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20:03:32 <ildikov> anyone around on this nice holiday day? :)
20:05:50 <spotz> \o/
20:05:54 <spotz> hehe
20:06:09 <ildikov> I guess we can close down quick today :)
20:06:18 <spotz> woot!
20:06:31 <ildikov> well, it's mainly planning for PTG
20:06:55 <ildikov> getting very close to the VM gate job
20:07:10 <ildikov> #link https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/project/913
20:07:19 <ildikov> contributor portal migration ^^
20:07:21 <spotz> Yeah I saw Marc talking about it:)
20:07:50 <ildikov> and we have interest from OpenStack Days Nordic to run the one day long training this year again
20:08:22 <ildikov> spotz: yep, kmARC is our hero on that front and we're all welcomed to test :)
20:09:02 <ildikov> diablo_rojo will soon have updates on the PTG layout so we can do more thorough planning
20:09:12 <spotz> yeah I'll give it a shot, last we talked he had succeeded with vmware
20:09:14 <ildikov> spotz: that's what I got
20:09:25 <ildikov> spotz: cool, thanks
20:09:40 <spotz> I'm crossing fingers but I can't get a straight answer:(
20:09:55 <ildikov> spotz: I hope we can get some working session on the PTG as we always get to some level of brainstorming and then nothing happens
20:10:21 <ildikov> spotz: :/
20:10:32 <ildikov> spotz: anything I can help with?
20:10:42 <spotz> ildikov: Yeah even if it was 2 hours to move somoe stuff to the portal, but from the comments in the last meeting people will be pulled pretty thin
20:11:10 <ildikov> spotz: as always, but still
20:11:25 <spotz> ildikov: It's too early in the year for me to take a week off, even though I know I've got a good chance at TSP
20:11:39 <spotz> I should just be the poster child for TSP
20:11:53 <diablo_rojo> spotz, there is still time to Applu
20:11:55 <diablo_rojo> apply
20:11:57 <ildikov> spotz: we need you!
20:12:06 <diablo_rojo> ildikov, +1
20:13:11 <spotz> diablo_rojo ildikov - it all comes down to if they say vacation again. I know I need 5 days to horse show. Mudpuppy and I didn't even vacation last year
20:13:31 <spotz> An answer one way or the other would be nice but I'm in the silent zone
20:13:32 <ildikov> sadness, I'm sorry :(
20:13:55 <spotz> thanks ildikov, I just live through the pictures you guys post
20:13:56 <diablo_rojo> So long as you get a yay or nay by the 24th so you can apply to TSP
20:14:42 <spotz> Or sneak into someone's luggage at ATX airport:)
20:14:57 <diablo_rojo> spotz, lol
20:15:16 <ildikov> spotz: I still have my hope, but I'm not saying sacrifice vacations, it's not what open source is supposed to be about
20:15:54 <spotz> But yeah when I find out will let you guys know
20:16:18 <ildikov> fingers crossed!
20:17:25 * diablo_rojo crosses fingers
20:17:26 <spotz> but happier talk:) What about a working breakfast or something to knock out some portal stuff while there?
20:18:13 <diablo_rojo> Working breakfast? How early do you wake up?
20:18:27 <ildikov> spotz: I won't be busy all week, I'm sure, so I'm happy to sit down with a smaller group or just one other person to get stuff done
20:18:32 * diablo_rojo sleeps till the last minute
20:18:38 <ildikov> whenever we find time
20:19:18 <spotz> I'm good about waking up, tempted to have the git and gerrit moved to breakfast vs lunch and learn
20:20:19 <ildikov> I'm not really a morning person even if I'll be in time zone for the PTG
20:20:33 <spotz> hehe, I have to be only time I have to go ride:)
20:20:38 <ildikov> but if that's the time we find then I'll do my best :)
20:20:43 <diablo_rojo> I am bad at going to bed so I am bad at waking up.
20:20:58 <diablo_rojo> ildikov, same. I can if I have to.
20:21:19 <ildikov> spotz: if you can finally come jet lag will mess things up :)
20:21:58 <spotz> ildikov: hehe
20:22:47 <ildikov> we can figure it out as we get closer to the event and figuring out schedules etc.
20:23:37 <diablo_rojo> Works for me.
20:25:01 <ildikov> I don't have more topics for today
20:26:41 <spotz> And we still went about 30 minutes:)
20:26:58 <ildikov> spotz: the chatty people :)
20:27:09 <diablo_rojo> Please please review my contributor guide patch
20:27:16 <spotz> link?
20:27:37 <diablo_rojo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/528119/ Task Tracking
20:27:58 <ildikov> diablo_rojo: have you addressed Mike's comments?
20:28:30 <diablo_rojo> ildikov, not yet, was hoping to get a few more before I did another overhaul
20:28:47 <spotz> Ok so will review based on those being outstanding
20:28:57 <diablo_rojo> spotz, much appreciated :)
20:29:03 <ildikov> diablo_rojo: ok, I will check again whether there's anything more from me
20:29:09 <diablo_rojo> ildikov, thank you :)
20:29:23 <ildikov> diablo_rojo: np :)
20:29:59 <diablo_rojo> Okay, that's all I had :)
20:30:24 <ildikov> if nothing else, then have a nice rest of your (holi)day girls! :)
20:31:22 <ildikov> #endmeeting