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06:00:18 <ianychoi> Hello all :)
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06:00:35 <Daisy> Hello, ianychoi
06:00:44 <Daisy> Hello, eumel8
06:00:49 <Daisy> Thank you for your work in translation check website.
06:01:02 <eumel8> your welcome
06:01:25 <Daisy> There is only 1 topic from me.
06:01:26 <eumel8> hope there is some more progress this week
06:01:38 <Daisy> Hope so, eumel8. I see the emails going through.
06:01:45 <eumel8> ok
06:01:59 <Daisy> #topic Kick off Mitaka translation
06:02:16 <Daisy> http://releases.openstack.org/mitaka/schedule.html
06:02:18 <eumel8> hi ianychoi :)
06:02:34 <ianychoi> Hello Daisy and eumel8 :)
06:02:50 <Daisy> According to Mitaka release schedule, this week is feature freeze and soft string freeze.
06:03:08 <Daisy> We will start Mitaka translation from this week too.
06:03:20 <ianychoi> Yep, okay:)
06:03:24 <Daisy> I will annouce the kick off of Mitaka release in ML today.
06:03:51 <Daisy> The translation plan has been discussed in ML too.
06:04:33 <Daisy> As to the UI projects, we will translate Horizon, Horizon Authorization, Trove dashboard, sahara dashboard and Muruno dashboard.
06:05:04 <Daisy> Kato has updated the home page. You can see the plan here: https://translate.openstack.org
06:05:13 <jftalta> hello
06:05:20 <Daisy> I will add "other" projects there as optional.
06:05:27 <Daisy> Hi, jftalta
06:05:31 <aeng> :)
06:05:49 <Daisy> We are talking about Mitaka translation plan. You can get it from the home page of the translation website.
06:06:27 <ianychoi> The translation plan looks good. Then, can we collaborate with some cross project liaisons for i18n now?
06:06:30 <Daisy> 5 user interface related projects, and 8 or 9 "other" projects as optional, which will be the focus of IBM tranlsation team.
06:06:37 <ianychoi> And with IBM?
06:06:39 <Daisy> Yes, we have some.
06:06:58 <Daisy> ianychoi: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons#I18n
06:07:13 <jftalta> I won't be able to stay with you the whole meeting because it is 7 am in France and I have to get ready to go to work :(
06:07:31 <Daisy> ianychoi: not all. I will push to get more liaison in the following days.
06:07:36 <eumel8> lgtm
06:07:39 <ianychoi> I got it. Thank you, Daisy :)
06:07:40 <Daisy> jftalta: understand.
06:08:19 <Daisy> jftalta: there is only 1 topic. It's about mitaka translation. Do you have any questions ? If no, it's ok to leave. I will write email to ML with much detail information.
06:08:29 <ianychoi> That's okay, jftalta . I am in working time  :)
06:08:46 <eumel8> jftalta: you should first go to work and then join the meeting ;-)
06:08:47 <jftalta> FYI, I submit a patch yesterday for openstack-i18n-fr channel
06:08:54 <Daisy> great, jftalta
06:09:36 <jftalta> It got 4+ and now it's in the CI pipeline.
06:09:47 <Daisy> jftalta, ianychoi, eumel8: I have the I18n ATC naming list approved. I think active translators will get their codes for Austin summit this week or next.
06:10:31 <jftalta> <Daisy> great :)
06:10:45 <katomo> great, Daisy
06:10:49 <Daisy> I18n ATC naming list is approved by TC. Active translators will get their codes the week or the next, soon, in a few days. I hope it's not too late.
06:11:30 <ianychoi> Actually, for ATC it is okay but I am not sure whether I would be able to go there or not..
06:11:33 <eumel8> Daisy: Thanks. I have the code but won't attend the Austin summit.
06:11:48 <Daisy> I plan to get our I18n ATC automatically getting codes, just as developers. It will take time.
06:11:54 <jftalta> I will submit a path today on the system-config repos to get openstack-i18n-fr mailing list as well.
06:12:08 <Daisy> wow, I like it very much, jftalta
06:12:29 <Daisy> I see Robert from German team is asking how to add a mailing list.
