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15:00:31 <piet_> Morning
15:01:15 <uxdanielle> Hi :)
15:01:26 <piet_> Morning
15:01:32 <piet_> Let's wait a few minutes
15:02:08 <piet_> Got your email
15:02:13 <uxdanielle> cool
15:02:20 <julim> hi
15:02:34 <piet_> Hi julim
15:02:44 <julim> hi piet_
15:02:55 <robcresswell> o/
15:03:04 <piet_> had an interesting mtg with the OpenStack event planning yesterday
15:03:52 <piet_> More later, but potential source for tons of people for research
15:03:56 <piet_> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/UX#Next_meeting
15:04:20 <piet_> #topic Cores
15:04:41 <piet_> Still have created a guideline, so not much to say yet
15:04:53 <piet_> Still "haven't"
15:05:08 <piet_> Assuming no questions
15:05:52 <piet_> #topic ongoing research
15:06:20 <piet_> uxdanielle Anything to add on the App Developer study?
15:06:42 <uxdanielle> Other than we are desperately trying to schedule more participants, no updates
15:07:03 <piet_> How may have we had?
15:07:34 <uxdanielle> Two that weren't really a fit, and one that was mostly a fit.
15:07:41 <piet_> Kk
15:07:56 <piet_> Did Craige and Patricia watch the one that mostly fit?
15:08:51 <uxdanielle> I believe so. That was the most recent one. Craig commented that he had gotten some good feedback
15:08:52 <piet_> uxdanielle ?
15:09:00 <piet_> Kk
15:09:40 <piet_> What's interesting is that the "App Ecosystem WG" is still trying to define an App Developer which kind of impacts recruiting
15:10:00 <uxdanielle> Yeah I noticed that discussion got reopened
15:10:08 <robcresswell> Has anyone tried going to the openstack meetups/conferences/bug smashes etc?
15:10:32 <piet_> robcresswell To recruit of run studeis?
15:10:37 <piet_> "or"
15:10:43 <robcresswell> recruit, make contacts etc
15:11:06 <uxdanielle> I went to the Austin OpenStack meetup last night. But fewer attendees - 7 or 8 people. Nobody I talked to seemed to fit the App Dev criteria but at least they know I exist now
15:11:30 <robcresswell> wow, thats surprisingly small :(
15:11:33 <uxdanielle> I also posted about the study on the message board, so there's potential there. Reached out to a few friends also
15:11:40 <piet_> Coincidentally, I did meet with the events coordinator for OpenStack yesterday in Dillon, CO
15:11:49 <uxdanielle> It's July in Texas...people are too hot to do any kinds of activities ;)
15:12:35 <piet_> Turns out that the foundation has a list of anyone that has let them scan their page at a conference
15:13:10 <piet_> I just need to work with them a bit to distribute the recruitment screener
15:13:17 <uxdanielle> Nice
15:13:20 <piet_> Big win if we can pull it off
15:13:37 <piet_> Well over 2k
15:13:54 <piet_> Anything else for this topic?
15:14:06 <uxdanielle> Help research?
15:14:20 <piet_> #topic Help/Documentation research
15:14:42 <piet_> uxdanielle Updates?
15:14:54 <uxdanielle> Had one participant yesterday (another cancelled). One more later this afternoon and 5 more scheduled for next week
15:15:03 <piet_> Kk
15:15:20 <piet_> Anyone watching the sessions?
15:15:50 <uxdanielle> No although I invited Laura (and Lana, to the session that will be at 8pm) and she will attend where possible
15:16:20 <piet_> Kk - wee need to expand the list of observers so we get buy-in
15:16:22 <uxdanielle> We'll meet with the group of students that expressed interest in observing/taking notes this afternoon, so they may also attend future sessions
15:16:39 <uxdanielle> Who should I contact about that?
15:16:50 <piet_> thinking
15:16:52 <piet_> Ju
15:17:05 <piet_> Anne Gentle?
15:17:21 <piet_> Maybe Alex
15:17:50 <piet_> Few other people in docs
15:17:52 <piet_> Reach-out to me later
15:18:01 <uxdanielle> Docs team? Or recommendations on who should watch from Lana
15:18:04 <uxdanielle> Okay
15:18:30 <piet_> Ask Lana, but may have you send an email to a few folks to see if they are interested
15:19:03 <piet_> Alexandra Settle is also a good candidate
15:19:27 <piet_> Joseph Robinson
15:19:57 <piet_> How did the first interview go?  Who did you chat with?
