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07:01:17 <ianychoi> eumel8, thank you for coming :)
07:01:32 <ianychoi> eumel8, how was OpenStack Days in Germany?
07:01:42 <eumel8> I know, not so often possible to join the meeting
07:01:57 <eumel8> dunno, I wasn't there
07:02:17 <eumel8> we had an internal conference the week before and this was pretty good
07:02:44 <ianychoi> Aha I see. I think Foundation emphasized translated user survey in German
07:03:53 <ianychoi> #topic translation checksite
07:04:20 <eumel8> some people like this stuff #link https://twitter.com/eumel_8/status/879596553626955777
07:04:28 <ianychoi> eumel8, sorry for not following too much for translation checksite. I am actually too busy with my primary business.
07:04:49 <eumel8> I can imagine
07:04:50 <ianychoi> eumel8, great! :)
07:04:58 <eumel8> but we make a good progress
07:05:35 <eumel8> some smaller bugs are fixed and maybe we are finally in the situation to install the site on openstrack-infra
07:05:49 <ianychoi> I see
07:06:17 <ianychoi> Hope that translation checksite with OpenStackAnsible will be available for StringFreeze period in this Pike cycle
07:06:21 <eumel8> I asked Andy if it's this possible. Then I want to test infra installation on my site
07:07:08 <eumel8> depends on infra team but we are on a good way
07:07:15 <ianychoi> I see :)
07:07:40 <ianychoi> #topic i18n-guide translation support
07:07:42 <eumel8> our 2-years-milestone :)
07:08:03 <Genek> Hi ianychoi, sorry for being late
07:08:13 <ianychoi> Genek, oh hello!
07:08:16 <ianychoi> eumel8, yep :)
07:08:40 <ianychoi> Genek, how was your final exam? Finished?
07:08:41 <Genek> I found that the production survey site still have strings that are not translated
07:09:00 <Genek> Great, I think I can pass them
07:09:33 <eumel8> Hi Genek
07:09:39 <Genek> However, I remember I've already translated those strings
07:09:46 <Genek> Hi eumel8 :)
07:09:57 <ianychoi> Genek, please make 100% and do review for https://translate.openstack.org/iteration/view/openstack-user-survey/openstack-user-survey/languages and tell me or share via i18n mailing list
07:10:38 <eumel8> ianychoi: you know the sync cycle?
07:10:40 <ianychoi> Genek, eumel8 you both have not met before during Boston Summit?
07:10:47 <ianychoi> eumel8, yep manual sync cycle :)
07:10:48 <Genek> ianychoi, I'm pretty sure it's 100% now
07:11:04 <eumel8> I think not
07:11:11 <ianychoi> Genek, ok then I will make a pull request :) Would it be fine to you?
07:11:12 <Genek> Maybe I should contact Jimmy to sync it again
07:11:22 <Genek> Yeah, thanks a lot ianychoi
07:11:37 <ianychoi> Genek, or you can make a pull request if you want to contribute through GitHub :)
07:12:10 <Genek> ianychoi, can I have the link to the repo?
07:12:40 <ianychoi> Genek, sure https://github.com/OpenStackweb/openstack-org/pull/78 is a good example of making a pull request
07:13:08 <ianychoi> Genek, just downloading a po file from Zanata and make a pull request using the downloaded po file
07:13:12 <ianychoi> into your language folder
07:13:23 <Genek> ianychoi, How to you actually pull down the po files from Zanata?
07:13:57 <Genek> Found it
07:14:03 <ianychoi> Genek, :)
07:15:19 <ianychoi> And i would like to tell that https://docs.openstack.org/developer/i18n/ translation support is fine with https://translate.openstack.org/iteration/view/i18n/master except final publishing translated documents
07:16:29 <Genek> Wow nice effort
07:16:44 <Genek> I'll translate it during summer vacation :)
07:17:12 <eumel8> very good
07:17:50 <ianychoi> Genek, eumel8: thanks a lot amotoki is helping a lot for publishing translated pages for i18n guide
07:18:43 <ianychoi> amotoki, fine :) I think you are also busy but plz see later with my comment in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/477753/
07:18:50 <amotoki> the publish job is now working, but we got console.html log in the job result.
07:19:31 <amotoki> ianychoi: I haven't checked it yet.
07:19:51 <ianychoi> amotoki, fine - also https://review.openstack.org/#/c/478306/ would be somewhat related I think.
07:20:40 <amotoki> but the problem seems just a job result link
07:20:51 <amotoki> i confirmed the draft document is published as expected.
07:21:13 <amotoki> though we need to prepare a link manually :(
07:21:35 <ianychoi> My current understanding is that upload-docs-draft job execution would be needed
07:21:52 <ianychoi> I think so - the job should be executed
07:22:25 <amotoki> but i see an uploaded draft doc on the draft docs server.
07:23:00 <ianychoi> amotoki, would you share the link where I can find such generated translated documents?
07:23:08 <ianychoi> (Sharing later is also fine)
07:23:19 <amotoki> ianychoi: wait for a moment. will post the link to the review.
07:23:38 <ianychoi> amotoki, thanks!
07:23:42 <ianychoi> #topic open discussions
07:24:21 <eumel8> some plans for Sydney?
