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13:00:30 <jpich> Hm... did the meeting just start or am I an hour late?
13:05:15 <eumel8> hello jpich
13:05:24 <jpich> Hi!
13:05:28 <jpich> So I'm on time for once? :)
13:05:37 <eumel8> maybe we have CEST and I'm right
13:06:26 <jpich> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
13:06:29 <eumel8> #topic Open Discussion
13:06:56 <eumel8> just some offline stress but now I'm here
13:07:05 <jpich> ouch
13:07:26 <jpich> What do you think of ianychoi_ 's suggestion of trying out the "office hours" format?
13:07:53 <eumel8> yes, no special topics today, only Open Discussion
13:08:21 <eumel8> we had this also in the past as office hour.
13:08:34 <eumel8> Good idea, I think so
13:09:07 <jpich> We could even have it on the i18n channel directly and at different times, it seems to work well for other teams. The format is more relaxed
13:09:16 <jpich> Seems like something interesting to try yeah!
13:10:11 <eumel8> but there is no agenda, isn't it?
13:10:44 <jpich> Yeah. Kinda like eternal open discussion I guess :)
13:12:03 <jpich> You can still bring up the important on-topic stuff, like deadlines coming up etc... I think the flexible format might be make it more accessible for people not directly involved? ianychoi_ was suggesting bringing up the office hours on the operators list, etc
13:12:34 <jpich> it'd be interesting to see if different people pop up
13:12:54 <eumel8> then maybe a mix up would be  better: 2 team meetings the month and 2 office hours
13:13:16 <eumel8> we have alltime internal discussions as a team
13:13:55 <jpich> I think it might make things more confusing, when is it ok for people to show up at one or the other, what topics for one or the other...
13:15:24 <eumel8> team meetings are only announced in openstack-i18n, office hours should be announced on openstack-dev
13:15:48 <eumel8> I'm also not really sure if we should switch the IRC channel
13:17:32 <jpich> Switching gives us more flexibility with times (just noting this because I've seen other projects trying different time slots for the office hours when they start out), can help with people forgetting to join the meeting channel on time (me!), and if we get newcomers maybe it can get them into the habit of joining the i18n channel and sticking around?
13:20:17 <jpich> I'm not sure how 2 office hours / 2 team meetings would work for the time slots either, with the alternating times we already have? Like office hours would always be the early slot or the mid-day slot, unless we either switch the times on the calendar, or have 2 team meetings in a row
13:20:41 <eumel8> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/
13:21:34 <jpich> I don't think having office hours completely precludes having an agenda or talking about "team" stuff, it's just makes the meeting open a bit more widely
13:21:37 <eumel8> I think on the last topics like summit sessions or project update session. thats not align with an office hour, more with a team meeting
13:22:05 <eumel8> yes, absolutly
13:22:16 <eumel8> have to think about it
13:22:25 <jpich> When I look into the TC office hours they still talk about TC-related minutia, it's not just "open for queries from the outside"
13:22:39 <eumel8> and will check the channel list on the link
13:23:06 <jpich> I think there's a patch one can submit somewhere to get the meeting bot to join the channel and that's about it
13:23:23 <jpich> but yeah options! We don't have to do try switching channel and office hours at the same time anyway
13:23:29 <jpich> starting with just one is probably wiser :)
13:24:18 <jpich> It's difficult for me to attend the 07:00UTC slot, so that's one reason I'm not sure about alternating topics. But yeah an interesting idea to think about
13:24:46 <eumel8> I am a little anxious
13:25:09 <jpich> about which bit?
13:26:59 <eumel8> We are German, we want to organize everything. In Office Hours without plans I think things will getting lost. When I want to discuss special topics on special times and want to announce this on the mailing list before.
13:29:36 <jpich> We can try a light version of both, inviting everyone to pop by the office hours, and additionally include a mention of "and these are some of the topics I'd like to bring up" so interested people make a particular note to join?
13:30:24 <jpich> not an agenda per-se :-) I dunno. Maybe ianychoi_ can talk a bit more on the thread about what he had in mind too and how he envisions it
13:31:21 <eumel8> yes, I wouldn't overstrain this topic.
13:32:29 <eumel8> see the docs team meeting: it's over-organized to death
13:33:14 <jpich> I'll have a look
13:35:28 <eumel8> It was the claims of everyone. At the end, no one was there.
13:37:37 <jpich> :(
13:38:39 <eumel8> But I'll give it a try.
13:39:09 <eumel8> Have to check my diary for the next weeks.
13:40:19 <eumel8> still busy time till the summit.
13:41:11 <jpich> Good luck!
13:42:17 <eumel8> We have Project Onboarding and Projekt Update session. Will see how it work out
13:42:21 <jpich> 07:00 UTC still falls right in the middle of my commute so I'm not sure how often I'll be able to join that one unfortunately, but I'll try my best
13:42:26 <jpich> Cool!!
13:46:30 <eumel8> 07:00 is very late, if you start at 06:00 ;)
13:47:54 <eumel8> because of that I want to finish my day work now :)
13:48:10 <eumel8> if there are no more topics I would close the meeting
13:49:41 <jpich> Sounds good to me :) Thank you
13:51:31 <eumel8> thx :)
13:51:34 <eumel8> #endmeeting