06:12:36 <Daisy> Can you reply his email and point to your patch ?
06:13:03 <jftalta> Sure :)
06:13:17 <eumel8> thanks, jftalta
06:13:29 <ianychoi> I think he already summited a patch for mailinglist: openstack-de and openstack-de-i18n
06:13:43 <Daisy> another news from me is http://stackalytics.com/?metric=translations
06:14:23 <Daisy> Although I think the data is not that correct, it's a big progress, anyway.
06:14:41 <katomo> yep
06:14:56 <ianychoi> I think the translation count only reflected master branches for project. Is it right?
06:15:09 <Daisy> ianychoi: I don't think so.
06:15:42 <Daisy> The patch is made Ilya Shakhat, stacklytics lead. I think he used the program in our I18n repo to get translators contribution data.
06:16:22 <Daisy> I just fee curious why zh-cn is less than zh-tw. :))
06:16:33 <Daisy> s/fee/feel
06:16:53 <eumel8> I'm impressed
06:16:57 <ianychoi> For my data, there is no data for my stable-liberty translations in openstack-manuals. This is why I thought such that.
06:17:04 <ianychoi> But it is so nice progress!!
06:17:05 <jftalta> On Zanata home page, I can read "Mitaka Liberty translation (2016 March ~ 2016 April)" ....
06:17:09 <Daisy> ok, ianychoi, good point.
06:17:36 <katomo> I noticed stackalytics restrict to some project
06:17:52 <Daisy> jftalta: I see the typo too. katomo or I can update it after the meeting.
06:18:00 <jftalta> ok
06:18:13 <katomo> oops
06:18:34 <katomo> i will update
06:19:02 <jftalta> katomo: thanks
06:20:50 <Daisy> we can continue to improve the data in stackalytics, when Mitaka translation is done. Ilya Shakhat has created the base. We can work on the improvement.
06:21:20 <eumel8> Daisy: So the nut is cracked with stackalytics and we need nothing more to do at the moment?
06:21:26 <ianychoi> And katomo  Document translation (~2016 April) : second install-guide => user-guide.. :)
06:21:42 <Daisy> eumel8: Yes, I feel so. We don't need to organize a sprint then.
06:22:07 <eumel8> oh, very good
06:22:15 <Daisy> eumel8: save your weekend. :)
06:22:17 <ianychoi> Nice!
06:22:18 <eumel8> very good work!
06:23:06 <katomo> fixed
06:23:09 <Daisy> ok then. I think I'm done today. I will change the topic to open discusion.
06:23:12 <Daisy> #open discussion
06:23:23 <Daisy> #topic open discussion
06:24:21 <Daisy> any topics here ?
06:24:35 <Daisy> If no, we can close the meeting.
06:24:38 <eumel8> translation checksite we're already on the way. Devstack master branch was broken some days so we loosed the time. Maybe we can install finaly this week. Depends on infra team
06:24:58 <Daisy> Thank you for the update, eumel8. Very good work.
06:25:13 <Daisy> I cannot wait to see our translation check website.
06:25:16 <katomo> eumel8 Thanks!
06:25:16 <ianychoi> Thanks, eumel8 ! I will also see the progress :)
06:25:28 <eumel8> ok :)
06:25:57 <jftalta> When do you thinh the checksite will be ready for the translators ?
06:26:05 <jftalta> think
06:26:41 <eumel8> maybe Monday. But I don't know
06:26:56 <jftalta> Oh, great :)
06:27:29 <katomo> good
06:28:03 <Daisy> anything else to talk here ?
06:28:13 <ianychoi> Nope from me
06:28:19 <eumel8> not from my side
06:28:21 <katomo> none
06:28:23 <jftalta> nope from me too
06:28:24 <amotoki> hey
06:28:34 <ianychoi> Oh, hello, amotoki !
06:28:40 <jftalta> hello !
06:28:41 <amotoki> I read thru the log. Is murano-dashboard a part of prirotized projects?
06:28:50 <katomo> hello, amotoki
06:28:57 <eumel8> hi amotoki
06:28:59 <ianychoi> Yes
06:29:07 <Daisy> Yes, amotoki. Any questions ?