15:19:58 <julim> happy to help piet_ uxdanielle
15:20:57 <uxdanielle> It went really well. Spoke with a guy named Charles from Intel - he has a unique experience as he will often look at the code to troubleshoot problems, likely not representative of most operators
15:21:28 <piet_> Maybe...
15:21:28 <uxdanielle> Notes here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-helpP2
15:21:46 <uxdanielle> Some good nuggets though
15:21:48 <piet_> Not the first one that mentioned looking at code as I recall
15:22:19 <uxdanielle> Haha, that's what he thought himself. Let's see what the others say
15:22:38 <piet_> Coolio...adding more observers within the community is a priority - otherwise no buy-in
15:22:47 <julim> I think it would probably not be uncommon for folks to look at code to solve
15:22:58 <julim> as to do openstack successfully you've to embrace devops
15:23:10 <julim> by that, you've got to have a developer mindset to be successful
15:23:36 <piet_> julim can you recommend any devops people?
15:23:37 <uxdanielle> Interesting...good to know Ju
15:23:45 <julim> for what?
15:24:06 <piet_> Maybe the first two folks from the App Devloper study?
15:24:21 <piet_> julim For the help interviews
15:24:34 <uxdanielle> Planning etherpad here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-help
15:25:20 <piet_> uxdanielle How much feedback did Lana and the other stakeholder have on the study plan?
15:25:30 <julim> how many participants do you still need
15:25:57 <piet_> Not many at all...maybe two
15:25:59 <uxdanielle> We filled out a lot more questions for the guide at the meeting on Wednesday.
15:26:21 <piet_> uxdanielle just wanted to make sure they have some owenership
15:26:59 <uxdanielle> Yes. They added some good things to the guide
15:27:56 <piet_> Kk
15:28:29 <piet_> julim Also thinking about a study to understand how people thing about their customer
15:29:10 <julim> I might be able to find 1-2 people...
15:29:21 <piet_> julim DevOps
15:29:35 <julim> regarding how people think about their customer _piet will have to do with industry
15:29:49 <julim> e.g. a nfv/telco vs. enterprise vs. university
15:30:00 <piet_> julim Exactly
15:30:26 <piet_> Maybe have the foundation drive this one?  Intel may also have some resource internally
15:31:08 <julim> would need to know what problem we are trying to solve...
15:31:12 <julim> and goal
15:31:51 <piet_> Yeah...still need to work on definition.  I just thinking a high level understanding of "customer" is important
15:32:01 <uxdanielle> Agree...Piet we should have a discussion about this especially if the research is being scheduled for August
15:32:32 <piet_> uxdanielle May push-off and have a marketing group handle this...
15:32:54 <piet_> uxdanielle But we need a plan
15:33:00 <uxdanielle> Yeah
15:33:27 <piet_> #topic
15:33:31 <piet_> Damn it
15:33:39 <piet_> #topic UX guidelines
15:35:10 <piet_> The GUI Guideline, GUI text Guideline and Personas will be combined into a UX section in the Developer Guideline
15:35:45 <robcresswell> GUI and personas are being combined?
