06:23:40 <amotoki> I think we should announce it before cutting the date.
06:24:12 <Daisy> We translated Liberty horizon and translated installation guide before Jan 31.
06:24:36 <Daisy> Dev cycle is not suitable for translators.
06:24:39 <amotoki> horizon translations for Mitaka is considered as Newton contribution :-(
06:25:25 <amotoki> at least we should announce it in advance
06:25:35 <Daisy> Yes, amotoki . Because if some translation team only translate OpenStack dashboard, they will not contribute before the feature freeze of a dev cycle. So the dev cycle is not suitable for translators.
06:25:47 <amotoki> i don't think it is a good idea to announce what has been done.
06:26:48 <Daisy> amotoki: ok. I will announce soon.
06:27:46 <Daisy> amotoki: ATC is for 1 year, and the summit ticket is for 6 month.
06:28:10 <Daisy> anyway, I will write an email with clear description to ML. Let me think it carefully.
06:28:34 <Daisy> next topic
06:28:43 <amotoki> thanks Daisy
06:28:49 <Daisy> #topic follow up with translation check website
06:29:23 <Daisy> We have the patch to openstack-infra/puppet-translation_checksite. Thank you eumel8 .
06:29:44 <Daisy> Email has sent to infra and I see pleia2 answered our questions.
06:30:04 <Daisy> eumel8: did you read the email from Elizabeth ?
06:30:05 <eumel8> yes, thx Daisy for all the support
06:30:24 <Daisy> We will have a node with 8GB memory.
06:30:40 <eumel8> Yes, I read the email in the way to work
06:30:54 <Daisy> Great, eumel8 .
06:31:20 <eumel8> I would prepare a patch for site.pp like Elizabeth already mentioned
06:31:21 <katomo> eumel8, great! thanks
06:31:56 <Daisy> so I will work on the admin password protection.
06:32:04 <eumel8> I will take a look into the hiera configuration for the passwords
06:32:29 <Daisy> eumel8: we need a m2m account and API-key to connect the Translation checksite instance to Zanata.
06:32:46 <eumel8> yes
06:32:50 <Daisy> is m2m used for password protection ?
06:33:08 <Daisy> I think I can get API key for Zanata connection. I know where to get it.
06:33:22 <eumel8> no, it's for connect to Zanata API
06:33:25 <eumel8> great
06:33:44 <Daisy> ok. I can work on m2m and API key.
06:34:02 <eumel8> this API key comes into hiera and the variables are configured in site.pp
06:34:12 <eumel8> this is part of the new patch
06:34:22 <Daisy> a new patch ?
06:34:30 <Daisy> a new patch to which repo ?
06:35:22 <eumel8> last part of Elizabeth's answer
06:35:36 <Daisy> ok.
06:35:40 <Daisy> I see.
06:36:12 <Daisy> Thank you, eumel8 .
06:36:24 <Daisy> we can move to next topic then.
06:36:29 <Daisy> #topic open discussions
06:36:58 <eumel8> for monitoring the service we have to think
06:37:09 <Daisy> I have proposed a workshop session to Austin summit. We can discuss anything related with translation tools/processes there.
06:38:25 <Daisy> Then I'm going to have another half day meet up in Austin summit. We can talk about anything in the half day meetup there.
06:40:25 <Daisy> anything else for discussion here ?
06:40:43 <eumel8> not from my side, thx
06:40:55 <katomo> translation priority
06:41:14 <Daisy> katomo: priority for what ?
06:41:20 <katomo> #link https://translate.openstack.org/
06:41:39 <Daisy> aha. It need to be changed.
06:41:39 <katomo> passed 2016 January 31 :)
06:41:49 <Daisy> so next is Horizon.
06:41:51 <Daisy> agree ?
06:42:07 <katomo> I propose End User Guide (user-guide)
06:42:19 <ujuc> horizon end date?
06:42:20 <katomo> sure, horizon is MUST
06:42:21 <Daisy> is it ready for translation?
06:42:37 <Daisy> horizon will be started at the early of March.
