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07:00:17 <ianychoi> #roll
07:00:36 <ianychoi> zzxwill, Daisy hello!
07:00:53 <zzxwill> Hi Ian.
07:00:56 <zzxwill> Hi Daisy.
07:00:56 <eumel8> hi zzxwill
07:01:01 <jpich> o/
07:01:09 <ianychoi> Oh jpich hi :)
07:01:11 <zzxwill> Hi eumel8.
07:01:23 <Daisy> Hi, ianychoi, zzxwill, eumel8
07:01:38 <ianychoi> Nice :) Then let me start today topics
07:01:46 <ianychoi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/I18nTeamMeeting
07:01:46 <eumel8> Daisy, really there? Can't imagine ;)
07:01:56 <ianychoi> haha
07:02:05 <Daisy> eumel8: yes, real Daisy
07:02:09 <eumel8> nice to see you, Daisy
07:02:29 <ianychoi> #topic Translation progress w.r.t. Hard StringFreeze
07:02:40 <ianychoi> Actually.. so interestingly
07:02:56 <ianychoi> I did not know that there have been so long Chinese holidays during Soft & Hard StringFreeze
07:03:31 <eumel8> holidays are already good :)
07:03:51 <ianychoi> On Monday morning, I have just seen that Daisy was getting online and I have heard that there was Chinese new year
07:04:36 <ianychoi> Daisy, zzxwill sorry for my still lack of your culture.. I heard so long time that Chinese new year is important but I might have forgot it
07:04:54 <ianychoi> #link
07:04:56 <ianychoi> #link https://translate.openstack.org/version-group/view/ocata-dashboard-translation/projects
07:04:56 <zzxwill> It's fine:)
07:05:37 <ianychoi> The link is all the projects which are now related to I18n team's translation plan and priority
07:05:41 <ianychoi> #link https://translate.openstack.org/
07:05:54 <ianychoi> And this link is what I18n team is more focusing
07:06:28 <ianychoi> Now there are total 9 out of 12 stable-ocata versions in Zanata
07:07:03 <ianychoi> Ideally, I18n team needs to focus to review translated strings in stable-ocata versions.
07:07:32 <ianychoi> But.. some projects do not have stable/ocata branch yet so..
07:08:07 <ianychoi> I have no idea how me carefully notice with detail context
07:08:27 <ianychoi> BTW, zzxwill how Chinese translation is going?
07:09:26 <ianychoi> Last week, I remember that Korean, French, Indonesnan, and Japanese translations are going fine
07:09:37 <zzxwill> Not good, it's my responsibility for not being devoted much time on Chinese i18n team.
07:10:03 <zzxwill> Simplified Chinese ranks 7, which is not good.
07:10:33 <ianychoi> For ranking, I think the rank calculation includes release-notes
07:11:24 <ianychoi> So I now would like to suggest that:
07:11:46 <ianychoi> - More focus on stable-ocata versions in Zanata, for example, horizon: https://translate.openstack.org/version-group/view/ocata-dashboard-translation/projects/horizon/stable-ocata
07:11:53 <jftalta> Hi !
07:11:57 <ianychoi> jftalta, hi!
07:12:11 <ianychoi> Also, translation reviewings would be so important
07:12:52 <ianychoi> - Using translation checksite (although it is unofficial) for translation review & translation checksite feedback
07:12:55 <ianychoi> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-i18n/2017-January/002701.html
07:13:11 <ianychoi> eumel8, I great appreciate this implementation, eumel8 !
07:13:28 <jftalta> so do I :)
07:13:42 <eumel8> yes
07:13:48 <ianychoi> And.. I have heard that Ilya (adiantum) is now ill..
07:13:49 <eumel8> hi jftalta
07:13:59 <jftalta> hi eumel8
07:14:09 <zzxwill> Does translation review count on StackAlytics?  Ianychoi Translator tends not to do reviewing I think.
07:14:12 <ianychoi> Could someone want to delegate string freeze manager role from now to 2 weeks?
07:14:12 <jftalta> ill ?...
07:14:32 <ianychoi> jftalta, yep sick.. I briefly talked with him about two days ago
07:15:15 <ianychoi> zzxwill, currently no translation review metric in Stackalytics but yes. I want to include... but I think I need to think about this implemention in Pike cycle, not current cycle
07:15:32 <zzxwill> Great. Thx.
07:15:33 <jftalta> hi zzxwill
07:15:47 <zzxwill> Hi jftalta.
