15:01:46 <piet> #startmeeting openstack_ux
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15:02:18 <piet> Let's take role
15:02:27 <krotscheck> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
15:02:36 <TravT> o/
15:03:21 <piet> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/UX
15:04:07 <piet> #topic OpenStack Summit
15:04:51 <piet> A couple of things you should know about that are in the meeting wiki
15:04:55 <_ducttape_> o/
15:05:19 <piet> We will be running a usability study on Wednesday to study the OpenStackClient
15:05:37 <piet> Hilton Austin - Level 6 - MR 613
15:06:08 <betherly> o/
15:06:27 <piet> We need a few more operators to participate
15:06:39 <piet> Although recruiting through the foundation went well
15:06:55 <piet> Send your operators buddies to http://doodle.com/poll/g7fvzhzm8ycpqefv
15:07:28 <piet> I want to say we're at five participants and would like to get to ten
15:07:55 <robcresswell> You can tag it in the ops track
15:07:59 <robcresswell> That might help?
15:08:13 <piet> Yeah, good point.
15:08:14 <TravT> yeah, people may just find it and show up
15:08:44 <hurgleburgler> maybe we should bribe people with swag
15:08:45 <piet> Would rather schedule just to make sure we have heads.  Maybe a combo of both
15:09:12 <piet> yeah, need to find companies that are willing to contribute swag
15:09:36 <TravT> just make a few swings through the marketplace with a bag
15:09:46 <TravT> and then redistribute
15:09:49 <TravT> ;)
15:10:00 <piet> Am talking at the board meeting about setting aside money for gratuities
15:10:08 <piet> Travt nice!
15:11:13 <piet> Any comments/concerns?  ducctape interest in participating?
15:12:14 <piet> We need to show value so the foundation assumes that we will always get a space at the summit for research
15:12:18 <hurgleburgler> ducttape_ isn't here
15:12:32 <TravT> _ducttape_: ^
15:12:48 <hurgleburgler> TravT thanks :)
15:13:05 <piet> I can reach-out to him later
15:13:05 <robcresswell> tab autocomplete guys :p
15:13:55 <TravT> piet what is the scope of the OSC commands being tested?
15:14:05 <TravT> is this on an etherpad or something?
15:15:10 <_ducttape_> I'm here, sorry
15:15:15 <piet> We are still working on scenarios but it would look like adding folks to a project and adjusting quotas .  There are a few others, but not in front of me.
15:15:16 <_ducttape_> had to walk away for second
15:15:24 <TravT> ok
15:15:59 <piet> I sent out an email to a few operators to ask about operator tasks
15:16:07 <_ducttape_> you were pinging me about os client stuff?  interviews?
15:16:37 <piet> _duttape_ Usability at the summit to investigate the OpenStackClient with operators
15:16:51 <_ducttape_> right now os client is mainly used for keystone stuff for us, many other tasks we still fall back to the other clis
15:17:28 <piet> We are ok with people that don't have deep experience
15:17:31 <_ducttape_> the os-client is really a work in progress at the current time, it's tough to give feedback on something halfway implemented
15:17:58 <piet> We are specifically using tasks that are in the client
15:18:00 <piet> http://doodle.com/poll/g7fvzhzm8ycpqefv
15:19:04 <piet> #topic Persona Presentation
15:19:43 <piet> Just as an FYI, we have a persona presentation on Mon, 2:00pm-2:40pm at Austin Convention Center - Level 1 - Ballroom C
15:20:29 <piet> Eventually we will work with the keystone folks and the founsation to align on roles
15:21:09 <_ducttape_> what does that mean piet ?  there will be some standard set of roles ?
15:21:21 <piet> The personas are pivoting a bit to include "model companies" that describe adoption strategies for different different companies
15:21:32 <piet> We're trying to get at a standard set
15:22:10 <_ducttape_> ok.  I would expect a lot of people to have custom roles and use them in different ways, would be my concern
15:22:15 <piet> For example, the roles you see in the survey will be the same ones that are being used by the Product WG
15:22:30 <piet> _ducttape_ agreed
15:23:16 <piet> _ducttape_ It feels very difficult to create roles because the tasks associated with them vary
15:23:51 <piet> _ducttape_ which is why we are pivoting towards model companies
15:23:57 <_ducttape_> the motivation behind different roles, what users are trying to get at with them, etc....
15:24:33 <piet> _ducttape_ the motivation is provide a standar set of roles for the product wg
15:25:11 <piet> Also, there doesn't seem to be much agreement in the community on the different roles.  Would like to standardize
15:26:17 <piet> For example, make sure that keystone and the other projects agree on the roles so there is alignment
15:26:17 <piet> BTW - a huge takeway from the user survey was lack of coordination between projects
15:26:51 <piet> Coolio? ready to change topics?
15:26:56 <robcresswell> Sure
15:27:22 <piet> #topic OpenStack board presentation
15:28:06 <piet> We are presenting to the board on Sun, 9:20 - 9:40 @ JW Marriott Level 3, Salons G/H
15:28:36 <piet> thirty minutes https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1nq749sBG5x-xqEy7QOxCUduMDHdJWiC24RJVzpaAUpA/edit?usp=sharing
15:28:51 <piet> Please do not change the presentation
15:29:26 <piet> Decent visibility hopefully
15:30:01 <tsufiev> piet, perhaps change visibility to 'Anyone with link can comment'?
