13:00:14 <katomo> #startmeeting OpenStack I18n Meeting
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13:00:39 <katomo> who is here for I18n meeting?
13:03:30 <katomo> hi jftalta
13:04:21 <katomo> hi ianychoi_phone
13:04:27 <jftalta> hi katomo
13:04:54 <katomo> seems 3 people here
13:05:03 <katomo> let's start
13:05:09 <jftalta> ok
13:05:27 <katomo> today, i dont have topic.
13:05:35 <katomo> do you have any topic?
13:06:06 <katomo> oops, I have !
13:06:06 <jftalta> Translations priorities ?...
13:06:17 <katomo> good
13:06:18 <ianychoi_phone> Hi :)
13:06:30 <katomo> #topic translation priorities
13:06:56 <katomo> at now, we have priority at https://translate.openstack.org/ .
13:07:08 <katomo> is it work for your team?
13:07:56 <jftalta> Is the page up to date ?
13:08:07 <ianychoi_phone> I think so
13:08:09 <katomo> sure
13:08:22 <jftalta> ok, good.
13:08:43 <jftalta> I guess the french team need some guidance about priorities
13:09:06 <katomo> hm
13:09:17 <katomo> how?
13:10:36 <jftalta> But it's ok if Zanata home page is up to date.
13:11:01 <katomo> okay
13:11:18 <jftalta> What about the Horizon test machine ?
13:11:40 <katomo> working... but, need more time.
13:12:04 <jftalta> Seems to be painfull...
13:12:06 <katomo> eumel8 and elz is working on it.
13:12:11 <jftalta> ok
13:12:14 <katomo> yeah
13:12:25 <katomo> it's a hard work
13:12:56 <katomo> moving on next topic
13:13:04 <jftalta> yes, I'm aware of it
13:13:07 <katomo> #topic making core
13:13:37 <katomo> I talked with amotoki
13:13:58 <katomo> we think it is better to have more core members.
13:14:48 <jftalta> more core members ?
13:15:01 <katomo> yes
13:15:30 <katomo> on Gerrit (Git review), core can use +2 +A
13:15:52 <katomo> we have docs on i18n repos
13:16:04 <jftalta> ok, I understand
13:16:08 <katomo> core member review the patch for i18n repo
13:16:21 <katomo> so, I added ianychoi_phone
13:16:24 <ianychoi_phone> One question: are core member and core reviewer the same?
13:16:35 <katomo> also, I'd like to add jftalta and eumel8
13:16:47 <katomo> oops
13:17:04 <katomo> yes, core member = core reviewer, I say.
13:17:19 <ianychoi_phone> I see thanks!
13:17:31 <ianychoi_phone> +1, for eumel8
13:17:39 <katomo> jftalta: okay?
13:18:18 <jftalta> Does this imply a big workload ?...
13:18:39 <katomo> I think it is low workload
13:19:11 <katomo> we have a few patches for i18n repo
13:19:37 <jftalta> In that case, it's ok for me to :)
13:19:51 <katomo> and, we need more review, but review is not a mandatory
13:20:01 <katomo> jftalta: thanks
13:20:15 <jftalta> you're welcome
13:20:41 <katomo> #topic open discussions
13:20:49 <katomo> any other topic?
13:21:28 <jftalta> not more topic for me.
13:22:08 <katomo> okay. it is a short meeting.
13:22:19 <ianychoi_phone> katomo: does https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-i18n/+bug/1586041 solved?
13:22:19 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1586041 in openstack i18n "Incorrect PO-Revision-Date in some translation files for aodh project" [High,In progress] - Assigned to KATO Tomoyuki (kato-tomoyuki)
13:22:27 <katomo> thanks to join the meeting, fjtalta, ianychoi_phone
13:22:33 <katomo> hm
13:22:37 <ianychoi_phone> I think it was the important one on the last meeting
13:22:50 <katomo> working
13:23:21 <katomo> almost done.
13:23:23 <ianychoi_phone> Okay thanks :)
13:23:33 <ianychoi_phone> Wow yep
13:23:36 <katomo> but, we need Zanata patch for solving the cause
13:23:57 <ianychoi_phone> Hmm... But it needs Zanata upgrade I think
13:24:07 <katomo> because it is reproducable when we create newton branch.
13:24:12 <katomo> yes
13:24:29 <ianychoi_phone> Yep thanks for kind explanation!
13:24:34 <ianychoi_phone> No more from me
13:24:36 <katomo> I will talk with Alex later.
13:24:45 <jftalta> Zanata australian team will provide the path or the new version ?...
13:24:53 <jftalta> patch
13:25:04 <ianychoi_phone> Yep i think so
13:25:07 <katomo> I'm not sure
13:25:18 <ianychoi_phone> Hmm..
13:25:33 <katomo> but, they are working on it with https://zanata.atlassian.net/browse/ZNTA-1145
13:25:43 <jftalta> ok
13:25:55 <ianychoi_phone> Okay
13:26:39 <katomo> thanks, again
13:26:49 <katomo> #endmeeting