13:01:42 <katomo> #startmeeting OpenStack I18n Meeting
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13:01:48 <katomo> any one here?
13:08:49 <ujuc> hi
13:08:52 <ujuc> late..;;
13:09:30 <katomo> hi, ujuc
13:09:38 <ujuc> hi katomo ;)
13:10:25 <itlinux> hello
13:10:31 <ujuc> hi :)
13:10:34 <katomo> hi, itlinux
13:10:46 <itlinux> here I am!
13:10:54 <katomo> thanks!
13:10:56 <itlinux> sorry early here 6am LOL
13:11:10 <katomo> wow
13:11:23 <katomo> very early...
13:11:25 <itlinux> no problem katomo!
13:11:25 <ujuc> wow...
13:11:28 <ujuc> :)
13:11:54 <itlinux> just want to make sure we can find a solution where everyone can be happy..
13:11:59 <katomo> ujuc, do you know there is a way to approve translated project instead of using line by line
13:12:14 <katomo> question from itlinux
13:12:16 <ujuc> yes
13:12:23 <katomo> hm
13:12:50 <katomo> can you explain?
13:12:50 <ujuc> line by line 👍 button... click...
13:13:02 <ujuc> no shortkey....
13:13:39 <itlinux> that's not good ujuc
13:13:48 <ujuc> yab...
13:13:58 <itlinux> I have all projects that need to be approved.. takes forever..
13:14:08 <itlinux> just nuetron is 35 pages..
13:14:16 <katomo> 35...
13:14:19 <ujuc> ... 60000 words ...
13:14:22 <itlinux> I am not getting paid for this !!
13:14:26 <katomo> org
13:14:29 <ujuc> click by clikc
13:14:40 <ujuc> shortcut!!!
13:14:50 <itlinux> so what's the option in the pull down menu where is says approve..
13:15:13 <itlinux> what's the shortcut?
13:15:26 <itlinux> has to be a way to make this more efficient
13:15:44 <ujuc> um... or check box..
13:15:51 <ujuc> approved....
13:16:08 <itlinux> I do not see a box on my end for approval..
13:16:38 <itlinux> and the checkbox you are talking about from the pull down menu does not do anything
13:17:14 <katomo> yep. pull down menu is a just display filter.
13:17:36 <katomo> We have a chance to discuss Zanata improvement request with Zanata dev team.
13:17:45 <itlinux> ok
13:17:50 <itlinux> so what can we do?
13:18:05 <itlinux> how to make this faster ..
13:18:23 <katomo> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/I18n-Zanata-enhancement
13:19:07 <katomo> Cloud you write to your request (make this faster)?
13:20:02 <katomo> For example, "create a checkbox" and "approve the checked strings".
13:20:35 <itlinux> I am now
13:20:42 <katomo> thanks
13:20:43 <itlinux> you should be able to see my request
13:21:03 <katomo> I see
13:21:27 <ujuc> a katomo start meeting robot
13:21:42 <ujuc> # startmeeting... :)
13:21:47 <itlinux> :)
13:22:17 <katomo> :)
13:22:21 <katomo> any other topic?
13:22:33 <itlinux> not from my side!
13:22:58 <ujuc> no :)
13:23:02 <itlinux> maybe an idea will be to use git
13:23:18 <katomo> hm
13:23:18 <ujuc> ??
13:23:19 <itlinux> to download all the translated doc
13:23:27 <itlinux> and then push them up ..
13:24:00 <katomo> using zanata client?
13:24:21 <itlinux> using zanata to receive those changes
13:24:34 <itlinux> and then you do not have to go line by line to approve it..
13:24:46 <katomo> ahh
13:25:10 <katomo> good suggestion
13:26:05 <itlinux> I just added to the etherpad
13:26:07 <katomo> I see the etherpad
13:26:15 <katomo> itlinux: thanks!
13:26:20 <itlinux> thank you guys!
13:26:34 <itlinux> let  make things easier for us
13:27:22 <katomo> ujuc, will you attend the summit? itlinux, can't.
13:27:36 <ujuc> can't
13:27:46 <katomo> oh
13:27:56 <katomo> okay
13:27:59 <ujuc> ianchoi attend summit
13:28:14 <itlinux> barcellona!
