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15:00:45 <uxdanielle> Hi there! Anyone here for the OpenStack UX meeting?
15:01:55 <uxdanielle> #topic Current Research
15:03:43 <uxdanielle> Right now, we are wrapping up two studies. One is a usability evaluation for the Searchlight feature proposed for Horizon. The other is a series of interviews with cloud architects which focuses on how information factors in to recommending a cloud platform.
15:04:36 <uxdanielle> I imagine the results will be presented sometime during the week of 10/10.
15:05:08 <uxdanielle> We are also making a final recording of the Quota Management project findings, which should be ready and distributed early next week (of 10/3)
15:05:26 <uxdanielle> #topic Upcoming Research
15:06:36 <uxdanielle> At the Barcelona summit, we will be doing evaluations in two conference rooms TBA. One of the studies will focus on the OpenStack Client, and the other will involve APIs. Piet will have more information once we get closer to the summit.
15:07:00 <uxdanielle> #topic Summit Talk
15:07:40 <uxdanielle> We will be giving a talk about research on Application Developers at the summit.
15:08:41 <uxdanielle> Details here: https://www.openstack.org/summit/barcelona-2016/summit-schedule/events/15239/understanding-our-openstack-application-developers
15:09:37 <uxdanielle> #topic Hackathon Research
15:11:59 <uxdanielle> Another task we are working on is proposing research methodologies in conjunction with the App Hack WG to provide a structure/baseline for research opportunities at future OpenStack hackathons. The next hackathon is in Prague this November. Look for updates to the Hackathon wiki and feel free to include any ideas.
15:12:45 <uxdanielle> #topic Open Discussion
15:13:16 <uxdanielle> Looks like nobody else is here so I will end the meeting now. Please contact Danielle (uxdanielle) or Piet (piet) on IRC if you'd like to get involved with the OpenStack UX team! Thanks! :D
15:13:41 <uxdanielle> #endmeeting openstack_ux