06:29:15 <amotoki> looking at https://www.openstack.org/software/project-navigator/
06:29:36 <jftalta> Sorry but it's time for me to go to work. Hope you don't mind. See you.
06:29:38 <amotoki> murano deployment is 7%. Is it worth targetted as Medium priority?
06:29:47 <amotoki> I thought it is best effort one.
06:30:21 <eumel8> cu jftalta
06:30:42 <ianychoi> see you later, jftalta :)
06:31:31 <amotoki> I just wonder why murano-dashboard in and magnum-ui out from the list.
06:31:38 <amotoki> I think it is a fair question.
06:32:36 <jftalta> Bye everybody, bye Daisy.
06:32:44 <Daisy> amotoki: We have liaison from Murano team and we don't have liaison from magnum team.
06:32:53 <amotoki> same for designate-dash..
06:33:09 <katomo> see you, jftalta
06:33:15 <Daisy> I think it turns out that Murano team thinks translations are  important to their project.
06:33:19 <amotoki> accoridng to the ml, shu-muto volunteers for liaison from magnum team.
06:33:31 <Daisy> I don't see from the table.
06:33:49 <Daisy> If magnum has liaison, I'm OK to add it.
06:33:51 <amotoki> okay. if that is the reason, sounds fair.
06:34:12 <amotoki> pritorities in my mind are:
06:34:18 <amotoki> high: horizon, d.o.a
06:34:23 <katomo> lets add magnum
06:34:25 <amotoki> medium: trove/sahara-dash
06:34:35 <amotoki> low: murano/magnum/others
06:35:02 <amotoki> in a priority list
06:35:12 <ianychoi> I have no objection on adding more dashboard plugins. I will follow the decision :)
06:35:38 <amotoki> okay. let's defer priorities inside the list to each lang team :)
06:35:40 <katomo> +1
06:36:01 <amotoki> I now agree to add them to the list.
06:36:25 <Daisy> amotoki: as I said in the email, it's hard to tell which projects are important and which projects are not. According to the data, plugin projects will be our major work in the future. An important point in my mind is how collaborative the project dev team is
06:37:21 <amotoki> Daisy: understood. that is the major reason I quoted the project navigator.
06:38:11 <amotoki> no objection now.
06:39:14 <Daisy> Another point in my mind, but I didn't write in the mail, is how much the requirement to translate is. If some people care the project and want to translate, we don't have reason to reject the translation request.
06:40:00 <katomo> sure
06:40:30 <amotoki> agree in general.
06:40:34 <Daisy> so I appreciate Kato much to ask the team about their thoughts. I'm OK add projects to the plan if people request to translate.
06:40:41 <amotoki> i am just afraid we cannot review all of them well.
06:41:14 <Daisy> I have the same feel, amotoki. I don't know if people will pay attention to my email to dev mailing list and ask for liaison.
06:41:19 <amotoki> but we are now in the stage to encourage more translations rather than better quality with throughout reivew.
06:41:39 <Daisy> exactly, amotoki.
06:42:02 <katomo> yep
06:42:06 <Daisy> the good thing is that we will have our translation check website in this release.
06:42:12 <Daisy> We can ask people to help review.
06:42:41 <Daisy> a question
06:43:07 <amotoki> good to hear that on translation check site ///
06:43:08 <Daisy> if we ask more people to have review, when they think a translation is not correct, where do they report ? How do you think ?
06:44:07 <amotoki> Zanata interface is not so good for feedback/interaction between translators....
06:44:14 <Daisy> I think bugs in lanchpad is a little heavy.
06:44:22 <ianychoi> 1) For local translation, discussion with local i18n team would be the best 2) translate.openstack.org 3) launchpad 4) i18n mailing-list ?
06:44:29 <katomo> hehe
06:44:41 <amotoki> i prefer to local communication methods.
06:44:55 <eumel8> +1
06:45:06 <katomo> ianychoi +1
06:45:20 <Daisy> en...local communication methods are not logged. But I'm fine as a temporary solution.