07:16:11 <ianychoi> Note that string freeze period is so important in i18n team, and taking care all of things from me would not be a good idea
07:16:26 <ianychoi> I would like to collaborate with more i18n team members :)
07:16:36 <ianychoi> Any volunteers for stringfreeze manager?
07:17:39 <ianychoi> (Oh silence.. T.T)
07:17:54 <jpich> Maybe send an email to the list about it for people who can't attend the meeting today, and also describes the tasks involved so it's clear what someone needs to do?
07:18:07 <zzxwill> +1
07:18:08 <eumel8> +1
07:18:12 <jftalta> +1
07:18:22 <ianychoi> jpich, right but... only 1-2 weeks are left
07:18:48 <ianychoi> zzxwill, would you take over this role?
07:19:15 <jpich> I understand :(
07:19:17 <jftalta> it's true. but nonone said I take the task ...
07:20:55 <ianychoi> Hmm.. I think  StringFreeze manager does not have numerous work..
07:21:13 <jpich> Is there a page documenting the work?
07:21:13 <eumel8> someone else from the Russian Team? I would prefer to send an email to the list and we will find a solution today..
07:21:35 <jftalta> i agree
07:21:42 <ianychoi> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-i18n/2017-January/002673.html
07:21:51 <ianychoi> (I was finding this link.)
07:22:03 <jpich> Great, thank you!
07:22:13 <ianychoi> jpich, np :)
07:22:15 <zzxwill> I am afraid that I don't have much time for the role, but I will call in Chinese team and I will reply you by tonight at 16:00 PM UTC.
07:22:43 <ianychoi> zzxwill, thanks
07:23:02 <ianychoi> eumel8, yep.. I may write an e-mail in openstack-i18n@lists.openstack.org
07:23:22 <eumel8> thx
07:23:29 <ianychoi> Okay thanks all :)
07:23:35 <jftalta> :)
07:23:46 <ianychoi> #link Discussion: Soft & Hard StringFreezes & Release models
07:23:55 <ianychoi> Oops..
07:23:57 <ianychoi> #topic Discussion: Soft & Hard StringFreezes & Release models
07:24:14 <ianychoi> StringFreeze periods are defined in here:
07:24:16 <ianychoi> #link https://releases.openstack.org/ocata/schedule.html
07:24:20 <ianychoi> And..
07:24:25 <ianychoi> #link https://releases.openstack.org/reference/release_models.html Release models
07:25:04 <ianychoi> In releasenote schedule, Sotft & Hard StringFreeze periods are defined
07:25:33 <ianychoi> And.. AFAIK I18n team has decided translation plans & priorities from now mainly horizon & plugin projects
07:25:59 <jftalta> that's right
07:26:11 <ianychoi> But.. recently, I have got to know: 1) Soft & Hard StringFreezes are valid for only cycle-with-milestones release model
07:26:25 <eumel8> are there some discussion mailing-lists about changes in the time scheduling?
07:26:44 <ianychoi> and 2) other release models such as cycle-with-intermediary and cycle-trailing will release around "Final RCs and intermediary releases" or later
07:26:53 <ianychoi> eumel8, no it was not the change
07:27:12 <ianychoi> It was the definition for a long time... as far as i know but me did not recognize..
07:27:17 <jpich> Up to 2 weeks after the other projects' releases, for cycle-trailing
07:27:39 <eumel8> ok
07:27:55 <ianychoi> And even.. i18n team might have not recognized
07:28:18 <ianychoi> But.. some horizon plugin projects follow other release models such as cycle-with-intermediary and cycle-trailing
07:29:03 <jftalta> not clear for me...
07:29:10 <ianychoi> So... my question now is that.. should we take of soft & hard stringfreezes for all the release models?
07:29:17 <ianychoi> s/take/take care/
07:30:17 <ianychoi> jftalta, for example, for horizon project, horizon team developed a lot and the team will create less string changes from Soft StringFreeze
07:30:28 <ianychoi> And.. after hard StringFreeze, much less changes
07:30:51 <ianychoi> Around Hard StringFreeze, horizon team creates stable branch: e.g., stable/ocata
07:30:53 <jftalta> ok. So ?...
07:31:06 <ianychoi> But.. for example, magnum-ui is different
07:31:21 <ianychoi> The release model for magnum-ui is cycle-with-intermediary
07:31:38 <jftalta> ok
07:31:59 <ianychoi> And one project team with such release model said that they just create stable branch around release date
07:32:30 <ianychoi> So I think... considering soft & hard stringfreezes would be limited in cycle-with-milestone releasemodel
07:32:39 <jftalta> so we have to deal with the master branch, right ?