15:30:11 <tsufiev> to avoid unpleasant surprises
15:32:05 <piet> tsufiev I have some folks from IBM also editing, but good idea because we're basically done
15:32:33 <piet> tsufiev done
15:33:21 <piet> Among other things, asking the foundation for $$$$ for research gratuities
15:33:27 <piet> Coolio?
15:33:35 <robcresswell> Sounds good
15:33:51 <tsufiev> piet, it'd be safer anyways, thanks :)
15:34:06 <piet> tsufiev yep
15:34:45 <piet> #topic Video interview in SuperUser
15:35:13 <piet> I will be interviewed on SuperUser on Thurs, 11:35
15:35:27 <piet> About stuff that OpenStack UX is working on
15:36:03 <piet> Coolio?
15:37:10 <piet> #topic UX Working Session @ Design Summit
15:37:21 <piet> Wed, 11:50am-12:30pm @ Hilton Austin - MR 414
15:38:18 <piet> Mostly planning and discussing why no one is using the UX repo
15:38:39 <robcresswell> That clashes with the Horizon fishbowl, so I wont be able to make it
15:38:55 <piet> Fun...let me see if I can change the time
15:39:26 <piet> Assuming all of you are going to the Horizon Fishbowl?
15:39:46 <robcresswell> Its just the feedback session, so not necessarily
15:39:57 <piet> Gotcha
15:40:05 <robcresswell> Mainly just be throwing things at the ptl I think
15:40:05 <piet> Maybe I should go to the fishbowl....
15:40:21 <piet> robcresswell Like apples?
15:40:34 <piet> Tomatos?
15:40:34 <robcresswell> apples, rotten tomatoes, that kind of thing
15:41:01 <piet> #topic recruiting for studies
15:41:38 <piet> So, the foundation has created a list of folks that are willing to participate in user research
15:41:46 <piet> About 150 of them
15:41:55 <piet> Different roles
15:42:05 * krotscheck will throw javascript at the PTL
15:42:48 <piet> So, here is the informal protocol for recruiting participants
15:43:10 <piet> #1 project needs to conduct research
15:43:37 <piet> #2 approaches OpenStack PTL
15:44:01 <piet> #3 OpenStack UX prioritizes research
15:44:26 <piet> #4 we are allowed one recruitment per month to avoid burn-out
15:45:07 <piet> Informal process, but intended to save the foundation headaches by getting multiple requests
15:45:51 <piet> I believe that the Horizon/Searchlight will be next month (assuming they get their stuff together)
15:46:25 <piet> travt I need some dates for the study
15:47:05 <piet> travt Hellllloooooo
15:47:34 <robcresswell> TravT ^^
15:47:59 <piet> Or  Horizon/Searchlight will be pushed to June
15:48:00 <robcresswell> piet: Fairly sure its case-sensitive
15:48:45 <piet> Kk
15:49:25 <piet> #topic User Overview panel
15:49:51 <piet> david-lyle Have you heard from London?
15:50:36 <piet> So, the London OTC UX team should be working on concepts for the Overview panel
15:50:56 <piet> I believe due early next week for review
15:51:59 <piet> Okey anything else?
15:52:13 <david-lyle> piet progressing nicely
15:52:51 <piet> david-lyle when are you reviewing?
15:53:32 <david-lyle> should be up for community review soonish, there is a vacation involved
15:53:40 <piet> Kk
15:54:12 <piet> #topic Pholio
15:54:50 <piet> Take a look at http://os01.mcwhirter.io/ and lemme know if suitable replacement for Invision
15:55:46 <robcresswell> Did you mean pholio or phabricator?
15:56:01 <piet> pholio is an app inside of phabricator
15:56:07 <robcresswell> Ah
15:56:24 <tsufiev> where is exactly a design review tool inside the site at link?
15:56:50 <tsufiev> ah, I see - it's at http://os01.mcwhirter.io/pholio/
15:57:05 <piet> Go to "customize menu" in the left menu
15:57:23 <piet> I believe you can add pholio from there
15:57:44 <piet> Not sure whether it will scale to 1000's of images
15:57:59 <robcresswell> If it scales to ten images its way ahead of invision
15:58:08 <piet> opensource and can be hosted by the community
15:58:21 <piet> robcresswell exactly
15:58:37 <piet> Maybe able to integrate with gerrit, but need to aks
15:58:41 <piet> "ask"
15:58:51 <robcresswell> Async loading! Hoorah! This wins
15:59:13 <piet> robcresswell winner, winner chicken dinner
15:59:54 <piet> ok - gotta go to another meeting to review some persona illustrations
16:00:04 <piet> Anything else?
16:00:09 <robcresswell> thanks piet
16:00:15 <piet> yep
16:00:16 <tsufiev> thanks, piet
16:00:34 <tsufiev> robcresswell, have to investigate how well it handles a lot of comments
16:00:52 <piet> tsufiev yep
16:00:55 <piet> #endmeeting openstack_ux