18:00:25 <bdpayne> #startmeeting OpenStack Security Group
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18:00:36 <bdpayne> hi everyone
18:00:41 <bpb> hey
18:01:09 <bpb> I hear an echo ....
18:01:15 <bdpayne> I don't have much on the agenda for the meeting today
18:01:31 <bdpayne> But I at least wanted to check in and see if there are any issues that people would like to discuss
18:01:52 <elo> good morning...
18:02:00 <elo> not for me
18:02:16 <bdpayne> bpb anything you'd like to discuss?
18:02:19 <bpb> We got our last patch into Cinder for the volume encryption, so that it's a plug and play feature.  No issues to report, though
18:02:31 <bdpayne> bpb great news!
18:02:39 <bdpayne> is that the last patch needed for the volume encryption work?
18:03:05 <bpb> Yes, that's right.  But the key manager is not full featured at all...
18:03:20 <bpb> We're waiting for Barbican
18:03:33 <bdpayne> understood
18:03:42 <bdpayne> but nice to have the feature wrapped up for Havanna
18:04:08 <bpb> We were sweating for a while, esp. with the gating issue.
18:04:14 <bdpayne> indeed
18:04:17 <thomasbiege1> hi
18:04:32 <bdpayne> thomasbiege1 anything you'd like to discuss today?
18:04:47 <thomasbiege1> bdpayne: no, sorry
18:04:51 <bdpayne> ok, no worries
18:04:59 <thomasbiege1> :)
18:05:01 <bdpayne> Sounds like a quiet week, which if just fine
18:05:16 <thomasbiege1> even natinal holiday here
18:05:19 <bdpayne> So I won't keep you guys… have a great week and we'll touch base again next week with some more summit planning
18:05:44 <rellerreller> Whoa. That was quick.
18:05:47 <bpb> sounds great.  Joel should be back next week too.
18:06:17 <bdpayne> #endmeeting