07:24:38 <amotoki> added a link to the review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/477753/
07:24:46 <ianychoi> Although jpich is not online, I received an e-mail from her that she would like organize a meeting 14:00 UTC next Thursday (after I18n IRC meeting) for tripleo-ui and I18n
07:25:03 <eumel8> ok
07:25:05 <ianychoi> I think attending to such meeting is also helpful for I18n members
07:25:15 <eumel8> sure
07:25:34 <eumel8> please send invitation to mailing-list
07:25:38 <ianychoi> eumel8, I received an e-mail from Foundation that I18n team can participate in "Project Update" sessions
07:25:58 <ianychoi> eumel8, yep I will more discuss with jpich :)
07:26:18 <eumel8> great, what that mean? We have project updates?
07:26:27 <ianychoi> #link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcfbKxbpRvc&index=4&list=PLRkaKWXET-H4yt4HiEe1lGsP4tjx5GZg9
07:26:34 <ianychoi> This is a good example
07:27:01 <Genek> It's a talk about how's the project going I think
07:27:10 <Genek> Attended some of them in Boston
07:27:40 <eumel8> Saw something on youtube, yeah
07:27:46 <amotoki> it is a good idea to have it
07:27:52 <amotoki> some project update sessions were short like 20mins, so I don't think we need to cover full time :)
07:30:55 <ianychoi> amotoki, eumel8 would you attend to Sydney Summit as a presenter for I18n project update?
07:31:10 <jpich> ianychoi: Sorry I was late, I see in the logs that you mentioned me. The presentation I mentioned is aimed at the TripleO developers primarily, in a presentation slot we have every few weeks. Everyone is welcome to attend though! :) So I'll forward the meeting invite to the i18n list as well (I haven't sent it to the dev list yet either)
07:31:40 <jpich> It'd be great to have translators present as well, if people have questions on the process or how to make things easier from the translator's perspective :)
07:31:43 <ianychoi> jpich, sorry for not replying your e-mail yet and thanks a lot for detail explanation on that!
07:31:47 <eumel8> ianychoi: it's not sure if I'm really there.
07:32:04 <jpich> ianychoi: No problems, I only sent it yesterday :)
07:32:30 <ianychoi> eumel8, neither do I but at least you have the best knowledge on translate checksite implementation
07:32:43 <ianychoi> jpich, :)
07:32:51 <amotoki> are we talking about two things?
07:33:10 <eumel8> only if we really met the milestone
07:33:20 <amotoki> sydney session and next thursday one with triple-o
07:33:28 <ianychoi> amotoki, now is open discussion :) Any topic would be fine and right
07:33:52 <amotoki> :)
07:33:58 <jpich> amotoki: Probably, my bad! I don't have anything more to say on my topic, I'll send an email about it today or tomorrow :)
07:34:08 <amotoki> hehe. no worries
07:34:33 <amotoki> perhaps I can be there at Sydney unless the situation changes a lot.
07:34:58 <ianychoi> amotoki, great!
07:35:03 <amotoki> if so I can help the project update session
07:35:12 <Genek> I'll probably be at Sydney, too
07:35:15 <eumel8> +1
07:35:45 <ianychoi> In my opinion, partcipating I18n team to project update session would be so great because it would be our 1st project update during Summit and second it will be recorded and more translators will see with the video :)
07:35:49 <ianychoi> Genek, great!
07:36:11 <ianychoi> Genek, you have also good knowledge with user survey translation :)
07:37:42 <ianychoi> And.. yep I have actually many things in my to-do list for I18n (e.g., PTL activity documentation)
07:38:04 <amotoki> re: the user survey, we Japanese team wonder who translate answers written in local languages.
07:38:19 <ianychoi> amotoki, I will share it to you
07:38:43 <Genek> ianychoi, I can help with the Traditional Chinese answers
07:38:49 <ianychoi> yosshy
07:38:49 <ianychoi> amotoki
07:38:49 <ianychoi> shintaro
07:38:49 <ianychoi> fifieldt
07:38:49 <ianychoi> to222
07:38:49 <ianychoi> yfukuda
07:38:56 <ianychoi> 3071
07:38:56 <ianychoi> 1135
07:38:57 <ianychoi> 763
07:38:59 <ianychoi> 319
07:39:01 <ianychoi> 108
07:39:03 <ianychoi> 73
07:39:19 <amotoki> ???
07:39:22 <ianychoi> The numbers are the stat - word count. amotoki FYI
07:39:30 <ianychoi> amotoki, oh sorry
07:39:46 <ianychoi> I thought your asking was who participated the Japanese translation
07:39:58 <Genek> ianychoi, I think amotoki is asking about who's going to translate the answers
07:40:31 <amotoki> Genek: yes
07:40:50 <ianychoi> amotoki, it depends on how many strings for answers but my last communication with Foundation was: if the volume is small, then translating from I18n team would be appreciated / If the volume is too high, then Foundation will find translation company
07:41:07 <ianychoi> Genek, amotoki: Is the answer for your question?
07:41:19 <amotoki> ianychoi: yes
07:41:24 <Genek> Yep
07:41:44 <ianychoi> Thanks :)
07:42:28 <ianychoi> If there are no more questions, I would like to close the meeting today
07:42:43 <ianychoi> (I need to move to another place unfortunately)
07:42:52 <Genek> ianychoi, Thanks a lot :)
07:43:25 <ianychoi> Genek, me too! Thanks a lot for translating user survey into Traditional Chinese very quickly and hard :)
07:43:51 <jpich> Thanks, ianychoi!
07:44:00 <amotoki> re translated i18n guide publishing, i confirmed korean version was generated as expected
07:45:05 <ianychoi> amotoki, great! I have also seen the logs and let's find how we can link the document in Jenkins :)
07:45:26 <ianychoi> eumel8, amotoki, Genek, jpich : Thanks a lot for today meeting!
07:45:28 <ianychoi> #endmeeting