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18:00:32 <bdpayne> good morning / afternoon / evening OSSG
18:01:05 <bdpayne> Bryan Payne from Nebula here
18:01:10 <bdpayne> who else is joining today?
18:01:30 <rellerreller> Here, but checking out a few minutes early
18:03:17 <bdpayne> hrm, perhaps it's just us today?
18:03:26 <bdpayne> anything you want to discuss?
18:03:44 <rellerreller> I don't really have anything.
18:04:12 <bdpayne> ok… I don't have much for this week either
18:04:21 <bdpayne> so perhaps we'll just cancel for today
18:04:37 <bdpayne> thanks for attending rellerreller :-)
18:04:41 <rellerreller> I'm ok with that
18:04:48 <rellerreller> No problem :-)
18:04:51 <bdpayne> #endmeeting