15:36:20 <piet_> GUI Guideline has been posted for review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/345930
15:36:49 <piet_> robcresswell Into the same section in the Developer Guidelines. The docs haven't been combined
15:36:56 <robcresswell> Ah oka
15:36:58 <robcresswell> okay*
15:38:05 <piet_> julim Need eyes on the personas doc https://review.openstack.org/326662
15:38:17 <piet_> Worried they may have embelished
15:38:28 <julim> will look piet_
15:39:04 <piet_> julim Thanks
15:39:09 <julim> np
15:39:28 <piet_> julim Need Jeff C. looking as well as the PMs
15:40:25 <piet_> #topic
15:40:39 <piet_> #topic Design Reviews
15:41:02 <piet_> Moving to pholio https://review.openstack.org/#/c/340641/2/specs/pholio.rst
15:41:22 <piet_> Started to archive current projects in Invision
15:42:22 <piet_> Which is like pulling teeth very slowly without anything to numb you
15:42:47 <piet_> An angel cries every time I open Invision
15:43:29 <piet_> So, we are also likely moving to limesurvey.org for our survey software
15:43:40 <piet_> open source and very mature
15:44:21 <piet_> uxdanielle julim You future may included learning limesurvey and pholio
15:44:44 <piet_> robcresswell Your future will include learning pholio
15:44:51 <uxdanielle> Will check them out
15:45:01 <julim> ack piet_
15:45:08 <piet_> uxdanielle Alex liked your comments in Invision
15:45:27 <uxdanielle> Great :)
15:45:34 <piet_> #topic summit presentation
15:46:12 <piet_> "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!: Developing the ultimate help system for OpenStack Operators " has been submitted
15:46:39 <piet_> "Understanding our OpenStack Application Developers" has been submitted
15:47:01 <piet_> "Four studies, one conclusion: Who is an OpenStack user?" has been submitted
15:47:31 <piet_> "Lost in a Forest of Users: Five Paths to User-Driven Development" has unfortunately been submitted
15:48:07 <piet_> "Can't we all just agree?: OpenStack Personas, GUI and UI Text Guidelines for a consistent user experience" has been submitted
15:48:29 <piet_> "A look into the future: A consistent OpenStack GUI" has been submitted
15:48:36 <piet_> Just an FYI
15:49:33 <piet_> #topic College projects
15:50:15 <piet_> uxdanielle and I have been talking to some college programs about having students do design work
15:51:53 <piet_> robcresswell uxdanielle julim Need recommendations on topics for the students like a proposal for a new overview panel
15:52:32 <piet_> #topic open floor
15:52:38 <piet_> Anything else?
15:52:59 <piet_> 5
15:53:00 <uxdanielle> Oh the OSIC project
15:53:00 <julim> piet_ student topic: devise workflow for sahara (at least for the 2 main personas)
15:53:29 <piet_> julim Can you descirbe sahara
15:53:34 <julim> piet_ identify inconsistency areas and provide recommendation for fixes
15:53:49 <julim> piet_ workflow is virtually non-existent or broken
15:54:28 <robcresswell> Are they familiar with openstack? Overview really needs to come from ops
15:55:11 <piet_> robcresswell Naw - there needs to be a high level overview.  I also need to provide people for them to interview
15:55:20 <piet_> crazy kids
15:55:27 <julim> sahara is the big data app in horizon
15:55:38 <piet_> What a GUI for creating heat templates?
15:55:52 <piet_> julim Kk
15:55:53 <julim> the sahara folks asked for help
15:56:18 <robcresswell> Yeah, they have a workflow atm that has potentially something like 30 steps
15:56:21 <robcresswell> and growing
15:56:23 <robcresswell> depending on config.
15:56:33 <julim> yes needs to be streamlined and simplified
15:56:37 <julim> too long and complex
15:56:39 <piet_> Kk
15:56:47 <julim> needs to be opinionated
15:56:57 <piet_> refstack also asked for help
15:57:30 <piet_> Anything else?
15:57:38 <piet_> 5
15:57:40 <piet_> 4
15:57:42 <uxdanielle> Did some tasks with Horizon with OSIC students and administered ratings/got feedback. Writing a report that should be finished early next week
15:57:42 <piet_> 3
15:57:55 <piet_> Oh yeah! Big win!
15:58:07 <uxdanielle> Potential for future collaboration also
15:58:14 <piet_> Tell robcresswell and julim about this!
15:58:28 <piet_> uxdanielle Any high level findings?
15:58:40 <piet_> Or too soon?
15:59:02 <julim> have to jump off. need to go to another mtg.
15:59:09 <piet_> See ya!
15:59:25 <piet_> uxdanielle When do you plan to have a presentation?
16:00:03 <uxdanielle> Yes, a few small design tweaks - students had a hard time figuring out you could drag/drop manually to redo NIC order
16:00:24 <piet_> yep. note surprising
16:00:28 <piet_> "not"
16:00:37 <piet_> When will you have a presentation?
16:01:08 <uxdanielle> Some areas that could benefit from more feedback/explanation. I am writing the report now - would like to have that to you Piet by COB Monday or sooner
16:01:32 <uxdanielle> Would feel confident with presenting/distributing after Tuesday to make sure all the kinks are worked out
16:01:39 <piet_> Kk will schedule a presentation a wee from tuesday
16:01:51 <piet_> ok all done
16:02:01 <uxdanielle> :)
16:02:02 <piet_> cheers
16:02:04 <piet_> #endmeeting openstack_ux