15:01:42 <piet> #startmeeting openstack_ux
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15:02:03 <piet> Let's take role and see if anyone is here
15:02:22 <piet> Otherwise, we can skip for two weeks
15:03:11 <robcresswell> o/
15:03:13 <piet> Hi robcresswell
15:03:23 <piet> How are things?
15:03:38 <robcresswell> Yeah all good.
15:03:45 <piet> Lemme chat with you about a few things while we're waiting
15:03:48 <robcresswell> Sure
15:04:01 <piet> #topic horizon research needs
15:04:20 <piet> Is Horizon needing any research?
15:04:38 <piet> Believe you mentioned the overview panel
15:05:11 <robcresswell> It was more a suggestion than anything. We've talked before about whether the Admin/Project dashboard divide makes sense
15:05:21 <piet> Huh
15:05:22 <robcresswell> And whether there may be a better way to divide up the content
15:05:41 <robcresswell> Because "admin" is a bit of a vague term nowadays
15:05:58 <piet> How that work? A single dashboard with content filtered based on privileges?
15:05:58 <peristeri> o/
15:06:23 <tsufiev> hi
15:06:31 <hurgleburgler> o/
15:06:47 <robcresswell> piet: That was on suggestion yeah
15:06:59 <piet> Hi tsufiev Hi hurgleburgler
15:07:21 <robcresswell> And then maybe having a cross-region panel group, with bigger data aggregation views.
15:07:23 <piet> All, robcresswell  and I were discussing Horizon research
15:07:46 <robcresswell> The discussion blueprint from our side is here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/data-architecture
15:07:49 <piet> Hi peristeri !  Can you introduce yourself to the team?
15:07:51 <robcresswell> It's quite open ended
15:08:30 <piet> robcresswell What about Horizon/Searchlight integration?
15:08:47 <peristeri> Hi everyone, I worked briefly on Horizon, and attended the design meeting in Austin.
15:09:05 <piet> Hi peristeri !
15:09:25 <robcresswell> piet: Angular work is moving us that way, but searchlight isnt something we can rely on right now.
15:09:59 <piet> robcresswell k - I know the folks at HPE approached me about running a usability study on it
15:10:37 <piet> BTW - I need to leave at the bottom of the hour for another meeting
15:10:49 <robcresswell> Searchlight helps a lot with aggregating the data, but this is about presentation really.
15:11:45 <ducttape_> is this really going to happen!?
15:12:02 <piet> k - can't make any promises on the dashboard because OS UX is going to be busy with alot of research before the next summit
15:12:17 <piet> ducttape_ is what going to happen? Searchlight?
15:12:28 <ducttape_> todays meeting
15:12:36 <ducttape_> I'm more realistic than that
15:12:38 <ducttape_> :P
15:12:42 <piet> Yeah, we're in the middle of it
15:12:44 <hurgleburgler> ducttape_ LOL
15:12:55 <robcresswell> piet: Sure. Just wanted to see what thoughts were.
15:12:59 <piet> Tough crowd
15:14:11 <piet> ducttape_ How would you prioritize the dashboard work and searchlight/horizon integration. We likely only have cycles for one
15:15:01 <ducttape_> I'd need to take a lot at them again and review, I don't have a good answer off the top of my head
15:15:15 <piet> Kk
15:15:30 <piet> I can also reach out to a few other operators to see what they think
15:16:02 <ducttape_> yep.  if you had option A and option B defined, thats usually easy to answer
15:16:25 <piet> ducttape_ Kk
15:16:52 <piet> Ready to move on?  I need to leave in fifteen minutes, so may do a quick core dump of stuff going on
15:17:00 <julim> hiya. sorry I'm late
15:17:26 <robcresswell> Sure
15:17:55 <piet> #topic user research resource
15:18:30 <piet> We are currently interviewing folks to conduct user research fro the community.  Half time
15:19:12 <julim> count me in piet
15:19:29 <julim> which research topics though as we've quite a few this release
15:20:09 <piet> Interviews will start next week.  I'm thinking the person will focus on help in OpenStack and Installer deployer
15:20:18 <piet> Not sure yet
15:20:30 <julim> ack
15:20:41 <piet> julim Ack?
15:20:53 <julim> piet to the interviews starting next week
15:21:17 <julim> piet - my availability limited in june due to another offsite and red hat summit end of month
15:21:27 <julim> but will try and help as best  I can pending availability
15:21:30 <piet> Just a contract gig.  It may take a while because seasoned researchers are hard to find
15:21:52 <piet> julim You know that
15:22:23 <julim> ack piet
15:22:37 <piet> Did anyone else have any preferences on what this person should focus on?  We're specifically looking for survey, usability and interview epereince
15:23:55 <piet> The other topics on the plate are quotas, openstack client and API
15:24:21 <tsufiev> oh, quotas!
15:24:53 * tsufiev would be glad to see quota handling cease to exist as a bunch of ad-hoc solutions in horizon
15:25:02 <robcresswell> quotas would be good
15:25:17 <tsufiev> but I'm afraid that besides good UX practices we would need a solid support from other service teams
15:25:22 <tsufiev> which is hard to predict :/
15:25:23 <piet> Yep. Keep in mind that this person and I will be sharing splitting research responsibilities
15:26:17 <piet> tsufiev We had a meeting on quotas and the consensus was that we need decent use cases to understand what is needed
15:27:08 <tsufiev> piet, got it. I was looking at quotas from inside, I mean code - and speaking of code, quotas are horrible in Horizon :)
15:28:10 <piet> tsufiev Yep. I've heard in a pain for devs to implement in Horizon. Hearing similar things from operators that are using APIs - no consistency
15:28:50 <piet> A couple of quick things
15:29:10 <tsufiev> piet, seems that UX research here may overlap with the activity of different cross-project API groups
15:29:43 <piet> tsufiev yep - reached out to them
15:29:59 <piet> Gotta go, but...
15:30:01 <piet> Craige will be depploying pholio for us to test
15:30:09 <hurgleburgler> \o/
15:31:05 <robcresswell> Sounds good
15:31:10 <piet> Pushing the foundation to create a "user experience" track for summits which could be called something like "Focus on Customers" or "What have you done for me lately"
15:31:29 <piet> Good for Horizon, I think...
15:31:38 <piet> Gotta go
15:32:01 <piet> Do you want to end the meeting or have hurgleburgler drive the discussion?
15:32:46 <piet> 5
15:32:47 <piet> 4
15:32:49 <piet> 3
15:32:49 <piet> 2
15:32:51 <piet> 1
15:33:07 <piet> #endmeeting openstack_ux