06:00:31 <Daisy> #startmeeting OpenStack I18n Meeting
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06:00:43 <Daisy> who is around for i18n meeting ?
06:01:59 <ujuc> hi
06:02:04 <Daisy> Hi, ujuc
06:02:06 <Daisy> Nice to see you.
06:02:11 <Daisy> It seems like only us two there.
06:02:12 <ujuc> :)
06:02:24 <Daisy> Anyway, let's start.
06:02:29 <ujuc> yes ;)
06:02:48 <Daisy> #topic Summary of Mitaka translation
06:03:29 <Daisy> Mitaka translation is done in March.
06:03:38 <ujuc> yes
06:03:39 <Daisy> I have collected contributors data in the whole March.
06:03:47 <Daisy> The result is very impressive.
06:04:26 <Daisy> During March, there are 317649 words translations from 63 translaors.
06:04:54 <Daisy> The top 10 contribution teams and top 10 contributors are pasted here: http://paste.openstack.org/show/493261/
06:05:25 <ujuc> ho
06:05:37 <Daisy> :)
06:05:40 <ujuc> :)
06:05:47 <Daisy> Congratulations to the top contributors.
06:06:02 <ujuc> Congratulation!! :)
06:06:11 <Daisy> Let's move to next topic.
06:06:16 <ujuc> yes!
06:06:30 <Daisy> #topic New translation priorities
06:07:18 <Daisy> Kato has described his opinion to this topic.
06:07:21 <Daisy> I agree with him.
06:07:28 <Daisy> I think next step will be the documentation translations.
06:07:37 <ujuc> me to
06:07:42 <Daisy> I think Kato will work with doc team to figure out the top priorities.
06:08:02 <Daisy> It might be the installation guide.
06:08:13 <ujuc> yes
06:08:13 <Daisy> Let's leave it for Kato. and we move to next topic.
06:08:20 <jftalta> Hi all
06:08:28 <ujuc> hi jftalta
06:08:33 <Daisy> #topic Continued discussion about glossary management
06:08:38 <Daisy> welcome, jftalta
06:08:45 <ujuc> glossary..! T.T
06:09:10 <Daisy> Kato and I are editing this Etherpad page: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/i18n-glossary-management
06:09:26 <Daisy> Kato has inputted the requirements and I have inputted the capabilities.
06:09:32 <jftalta> I'm comuting and my Internet connection is not very good...
06:09:46 <Daisy> jftalta: It's ok. I think we will close this meeting very soon. :)
06:09:58 <jftalta> Ok...
06:10:41 <Daisy> Kato will be the meeting organizer next time.
06:11:25 <Daisy> I suppose the glossary management will be a hot topic in the Austin summit.
06:11:31 <jftalta> On thursday 4/21 ?
06:11:35 <Daisy> Will you be there, jftalta ?
06:11:49 <jftalta> Yes I will :)
06:11:55 <Daisy> Yes, on Thursday.
06:12:16 <Daisy> ujuc: If you are not able to come, you can input your ideas in this Etherpad page.
06:12:58 <jftalta> Glossary management is one of our biggest challenges
06:13:14 <Daisy> Yes. as our team grow, the glossary is very important to us.
06:13:24 <jftalta> It will be a hot topic in Austin, actually
06:13:35 <Daisy> I agree.
06:13:46 <Daisy> so we leave glossary discussion to Austin summit.
06:13:53 <Daisy> let's move next topic.
06:13:55 <Daisy> #topic release notes translation
06:14:51 <Daisy> There is a big change to release note tool.
06:15:02 <Daisy> Previously we use wiki. I think they are changing
06:15:10 <Daisy> http://releases.openstack.org/
06:15:19 <Daisy> How to translate release note is still under processing.
06:15:26 <Daisy> Let's wait and see.
06:16:01 <Daisy> any comments here ?
06:16:03 <jftalta> For the french team this is not a big issue.
06:16:08 <Daisy> why ?
06:16:30 <Daisy> jftalta: why it's not a big issue ?
06:17:55 <jftalta> Because french openstack users and ops are used to read english written software release notes
06:18:04 <Daisy> ok. understand.
06:18:43 <Daisy> I see Japanese, Korean and Chinese people will translate it into local languages.
06:18:56 <Daisy> next topic
06:19:02 <Daisy> #topic Austin sessions
06:19:04 <jftalta> Doug is the right contact for that, is not it ?
06:19:14 <Daisy> Which Doug ?
06:19:23 <jftalta> Helllman
06:19:28 <Daisy> I think so
06:19:33 <jftalta> Ok
06:19:36 <Daisy> Kato is working with release team.
06:19:44 <jftalta> Ok
06:19:56 <Daisy> There are two I18n related sessions in Austion.
06:20:10 <Daisy> 1 is a working session to tools and processes. The other is a half day contributors meet up.
06:20:44 <Daisy> I think there are Etherpad pages for these two sessions.
06:22:09 <jftalta> When will the second one stand ?
06:22:48 <Daisy> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/austin-i18n-workshop
06:22:49 <Daisy> The first one is tracked here:
06:23:01 <Daisy> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/austin-i18n-workshop
06:23:24 <Daisy> I will ask Kato to create another page to track the contributors meetup.
06:23:47 <Daisy> So anybody can input in the Etherpad pages.
06:23:59 <Daisy> Ok. I'm done with the planned topics.
06:24:02 <Daisy> #open discussions
06:24:21 <Daisy> Now it's for open discussions
06:24:27 <Daisy> If no topics, I will close the meeting.
06:25:35 <Daisy> jftalta: sorry I just saw your question. The second one is on Friday morning.
06:26:47 <jftalta> It's ok Daisy :) On friday morning, ok.
06:27:01 <Daisy> jftalta: do you have any other topics to discuss here ?
06:29:00 <Daisy> no response, I will close the meeting then.
06:29:15 <amotoki> Daisy: one question
06:29:27 <Daisy> please, amotoki
06:29:31 <amotoki> why do you list top 10 contirubtions only during March.
06:29:34 <jftalta> Sorry, I lost the connection
06:29:34 <amotoki> *?
06:29:49 <Daisy> amotoki: because it's only in Mitaka translation period.
06:30:02 <amotoki> in mitaka japanese team translated horizon related stuff continously
06:30:25 <Daisy> hmm.
06:30:27 <amotoki> so the amount of translations is not high for them.
06:30:56 <Daisy> ok. good point. Then I will extend the period.
06:31:07 <amotoki> i just would like to point out that only picking up March is not fair if you use it as stats.
06:31:45 <jftalta> I agree
06:31:48 <Daisy> I will take your point and extend the period.
06:31:57 <amotoki> most time was spent to review strings in real envs.
06:32:10 <jftalta> Hi amotoki !
06:32:16 <Daisy> Maybe extending to the whole cycle.
06:32:21 <amotoki> hi jftalta
06:33:21 <Daisy> any other questions ?
06:34:19 <Daisy> then I will close the meeting.
06:34:30 <Daisy> More discussions can go to our mailing list.
06:34:45 <Daisy> #endmeeting