06:42:42 <katomo> Daisy: yes. stable
06:43:15 <katomo> Admin User Guide (admin-user-guide) is under reorganize
06:43:40 <katomo> only user-guide is stable, and it's very useful to users
06:44:01 <Daisy> katomo: can you write an email to i18n ML for the next document translation proposal ?
06:44:17 <katomo> Daisy: okay
06:44:38 <amotoki> horizon will have various plugins in this cycle.
06:44:43 <Daisy> katomo: I want to get broad feedback before I update the home page.
06:44:55 <Daisy> amotoki: aha. Can you give us a list ?
06:45:02 <amotoki> at least, trove-dashboard and sahara-dashboard need to be covered for compat with liberty
06:45:08 <Daisy> amotoki: I thought they are not ready for translation.
06:45:23 <amotoki> http://docs.openstack.org/developer/horizon/plugin_registry.html
06:45:38 <amotoki> this is a plugin list
06:45:45 <Daisy> which projects are ready for translation ?
06:45:49 <amotoki> I don't know which project is required...
06:45:56 <Daisy> amotoki: ok..
06:46:05 <amotoki> I am working but most of them are not ready.
06:46:17 <amotoki> perhaps trove/sahara/magnum-ui are ready
06:46:19 <Daisy> amotoki: I can imagine.
06:46:24 <amotoki> and designate-dashboard
06:46:33 <katomo> monasca-ui is ready, i know
06:47:11 <Daisy> so we have more work to do this cycle.
06:47:16 <amotoki> I think the first priority is horizon and liberty-compat ones.
06:47:28 <Daisy> what is liberty-compat ?
06:47:36 <katomo> amotoki: strong agree
06:47:41 <amotoki> liberty-compat means trove-dashboard and sahara-dashboard
06:47:53 <amotoki> they were a part of horizon in liberty
06:48:03 <amotoki> and split out into separate repos in mitaka.
06:48:09 <Daisy> ok. we translate them in master version?
06:48:35 <amotoki> trove-dashboard is ready.
06:48:44 <amotoki> sahara-dashboard is under preparation
06:49:32 <Daisy> we need a priority list.
06:49:48 <Daisy> amotoki: are you the liazon of i18n ?
06:49:53 <Daisy> in Horizon, I mean.
06:50:23 <amotoki> perhaps I and doug-fish
06:50:32 <Daisy> ok. Good to know it is Doug.
06:50:56 <amotoki> we didn't discuss who is a liaison though
06:50:59 <Daisy> we need priorities and a project list.
06:51:21 <amotoki> for horizon plugin list and priority, i can do it
06:51:29 <Daisy> Thank you, amotoki .
06:51:31 <eumel8> amotoki: can you provide useful entries for this new plugins in local.conf for our devstack installation on the translation checksite? I think we need this
06:51:54 <amotoki> eumel8: sure. I am working on it
06:52:03 <eumel8> thx!
06:52:04 <Daisy> great!
06:52:15 <ujuc> lol
06:52:16 <amotoki> eumel8: some fixes are required in each repo. they are ongoing
06:52:20 <Daisy> I think pleia2 doesn't have time to review our patch this week. I hope she can do next week.
06:53:09 <Daisy> By the way, next week, I may have several day leave. Chinese new years come. I will have some days for big family.
06:53:42 <Daisy> If you cannot find me in IRC, send me email.
06:54:07 <eumel8> I have in parallel my test installation for translation checksite running and can test things, so there is no preasure
06:54:18 <ujuc> to same korea...
06:54:27 <Daisy> ujuc: :)
06:55:04 <eumel8> lucky, we have to work here ;)
06:55:39 <ujuc> ;)
06:55:50 <Daisy> It's lucky to work with you, hard worker. :)
06:56:08 <Daisy> I'm going to close the meeting now.
06:56:16 <Daisy> More discussions, go to i18n channel.
06:56:25 <eumel8> ok
06:56:31 <Daisy> Thank you for attending the meeting. Hope you have a nice day.
06:56:45 <eumel8> thx all
06:56:46 <Daisy> #endmeeting