13:51:57 <dangtrinhnt_x> #startmeeting openstack search
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13:52:16 <dangtrinhnt_x> #topic Use cases for Searchlight
13:52:49 <dangtrinhnt_x> #link https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2004178
13:53:09 <dangtrinhnt_x> thuydang has created the story
13:53:45 <dangtrinhnt_x> What we are trying to do here is to develop some use cases of Searchlight
13:54:04 <dangtrinhnt_x> to make other people understand what Searchlight can do in a cloud environment
13:54:31 <dangtrinhnt_x> sapd1, can you help?
13:55:01 <sapd1> yes. Could you give some example for this? It will make me more understand of this.
13:55:04 <dangtrinhnt_x> just need to create a doc page describing how one could use Searchlight and what purpuse
13:55:17 <dangtrinhnt_x> ok, let me see
13:56:07 <sapd1> as I understand, we will write doc page and give some use cases.
13:56:38 <sapd1> About How we are using Searchlight for operation and management.
13:57:50 <dangtrinhnt_x> yes, and in production scenarios
13:58:02 <dangtrinhnt_x> #link https://fenix.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user/architecture.html
13:58:26 <dangtrinhnt_x> somethink like this docs of the Fenix project
13:58:29 <dangtrinhnt_x> something
13:58:43 <dangtrinhnt_x> but in a more comprehensive way
13:59:48 <sapd1> I think we have the other one. https://docs.openstack.org/searchlight/latest/admin/architecture.html
14:00:05 <dangtrinhnt_x> yes, but that is too much of technical stuff
14:00:30 <dangtrinhnt_x> I meant something more obvious for a regular users
14:00:57 <dangtrinhnt_x> so they can easy understand what Searchlight can be used in production
14:01:26 <dangtrinhnt_x> right now the documents focus on the technical parts
14:01:53 <dangtrinhnt_x> while in fact, Searchlight can be used in a variety of ways
14:02:16 <dangtrinhnt_x> and I believe Searchlight can be used outside of OpenStack
14:02:20 <sapd1> dangtrinhnt_x, I agree with you.
14:02:46 <dangtrinhnt_x> or with external services like Kubernetes or AWS etc.
14:03:00 <dangtrinhnt_x> it just need plugins :)
14:03:18 <sapd1> I think Searchlight is fit with some large cloud clusters.
14:03:26 <dangtrinhnt_x> ok
14:03:36 <sapd1> It has thousands of vm/volume.
14:03:44 <dangtrinhnt_x> sure
14:03:50 <sapd1> But in small environment, It doesn't make sense.
14:03:59 <dangtrinhnt_x> ok
14:04:09 <dangtrinhnt_x> I noted it down, thanks.
14:04:46 <sapd1> because when deploy or maintain a new service, It takes more resource for it. I mean we need ES Cluster.
14:05:02 <dangtrinhnt_x> sure
14:06:19 <sapd1> yes. We can integrate searchlight with other projects such as K8s.
14:06:47 <sapd1> As I know, K8s has lack of notification event as openstack.
14:07:06 <dangtrinhnt_x> awesome
14:07:13 <dangtrinhnt_x> that could be a blueprint :")
14:07:19 <dangtrinhnt_x> Do you want to do it?
14:07:59 <dangtrinhnt_x> Or you can just write the specs, I will help with the implementation
14:08:12 <dangtrinhnt_x> I can also help with the spec too
14:08:20 <dangtrinhnt_x> K8S is the trend now you know
14:10:41 <dangtrinhnt_x> ok, I will investigate K8S and draft a document for it
14:10:55 <sapd1> So We have to make it more clearer, Is it a new important feature? Do we need it? Or how to implement it. Should we depend on magnum?
14:11:49 <sapd1> dangtrinhnt_x, Currently searchlight is not supported Octavia notification? Right?
14:12:05 <dangtrinhnt_x> Any feature is important right now, I think. Yes we do if we can make people see its value. Magnum -> I don't think so.
14:12:42 <dangtrinhnt_x> sapd1, no, Searchlight does not support Octavia yet
14:12:57 <dangtrinhnt_x> It could be another blueprint, sapd1
14:13:22 <dangtrinhnt_x> :
14:13:24 <dangtrinhnt_x> :)
14:13:45 <sapd1> yes. we should support all core projects first. I think.
