15:11:36 <piet> #startmeeting openstack_ux
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15:11:48 <julim> it might be worth sending a calendar invite so folks have it on their calendar
15:11:59 <julim> I still have it from last year and it's on the wrong weeks
15:12:24 <piet> julim assuming we get agreement on a time.  May need to reach-out to the foundation or TC about this...
15:12:35 <piet> #topic gratuities woot!
15:12:47 <hurgleburgler> \o/
15:13:04 <julim> piet - I think time is already decided unless you're thinking to change it again
15:13:08 * ducttape_ is super confused right now
15:14:35 <piet> ducttape_ me too - there seems to be some disagreement between the calendar download and clicking on the time in eavesdrop
15:14:45 <piet> Anyhooo....
15:15:19 <piet> The foundation has agree to provides funding to provide gratuities for user research
15:15:22 <ducttape_> let's talk just the same, if there are issues / things to work through ?
15:15:56 <julim> AWESOME news of gratuties!
15:16:14 <hurgleburgler> yeah, great news
15:16:23 <piet> This is good because it helps attract people that wouldn't ordinarily participate in studies.  Seriously, this is epic
15:16:54 <julim> funding approved for 3 surveys and 4 studies!!!
15:17:00 <julim> for this release
15:17:43 <piet> Yep, for the next six months.  Important to show value so they continue to provide funding
15:17:57 <piet> Any thoughts?
15:18:34 <piet> Kk
15:19:09 <piet> #topic research activities for the next six months
15:19:58 <piet> In may, we are planning to distribute a survey to recruit app developers and deployers for any studies conducted by the community
15:20:55 <piet> $300 in sweepstakes although we don't know whether to offer three gift certificates or what...
15:21:33 <piet> Any questions on why we're doing this?
15:22:11 <piet> Kk
15:23:19 <piet> In June, we will be distributing a survey to the recruited app devs to collected richer data than is currently being provided by the semi annual user survey
15:24:12 <piet> BTW the recruitment survey can be found at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-osux-appdevrecruiter
15:24:36 <piet> Thanks for julim for doing most of the work
15:24:56 <piet> However, feedback from the group is welcome
15:25:21 <julim> np piet. happy to help.
15:25:51 <julim> it still can do with some further updates/refinements, and we would appreciate folks taking a look and commenting. thanks!
15:26:04 <piet> Yep
15:26:19 <piet> ducttape_ we will be running a study on quotas and operators in July
15:26:49 <piet> ducttape_ helping operators manage quotas is a priority for us
15:27:49 <piet> Thanks to ducttape_ for helping to drive that meeting with stakeholders to discuss quotas
15:29:08 <piet> After that, we are planning to focus on personas, APIs, deployer/configuration and OSC
15:29:25 <piet> Very busy the next six months!
15:29:51 <piet> Questions?  Schedule can be found here https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/UX#Research_Priorities_for_Newton
15:30:51 <piet> #topic user experience track
15:31:49 <piet> Hoping to add user experience as a track for the next summit. Thinking it would be good to have the projects talk about how their efforts specifically benefit users
15:32:53 <piet> Questions? julim ? ducttape_ ? hurgleburgler ?
15:32:56 <ducttape_> sorry, dropped
15:33:00 <piet> np
15:33:08 <ducttape_> no prob on helping out, I like to complain
15:33:28 <julim> no questions.
15:33:31 <piet> ducttape_ thinking that you're supportive of working on quotas
15:33:40 <julim> thank you piet for all your work and for pushing in all these directions.
15:33:51 <julim> good progress being made all around!
15:33:55 <piet> julim thanks!
15:34:15 <piet> julim feel like we're finally getting some traction.
15:34:22 <julim> +1
15:34:34 <julim> agree would be nice to talk about it at next summit in barcelona
15:34:56 <piet> Any other questions? ducttape_  julim hurgleburgler
15:35:04 <ducttape_> none from me
15:35:09 <piet> Kk
15:35:09 <hurgleburgler> in general or on that subject?
15:35:12 <julim> none from me
15:36:09 <piet> hurgleburgler Did you have a question on this topic? Or should i move on to general discussion?
15:36:18 <hurgleburgler> nope, i'm good
15:36:19 <hurgleburgler> we can move on
15:36:26 <piet> Kk
15:36:41 <piet> hurgleburgler was there anything else you would like to discuss?
15:36:59 <hurgleburgler> I was wondering about progress on the replacement for Invision
15:37:07 <hurgleburgler> You had briefly mentioned it in Austin
15:37:13 <piet> Good question
15:37:14 <hurgleburgler> as something infra was going to try and run for us?