07:32:50 <ianychoi> For other release models, yep I can take care of the creation of stable-versions
07:33:26 <ianychoi> But.. one worry for me is that then I should be busy from soft stringfreeze to hard stringfreeze and even after the releasedate
07:33:49 <ianychoi> For PTL, more awareness of soft & hard StringFreeze is fine although it is somewhat busy
07:34:06 <ianychoi> But.. taking more time would be so lots of burden to PTL
07:34:33 <ianychoi> But.. I do not want to discuss PTL burden....
07:34:50 <ianychoi> I would like to ask: my proposal would be a good idea or not
07:35:01 <ianychoi> Or.. some more projects would be considered?
07:35:13 <ianychoi> For example, magnum-ui looks nice to end users
07:35:30 <ianychoi> also.. horizon-lbaas-dashboard and octavia-dashboard (in future)
07:36:14 <ianychoi> If they look fine and they are so attractive to translators, then talking to release team to also consider Soft & Hard StringFreezes to those releasemodels would be the better way I think.
07:36:35 <ianychoi> + I need to talk with Horizon PTL
07:36:49 <robcresswell> You rang?
07:37:00 <robcresswell> Or did you want r1chardj0n3s :)
07:37:06 <ianychoi> robcresswell, hello horizon Pike PTL :)
07:37:19 <jpich> Maybe the i18n liaisons for these projects (with different release models) can take care of announcing soft freeze/hard freeze about their own projects? Are there other ways to help?
07:37:37 <ianychoi> I think I need to talk with you during Pike PTG for stringfreeze periods for other release models: cycle-with-intermediary and so on
07:38:07 <ianychoi> jpich, yes. I18n has crossproject liaison
07:38:08 <ianychoi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons#I18n
07:38:20 <robcresswell> ianychoi: We can discuss at the PTG if you like?
07:38:41 <ianychoi> Another possible idea would be that I18n considers translation plan & priority for the projects which have i18n liaison
07:39:00 <ianychoi> robcresswell, I really would like to discuss with you Thanks a lot
07:39:18 <ianychoi> Now I would like to listen to more thoughts and ideas from I18n team.
07:39:49 <robcresswell> :)
07:40:02 <ianychoi> This is somewhat complex...
07:40:11 <ianychoi> And I have nothing already decided
07:41:34 <ianychoi> suh, hi :)
07:41:49 <jftalta> yes. i think we have to go on discussing thiis point, on irc, by email,...
07:41:49 <ianychoi> eumel8, jftalta, zzxwill, more thoughts now regarding this topic?
07:41:52 <suh> hi Ian
07:42:05 <jftalta> suh hi
07:42:20 <suh> hi Jf
07:42:21 <ianychoi> I just would like to tell as much as possible today and I do not want to decide something for this topic :)
07:42:42 <ianychoi> eumel8, jftalta, zzxwill, I think you all understood current situation.
07:43:03 <ianychoi> And.. let's more talk via future converations :)
07:43:15 <jftalta> +1
07:44:04 <ianychoi> Then.. can I move on the next topic?
07:44:09 <katomo> +1
07:44:17 <ianychoi> Oh katomo hi!
07:44:27 <katomo> hi
07:44:29 <jftalta> katomo, hi
07:44:31 <ianychoi> :)
07:44:45 <zzxwill> Hello katomo.
07:44:55 <ianychoi> #topic TripleO-UI translation
07:45:03 <eumel8> ianychoi: I have no idea what's the best, But it's a good idea to talk to the other people and maybe we found a solution after PTG
07:45:21 <eumel8> hi katomo
07:45:26 <ianychoi> eumel8, yep thanks a lot :)
07:45:55 <ianychoi> Today, I would like to introduce jpich : She is from tripleo team
07:45:59 <katomo> hello jftalta, zzxwill, eumel8
07:46:00 <jpich> o/
07:46:17 <eumel8> hello jpich :)
07:46:19 <katomo> hi jpich
07:46:31 <ianychoi> She said that it would be much better for I18n team to also consider tripleo-ui in translation plan & priorities
07:46:36 <jpich> Hi everyone :)
07:46:50 <katomo> hm
07:47:03 <jpich> Oh, I didn't say that. But since Ocata it is now also available for translating on Zanata, if people want :)
07:47:10 <ianychoi> If translators have some interests on tripleo-ui translation, feel free to talk with jpich :)
07:47:15 <katomo> AFAIK, A few Japanese team members want to translate tripleo-ui.
