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07:01:23 <eumel8> good morning
07:01:38 <eumel8> welcome to I18n meeting
07:02:28 <Linkid> Hi
07:02:38 <eumel8> hi linkid
07:02:44 <pkovar> hello
07:02:58 <eumel8> hello pkovar
07:03:33 <eumel8> #info i18n docs project update Berlin #link https://www.openstack.org/videos/berlin-2018/i18ndocs-project-update
07:04:01 <eumel8> #topic ATC status in that cycle
07:04:20 <eumel8> first topic is ATC status in that cycle
07:04:39 <eumel8> cycle is a bit longer as the previous
07:05:10 <eumel8> so Extra-ATC deadline is expected after PTL election in March 2019
07:05:52 <eumel8> but from some people the status will expire in January
07:06:42 <eumel8> so, we have to refresh the status in January and have to propose a second in March 2019
07:07:28 <eumel8> that means two times collecting Zanata data and puzzle it together
07:07:43 <Linkid> Is this status for one or two cycle, usually ?
07:07:52 <amotoki> eumel8: are all translations considered as ATC?
07:08:22 <eumel8> Linkid; for two. So normaly you're save for the next 2 cycle
07:08:30 <amotoki> My question is from whitepaper translations and/or ops-guide translations.
07:08:55 <eumel8> amotoki: yes, also Whitepaper Translations are now collected
07:09:55 <amotoki> I wonder some translations are categorized into AUC or not....
07:09:55 <eumel8> And every community member can propose Extra-ATC
07:11:07 <amotoki> eumel8: do you mean "foundation member"?
07:12:03 <eumel8> amotoki: ok, we have to double-check this, maybe ianychoi can help with, but it's a technically contribution, so it should fit ATC status
07:12:13 <eumel8> yes, foundation member, of course.
07:12:44 <eumel8> I will do this in January. For March we will see if a new PTL is on the horizon who can make the task :)
07:14:30 <eumel8> amotoki: but thanks for the hint, I will look at ATC/AUC requirements
07:14:54 <eumel8> next topic
07:15:04 <amotoki> eumel8: no worries. FYI operations-guide repo is categorized into sig-repos now
07:15:14 <amotoki> that hits me the question
07:15:28 <eumel8> yeah, good point
07:15:45 <eumel8> #topic Status of project doc translation
07:16:59 <eumel8> In project doc translation we had a new release of openstackdocstheme (1.28) which includes amotoki's build script for project doc translations
07:17:32 <eumel8> the script can be called in tox.ini to build translated docs with this nice language menu
07:18:25 <eumel8> it works in operations-guide, contributing-guide, i18n-guide, unfortunatelly not in the specific folders in project repos
07:18:40 <eumel8> that means, sub-folders are not working
07:19:24 <eumel8> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/623429/
07:19:28 <eumel8> for example
07:20:35 <eumel8> there are some fixes on the way and stephenfin started to work on a sphinx-extension for that
07:21:52 <eumel8> so, like horizon docs translation. you can import that but it will not build and published at the moment
07:22:15 <pkovar> still a good progress i'd say :)
07:23:38 <eumel8> as a new project I proposed Trove for project doc translation and translation Trove in general, because the project was renewed this year from the Samsung guys in Poland
07:23:43 <amotoki> yeah, good progress, thanks! sphinx extension would be nice :)
07:23:55 <eumel8> indeed
07:24:24 <eumel8> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/624676/
07:24:34 <eumel8> next topic
07:24:54 <eumel8> #topic New projects for translation
07:25:05 <eumel8> I mentioned already Trove
07:25:44 <eumel8> and we want to start with Storyboard translation in that cycle. #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/623508/
07:27:09 <eumel8> Storyboard is a Python project so should be translatable. Will see how it works at the end.
07:27:19 <eumel8> next topic
07:27:33 <eumel8> #topic I18n in OpenStack Map
07:27:39 <eumel8> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/623418/
07:28:13 <eumel8> I missed Docs and I18n in the OpenStack Map and on the start page of new contributors.
07:28:44 <eumel8> I had some discussions with ttx and they want to puzzle a chapter for that into
07:29:21 <eumel8> beside that we can put Docs and I18n as supporting teams, so we are visible in the map
07:29:41 <Linkid> Yes, great idea
07:30:00 <eumel8> so, lots of topics for the first meeting :)
07:30:10 <eumel8> maybe discussion at the end of the round
07:30:19 <eumel8> and will handover to pkovar
07:30:27 <eumel8> #endmeeting