15:01:01 <hurgleburgler> #startmeeting openstack_ux
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15:01:19 <hurgleburgler> Hello!
15:01:36 <hurgleburgler> I'll be running the meeting today because Piet is out
15:01:43 <matt-borland> O/
15:01:51 <matt-borland> caps lock: big head.
15:02:17 <hurgleburgler> I'm not sure if there was an agenda somewhere
15:02:17 <ducttape_> I gotta duck out in a bit for something else, looked like a couple of reviews up ?
15:02:32 <hurgleburgler> #topic Reviews
15:02:33 <ducttape_> swift review was in gerrit, I know that
15:02:45 <hurgleburgler> I helped piet push a couple of reviews
15:02:54 <ducttape_> I think standalone ironic was the other
15:03:01 <hurgleburgler> I'm happy that one of them was an svg
15:03:12 <hurgleburgler> but it was a very high definition svg, 59k lines long
15:03:21 <hurgleburgler> I think we still have a way to go to make them simpler
15:03:37 <ducttape_> yep, some way to visually show them would be helpful
15:04:00 <hurgleburgler> Getting that through Gerrit isn't gonna happen anytime soon :(
15:04:08 <hurgleburgler> the best way to view svgs is usually on your browser
15:04:33 <hurgleburgler> The Table Proposals also went up
15:04:45 <hurgleburgler> to invision
15:04:45 <hurgleburgler> https://invis.io/4R6DKA9QF
15:04:58 <hurgleburgler> and Launch Instance Proposals
15:05:00 <hurgleburgler> https://invis.io/ZG6DKSJBV
15:05:27 <hurgleburgler> If you have time, please take a look at them
15:05:43 <hurgleburgler> #topic Documentation
15:06:02 <hurgleburgler> last month we had talked about writing some developer documentation for the repo
15:06:10 <hurgleburgler> did anyone have anything to update on that?
15:06:30 <ducttape_> nada
15:06:42 <hurgleburgler> Me neither
15:06:48 <hurgleburgler> I think its just the three of us?
15:07:03 <hurgleburgler> #topic Open Topic
15:07:16 <hurgleburgler> Did anyone else have anything they wanted to talk about?
15:08:01 <ducttape_> I got nothing, the stuff on swift looks very good.  Hopeful to see progress there
15:08:42 <hurgleburgler> hehe, lets hope we find time to implement it too ;)
15:08:56 <hurgleburgler> ok, i'm gonna call it if no one has anything else :)
15:09:10 <ducttape_> nope, thanks hurgleburgler.  happy friday all!
15:09:22 <hurgleburgler> Yeah, Happy Friday!
15:09:24 <hurgleburgler> #endmeeting openstack_ux