15:01:02 <piet> #startmeeting openstack_ux
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15:01:55 <piet> Let's do a quick head count
15:02:01 <uxdanielle> o/
15:02:13 <piet> Could be just us
15:02:17 <piet> which is ok
15:03:57 <piet> How did you feel about the quota study?
15:04:21 <uxdanielle> Felt okay. I feel like I'll know more after one more interview
15:04:49 <uxdanielle> Last participant seemed like a special case and I'm interested in talking to more "real life" users
15:05:20 <uxdanielle> Also proud that I didn't fangirl about CERN/LHC because I'm a nerd like that
15:06:25 <uxdanielle> Next interview is in 2 hours from now
15:06:47 <piet> Yeah, the description of CERN was pretty inredible
15:06:56 <piet> Killing the meeting
15:07:01 <uxdanielle> Okay, bye!
15:07:06 <piet> poor chocie of words
15:07:14 <uxdanielle> pew pew!
15:07:16 <piet> #endmeeting openstack_ux