07:47:36 <ianychoi> jpich, haha I might have over-thought from your talking sorry
07:47:39 <jpich> katomo: Yes, Yuko Katabami already translated it :)
07:47:51 <ianychoi> jpich, Korean translation is now 100% :)
07:47:55 <katomo> jpich: exactly
07:48:00 <jpich> ianychoi: I know the team is very busy and it's not as important as Horizon :)
07:48:11 <ianychoi> katomo, wow.. nice!
07:48:51 <ianychoi> #topic I18n cross project liaison
07:48:52 <jpich> We're a new project so thanks to ianychoi, Yuko-san's translations we're already finding problems with missing strings... https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bugs?field.tag=i18n We will be working on fixing this!!
07:49:12 <ianychoi> I have changed the topic.. since this topic is related with jpich :)
07:49:48 <ianychoi> jpich, thanks a lot for tagging with i18n.
07:49:54 <ianychoi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons#I18n
07:50:06 <jpich> No problems, makes it easier for the team to prioritise too
07:50:12 <ianychoi> This is the current list for i18n cross project liaison.
07:51:25 <ianychoi> When I wrote my PTL candidacy for Ocata cycle, I really wanted to vitalize i18n cross project liaison.. but I admit that I have more busy with other things.. such as Zanata upgrade, more taking care of I18n  things, and.. more involvment in docs team for PDF docs implementation
07:52:06 <ianychoi> From this week, I started to contact the existing i18n cross project liaison whether they want to continue this role or not
07:52:36 <ianychoi> amotoki, happliy said that he will continue horizon liaison (I think a few months ago and also last week)
07:53:00 <ianychoi> Shu Muto, from magnum team, also said that he would happily continue magnum liaison.
07:53:38 <ianychoi> For other liaisons, I could not find them via IRC, but I will contact the PTLs from the teams
07:53:42 <eumel8> very good
07:53:53 <katomo> nice work
07:54:01 <jpich> Agreed
07:54:03 <ianychoi> Thanks, eumel8 and katomo
07:54:27 <ianychoi> And.. recently I have been talking a lot with jpich for i18n issues with tripleo-ui
07:54:30 <jftalta> great :)
07:54:46 <ianychoi> So I think it would be much better if jpich will be i18n-triple cross project liaison
07:55:09 <ianychoi> One thing I am now worried that on the wiki, it says: "The liaison should be a core reviewer for the project and understand i18n status of the project"
07:55:37 <ianychoi> Unfortunately, she is not tripleo core, but yesterday, I talked with tripleo PTL and he agree with my proposal.
07:55:43 <ianychoi> s/agree/agreed
07:55:50 <eumel8> ok
07:56:03 <ianychoi> So. what do you think about "The liaison should be a core reviewer for the project and understand i18n status of the project" statement and jpich's tripleo liaison?
07:56:19 <jpich> FWIW: TripleO has a dozen components, I am core for some of them but not the UI. Although yesterday we agreed with the PTL and tripleo-ui core teams that I could use my +2 on i18n patches for the UI as needed
07:56:39 <ianychoi> And.. if needed, I will do more call for i18n cross project liaison later :)
07:56:55 <jpich> More liaisons \o/
07:57:35 <ianychoi> :)
07:57:57 <ianychoi> Daisy, "the coreship for i18n crossproject liaison" is essential?
07:58:27 <eumel8> yes, more liaisons, but it's not so important that must be a core reviewer of the project. understanding of the i18n status is more important.
07:58:31 <katomo> Also, if we agree, you can change the statement "should be a core"
07:59:00 <katomo> eumel8: agree
07:59:00 <ianychoi> katomo, eumel8 yep.. all agree with this idea?
07:59:00 <eumel8> yes
07:59:15 <ianychoi> 1 min left..
07:59:16 <jftalta> +1
07:59:17 <jpich> Maybe add "Ideally," at the beginning of the sentence?
07:59:17 <katomo> +1
07:59:21 <eumel8> +1
07:59:27 <ianychoi> Three cores agreed
07:59:27 <Daisy> ianychoi: if we can get more liaisons without this cretia, I think it's not that necessary.
07:59:36 <ianychoi> 4 Cores :)
07:59:41 <Daisy> +1
07:59:41 <ianychoi> jpich, congrats!
07:59:49 <jpich> Thank you! :)
07:59:54 <jftalta> Daisy, hi !
07:59:57 <katomo> yay!
08:00:03 <Daisy> hi, jftalta
08:00:03 <ianychoi> Yep.. let's move on #openstack-i18n channel if we have more things to be discussed
08:00:04 <katomo> hello Daisy
08:00:10 <ianychoi> Thanks a lot today meeting!
08:00:12 <ianychoi> #endmeeting