15:37:30 <piet> #topic Invision replacement
15:38:29 <piet> There seems to be more discussion on whether the community should use phabricator or continue to develop on storyboard
15:38:47 <piet> makes my head hurt a bit
15:39:19 <piet> storyboard won't have a mock review feature for likely a year
15:39:27 <hurgleburgler> So, the tool we want to use is located in Phabricator?
15:39:38 <hurgleburgler> or rather, the one we want to vet
15:40:05 <piet> hurgleburgler Yep - https://phacility.com/phabricator/pholio/
15:40:22 <piet> I'm currently thinking we move to pholio
15:40:35 <hurgleburgler> What would that take?
15:40:49 <piet> The infra team has stated they can have pholio up in about two months
15:40:55 <piet> In production
15:41:10 <david-lyle> piet: if they choose to go that way
15:41:21 <david-lyle> right now I think they've decided to decide
15:41:29 <hurgleburgler> lol
15:41:45 <piet> david-lyle yep, that's what I was also told
15:42:12 <piet> But we need a new solution ASAP is the feedback I'm currently getting from the team
15:42:27 <piet> Is that a fair characterization?
15:42:42 <david-lyle> piet people complain, it's 90% of what we are
15:42:49 <piet> Cause folks are hating on Invision
15:42:50 <hurgleburgler> david-lyle: any indication when the decision will be made?
15:42:55 <piet> david-lyle Heh
15:43:18 <david-lyle> hurgleburgler: no, but piet can ask :)
15:43:33 <piet> hurgleburgler on whether to use phabricator or storyoard?
15:44:30 <piet> hurgleburgler to give some context, they were having this conversation back in vancouver summit
15:44:34 <hurgleburgler> the infra phabricator decision
15:45:22 <piet> hurgleburgler The honest answer is we don't know, but will likely take a while
15:45:46 <hurgleburgler> just wondering
15:45:57 <piet> hurgleburgler if they move to storyboard then continued development will take significant time
15:46:31 <piet> my thinking is that we move to pholio for now
15:46:49 <piet> If they adopt phab then lucky us
15:47:21 <piet> If they adopt storyboard then it will be a while before it has a mock review tool
15:47:29 <piet> thoughts?
15:47:40 <david-lyle> I just think moving for moving's sake is not a great move
15:48:03 <hurgleburgler> I thought we would get to evaluate a possible replacement
15:48:04 <david-lyle> there are real costs to transitioning
15:48:05 <hurgleburgler> is that not an option?
15:48:35 <hurgleburgler> I'll poke at it a bit, maybe I can just get something running for us to look at first
15:48:37 <piet> Put out an instance of pholio for review but no one tried to use it
15:48:55 <hurgleburgler> piet: is it still running?
15:49:02 <david-lyle> did you post to the ML? or how did you let people know?
15:49:15 <piet> Because of the stalemate they killed the current instance of phab
15:49:55 <piet> david-lyle Posted to the status email I send ~ ever week and in a separate email
15:50:23 <piet> However, I have no problem asking craige to run another instance to evaluate.  Let me know...
15:50:34 <david-lyle> piet: what's the executive summary about what pholio fixes over invision?
15:50:37 <hurgleburgler> Do you still send those?
15:50:42 <hurgleburgler> I haven't gotten one in ages
15:51:07 <piet> Sending one after this meeting
15:51:19 <piet> last one was a few weeks ago
15:51:23 <hurgleburgler> How long did it take them to set it up?
15:51:27 <hurgleburgler> can we ask them to spin it up again?
15:51:48 <david-lyle> history?
15:52:04 <piet> hurgleburgler I can reach-out to craige and ask
15:52:37 <piet> david-lyle what do you mean by history?  The phab decision by infra?
15:52:59 <david-lyle> piet: that feature seems to be an improvement
15:53:03 <david-lyle> having a history
15:53:21 <david-lyle> wondering what else it does better
15:53:28 <david-lyle> but you can table me for now
15:53:50 <piet> You can review, but I recall it provides a history for the mock including when it was updated and comments
15:53:50 <david-lyle> just seems the benefit should outweigh the transition cost
15:54:07 <piet> Also, open source and hosted on our servers
15:54:11 <david-lyle> so was trying to understand the benefits
15:54:20 <david-lyle> all good things
15:54:49 <piet> Lemme have them put up and instance and we can evaluate.  Sound good?
15:54:53 <hurgleburgler> \o/
15:55:20 <hurgleburgler> Are there any designs coming through the pipe line that we can evaluate it on?
15:55:29 <piet> Kk
15:55:37 <piet> Anything else?
15:55:59 <piet> 5
15:56:02 <piet> 4
15:56:09 <piet> 3
15:56:11 <piet> 2
15:56:12 <piet> 1
15:56:38 <piet> Good meeting - totally glad we met thanks!!!
15:57:00 <piet> Have a good weekend!
15:57:01 <piet> #endmeeting openstack_ux