13:28:26 <ujuc> barcellona!!
13:28:31 <ujuc> lolo
13:28:47 <katomo> barcellona is near from Italy:)
13:29:16 <itlinux> yes but I am in San Francisco :)
13:29:17 <katomo> very far from Japan, far east :)
13:29:30 <katomo> oops
13:29:40 <itlinux> yes..
13:29:53 <itlinux> other options for i18?
13:30:21 <amotoki> what are you discussing now?
13:30:31 <katomo> about summit
13:30:40 <ianychoi_phone> Hi sorry for late
13:30:59 <katomo> Hi: amotoki, ianychoi_phone
13:31:39 <amotoki> I will be at the summit but all of my schedule conflicts with i18n schedule :(
13:31:41 <katomo> #topic summit planning
13:31:52 <katomo> amotoki :(
13:32:14 <amotoki> as usual to me :(
13:32:21 <katomo> ianychoi_phone: do you have a topic to discuss at summit ?
13:32:44 <katomo> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/austin-i18n-workshop
13:32:49 <ianychoi_phone> I will attend the upcoming summit
13:33:28 <katomo> any topic?
13:33:37 <katomo> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/austin-i18n-workshop
13:33:54 <katomo> ....
13:33:58 <ianychoi_phone> Not more from the Etherpad link
13:34:10 <katomo> hm, okay
13:34:20 <katomo> see you at Austin.
13:34:39 <katomo> #topic open discussions
13:35:04 <katomo> other topics?
13:35:08 <amotoki> hey, have you read a mail from Andreas?
13:35:09 <amotoki> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-i18n/2016-April/002129.html
13:35:25 <amotoki> I hope you all express you opinions on POT files in our git repo.
13:35:32 <katomo> not yet, just now...
13:35:55 <katomo> yeah
13:36:00 <katomo> I will.
13:36:55 <amotoki> I am not sure how many translators are using POT files actually..
13:36:56 <katomo> itlinux, ujuc, ianychoi_phone: I hope you will, too
13:37:19 <katomo> I sometimes use
13:37:39 <ianychoi_phone> I don't think many translators use pot files, but I use it sometimes
13:37:58 <amotoki> my response http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-i18n/2016-April/002130.html may help you
13:38:16 <itlinux> I do use those before to do some trans but then the PTL of the project rejected because those need to be done by zanate
13:38:19 <ianychoi_phone> To diff what changes occurred from the original translation
13:38:24 <itlinux> so I stopped using them
13:38:36 <ianychoi_phone> Sometimes diffing pot files is useful for me
13:39:00 <itlinux> yes agree ianychoi_phone
13:39:20 <amotoki> I believe the need for POT files will disappear once Zanata shows a location of a string in source code as Transifex does.
13:39:58 <itlinux> I thought Transifex is gone!
13:40:06 <amotoki> personally I am a developer and familiar with the infra script, so there is no need for POT files
13:40:18 <amotoki> thus your feedbacks are important :)
13:41:18 <katomo> yes
13:41:44 <katomo> My usage is same as amotoki.
13:42:04 <ianychoi_phone> I also need source location indication on zanata! :)
13:42:06 <katomo> So, I added the Zanata enhancement request at Summit.
13:43:07 <ujuc> +1
13:43:48 <amotoki> i see someone is writing to etherpad.. let's break lines when you add something
13:44:30 <amotoki> i usually disable colorred per authors
13:45:15 <itlinux> amotoki: it's all good!
13:45:22 <itlinux> color no color!
13:45:27 <amotoki> :)
13:45:58 <katomo> ant other topic?
13:46:09 <katomo> *any
13:46:14 <itlinux> I think we are good!
13:46:16 <katomo> ant eats my head :)
13:46:23 <ujuc> ;)
13:46:30 <ianychoi_phone> Kk
13:47:16 <katomo> okay, thanks to join, itlinux, ujuc, ianychoi_phone, amotoki
13:47:30 <itlinux> see you on the next one. katomo:
13:47:35 <ianychoi_phone> Thanks kotomo and all!
13:47:37 <katomo> #endmeeting