14:13:49 <sapd1> :D
14:13:55 <dangtrinhnt_x> yeah, cool
14:14:12 <dangtrinhnt_x> sapd1, so do you think you can start working on the spec for Octavia soon?
14:15:04 <dangtrinhnt_x> If you think it's is possible we can do it in Stein-2 or 3
14:15:19 <sapd1> dangtrinhnt_x, Yes. I will investigate Octavia and write a spec for Octavia.
14:15:27 <dangtrinhnt_x> awesome!
14:15:39 <dangtrinhnt_x> Ok, you can start by register a story in the Storyboard
14:15:47 <dangtrinhnt_x> #link https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project/openstack/searchlight
14:15:56 <sapd1> yep. I got it.
14:15:57 <dangtrinhnt_x> That's cool sapd1
14:16:33 <dangtrinhnt_x> ok, so I think we've done with the use cases and blueprints
14:16:47 <dangtrinhnt_x> let's talk about your contribution :)
14:16:51 <dangtrinhnt_x> #topic new contributor
14:17:16 <dangtrinhnt_x> Like you know, there's only me on the project now
14:17:29 <dangtrinhnt_x> the other cores I think they're too busy to help
14:17:36 <sapd1> you are not alone. :D
14:17:55 <dangtrinhnt_x> do you think you can commit with me on the Searchlight project, at least for the Stein cycle?
14:18:07 <sapd1> yes. I'm busy right now. But I will spend time to help you If I can.
14:18:14 <dangtrinhnt_x> awesome, thanks
14:18:44 <sapd1> Let's talk about searchlight-ui
14:18:55 <dangtrinhnt_x> if you have enough contribution, let's say, 2 blueprints, I can propose to add you as a core-reviewer
14:19:31 <dangtrinhnt_x> sapd1, let's finish this human resource stuff first, ok? :)
14:19:48 <sapd1> I will try.
14:19:58 <dangtrinhnt_x> awesome
14:19:59 <dangtrinhnt_x> ok
14:20:03 <dangtrinhnt_x> #topic Searchlight UI
14:20:22 <dangtrinhnt_x> I heard that you found some bug?
14:20:33 <sapd1> Do you remember which I talk to you last week.
14:20:42 <dangtrinhnt_x> Could you please fire a report in the storyboard? sapd1
14:20:51 <dangtrinhnt_x> https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project/openstack/searchlight-ui
14:20:51 <sapd1> about a search-bar in head of Horizon.
14:20:57 <dangtrinhnt_x> ok
14:21:10 <sapd1> dangtrinhnt_x, about that bug. I will re-check
14:21:13 <dangtrinhnt_x> what about it, my memory is very bad lately :)
14:21:18 <dangtrinhnt_x> ok, thank sapd1
14:21:44 <sapd1> currently, searchlight is a separated page/panel
14:21:54 <sapd1> same as instance page or volume page
14:22:08 <dangtrinhnt_x> ok
14:22:32 <sapd1> It takes time to go to this page first.
14:22:44 <dangtrinhnt_x> true
14:23:19 <dangtrinhnt_x> so you think it's better to move it out, as a universal search in the Horizon?
14:23:48 <dangtrinhnt_x> something like Google but for the OpenStack?
14:23:59 <sapd1> It is not satisfaction.
14:23:59 <dangtrinhnt_x> OpenStack resources search I meant
14:24:10 <sapd1> yep.
14:24:28 <sapd1> Move it to top.
14:24:42 <sapd1> We can type keyword for search in everywhere.
14:24:49 <dangtrinhnt_x> ok, that's a great idea
14:24:57 <dangtrinhnt_x> I will fire a story for it
14:25:15 <sapd1> Anything else?
14:25:31 <dangtrinhnt_x> nothing from me
14:25:43 <dangtrinhnt_x> ok
14:25:48 <dangtrinhnt_x> let me wrap it up
14:26:35 <dangtrinhnt_x> 1. A use of using Searclight with K8S or external resoures. It can be new feature of Searchlight.
14:26:48 <dangtrinhnt_x> 2. Support Octavia
14:27:11 <dangtrinhnt_x> 3. Move searchbar to the top of Horizon dashboard
14:27:24 <dangtrinhnt_x> sapd1, do you anything to add?
14:27:43 <sapd1> No, I don't
14:27:52 <dangtrinhnt_x> Ok, let's end the meeting
14:27:55 <dangtrinhnt_x> #endmeeting