06:45:34 <Daisy> ianychoi +1
06:46:18 <amotoki> from our experince in local team, push notification from local communication methods would help us.
06:46:26 <amotoki> we are not always online.
06:47:13 <Daisy> ok then.
06:47:40 <Daisy> I don't have strong objection to existing communication method, before we have better solutions to report translation bugs.
06:47:55 <ianychoi> I think local methods would be the first currently because for Zanata, some Zanata users might not know well for how local translation are coordinated.
06:47:59 <amotoki> let's discuss in a lang team and if it turns out it affects all, let's move it to i18n list or more general place.
06:48:20 <amotoki> ianychoi: totally agree.
06:48:20 <eumel8> I think wrong translation in Zanata caused by general misunderstandings and this will end in a discussion in irc or mailing list. So I'm find with local communication methods. The outcome could be an addional entry in glossar, wiki or something like that
06:48:36 <amotoki> we don't have a way to share information among all translators.
06:48:40 <eumel8> s/find/fine/
06:49:38 <ianychoi> For Korean translation, some users do not follow Korean glossary. I usually fix it, but I do not find proper ways to contact with the guys..
06:50:01 <Daisy> ianychoi: that's why I try to ask all translators appear in IRC, with their Zanata ID.
06:50:17 <amotoki> I usually rejects such translation intentionally rather than fixing it by myself.
06:50:43 <ianychoi> Daisy, I agree with it, but IRC might not be mandatory for some users.
06:50:49 <amotoki> but they might already have IRC nick ....
06:50:59 <Daisy> I know, amotoki
06:51:36 <Daisy> Some people even don't know how to use IRC.
06:51:43 <Daisy> or what IRC is.
06:51:56 <katomo> hm
06:52:19 <amotoki> yeah. in addition, web based IRC client has poor experience.
06:52:35 <Daisy> I think web based IRC is broken.
06:53:21 <amotoki> on the other hand, it would be great if we can do all around transltiaons thru web-based interface :)
06:53:22 <Daisy> the communication method discussion can be a long term discussion.
06:53:43 <Daisy> amotoki: what do you mean ?
06:53:58 <ianychoi> One question. Would it be easy to add dashboard for local teams in Zanata?
06:54:20 <Daisy> I don't find it, ianychoi.
06:54:24 <amotoki> Daisy: most non-developers does not use apps like IRC or terminal.
06:54:45 <eumel8> there are fields for comments  in Zanata. Anybody used this option?
06:55:03 <amotoki> eumel8: we are using it.
06:55:20 <amotoki> eumel8: but there is no efficient way to search/filter comments
06:55:41 <eumel8> mhmm, ok, seems so
06:56:05 <amotoki> if translations has 25 pages, we need to go thru 25 pages to find all comments.
06:56:11 <ianychoi> I used it previously,  but usability is not good for me...
06:56:19 <Daisy> I see amotoki put lots of comments under Japanese translations. I can see the discussion under Japanese team through comments and reply. It took me several hours to copy his comments out of Zanata and pass to IBM translators.
06:56:22 <amotoki> in addition, comments have no status information.
06:57:10 <Daisy> There is a chat window in Zanata. But it cannot support offline messages.
06:57:18 <amotoki> on the other hand, comment is an easiest way to leave a note inline.
06:58:11 <Daisy> we have only 2 minutes left.
06:58:20 <eumel8> imagine each comment would create a ticket
06:58:58 <katomo> eumel8, good idea
06:59:05 <Daisy> If zanata can support notifications and messages, I think it will help.
06:59:18 <amotoki> I think it is useful if Zanata supports (1) filtering entries with comments (2) filteirng with comment status (like Transifex)
06:59:41 <ianychoi> tickets would make translations stronger. +1 !
07:00:04 <katomo> time now
07:00:10 <amotoki> thanks
07:00:14 <ianychoi> Thanks all!
07:00:16 <Daisy> We will have a session in Austin summit to talk with Zanata dev team face to face.
07:00:21 <katomo> Thanks!
07:00:34 <Daisy> Thank you all for attending.
07:00:41 <Daisy> #endmeeting