19:01:27 <dtroyer> #startmeeting OpenStackClient
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19:01:34 <dtroyer> anyone here?
19:01:50 <MeganR> Hi, I am new, but here
19:02:01 <dtroyer> alarm ping: dhellmann, stevemar, briancurtin, terrylhowe, lhcheng, sigmavirus24, dstanek
19:02:11 <dtroyer> Hi MeganR, welcome
19:02:13 <sigmavirus24> o/
19:02:20 <sigmavirus24> kind of half here
19:03:45 <dtroyer> ok, might be a quick meeting then...
19:04:03 <lhcheng> o/ kinda half here too :(
19:04:20 <dtroyer> so we have one FTE there ;)
19:04:30 <lhcheng> lol
19:04:49 <terrylhowe> o/
19:04:50 <lhcheng> I think one topic stevemar is interested in is: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/222046/
19:05:28 * stevemar sneaks in late
19:05:30 <stevemar> dtroyer: o/
19:05:40 <dtroyer> ok, lets get going now that stevemar is here
19:05:59 <dtroyer> #topic release 1.7.1
19:06:21 <dtroyer> Let's start with the pending 1.7.1 release to fix an Image v2 issue
19:06:35 <dtroyer> #link https://review.openstack.org/229694
19:07:01 <dtroyer> it's based on stevemar's fix for find_resource() to handle resources/managers that don't have resource_class attribute
19:07:16 <dtroyer> we're looking at you glancelclient v2
19:07:41 <dtroyer> that combined with a novaclient change totally broke boot from volume
19:08:04 <dtroyer> the novaclient fix was released a few hours ago, our fix is merged and release pending
19:08:46 <dtroyer> I don't know if anyone has anything to add, I just wanted to get that out in case there were any questions.  we quick-merged the reviews to do all of that
19:10:37 <dtroyer> ok…
19:10:42 <lhcheng> thanks stevemar for the quick fix!
19:10:54 <dtroyer> #topic image v2 set and create
19:11:20 <dtroyer> those were part of a chain of reviews addressing a set of image v2 changes, mostly to image set
19:12:01 <dtroyer> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/226749/ is at the root of that chain
19:12:27 <dtroyer> I've gone back and forth about the —property alias options that are there, I landed on leaving them in because we already have a release with them
19:13:48 <dtroyer> I think we're going to go forward with this set and address further issues as follow-up, unless more objections surface
19:15:00 <dtroyer> ok…
19:15:26 <dtroyer> #topic Reviews
19:16:07 <dtroyer> lhcheng mentioned https://review.openstack.org/#/c/222046/, stevemars set of object store additions
19:16:35 <dtroyer> I've registered reservations about the object name 'account' but don't have a better alternative to propose
19:17:11 <stevemar> gah, i am back now
19:17:20 <lhcheng> "object account", "object-store account"?
19:17:33 <dtroyer> lhcheng: suggested 'object account' which I culd live with
19:17:40 <dtroyer> if I culd spel
19:17:56 <stevemar> `object account` hmmm
19:18:08 <stevemar> i'd almost prefer object-store account
19:18:16 <dtroyer> it's specific enough to remove my ambiguity concerns, if a little awkward
19:18:17 <stevemar> but i ain't no fancy UX guru
19:18:41 <dtroyer> that is probably better from a naing perspective
19:18:51 <dtroyer> specific and precise
19:18:55 <dtroyer> and longer
19:19:08 <lhcheng> not an UX expert, but just didn't want to type longer
19:19:25 <lhcheng> I am fine either way
19:19:25 <stevemar> can we have a dash?
19:19:35 <dtroyer> we've thrown out 'tab completion' before to answer that, but its not a great answer
19:20:01 <dtroyer> stevemar: do we use 'object-store' anywhere now in the CLI?  in another command or option?
19:20:23 <lhcheng> dtroyer: right! forgot about that awesome tab feature :)
19:20:26 <dtroyer> I think the dash is consistent with out internal use
19:21:43 <stevemar> dtroyer: actually we don't use a dash
19:21:47 <stevemar> http://docs.openstack.org/developer/python-openstackclient/command-list.html
19:21:51 <stevemar> we opt for a space
19:22:33 <stevemar> we have `object crud` and `container crud`
19:22:43 <dtroyer> ?? we use 'object store' somewhere externally visible?
19:22:47 <dtroyer> that's not the same thing
19:23:08 <dtroyer> 'object-store account'  vs  'object store account'
19:23:15 <stevemar> we use this: http://docs.openstack.org/developer/python-openstackclient/command-objects/object.html
19:23:29 <stevemar> ugh store is a verb too
19:24:00 <dtroyer> ?? it shouldn't be
19:24:05 <stevemar> and a noun :)
19:24:39 <stevemar> dtroyer: well, it's an 'object-store' it's a noun in this case
19:25:06 <dtroyer> 'Object Store' is used and the name of the subsystem/API in documentation
19:25:48 <dtroyer> so the proposal is to use 'object store account' as a three word noun
19:25:57 <dtroyer> we don't use dashes in nouns anywhere else
19:26:48 <dtroyer> and I am OK with the precedent of using the API/subsystem name as a disambiguation.  plugins are doing it (except for the ones using project code names,err)
19:27:35 <dtroyer> ok, lets follow up in the review?
19:28:10 <stevemar> dtroyer can i request that we rename in a later patch
19:28:41 <stevemar> do I have to change the method/class signatures or just the entry points? :)
19:28:43 <dtroyer> stevemar: sure.
19:29:27 <stevemar> we should do a 1.8.0 release when the swifty bits are in, i can then update devstack to remove some silly swift commands
19:29:28 <dtroyer> change the classes if you think it would be confusing not to, otherwise we do have other places they're not a perfect match
19:29:46 <stevemar> dtroyer: the classnames should be obvious enough
19:30:04 <dtroyer> ok
19:30:41 <dtroyer> Any other reviews to mention?
19:30:45 <stevemar> dtroyer: good, review the code then :D
19:31:14 <stevemar> not from me
19:31:19 <stevemar> i'm swamped with keystoney bits
19:31:31 <dtroyer> so congrats PTL-man!
19:31:52 <terrylhowe> yeh, grats stevemar !
19:32:08 <stevemar> dtroyer: terrylhowe oh so much fun
19:32:20 <stevemar> i hate stable-maint
19:32:39 <dtroyer> I wanted to mention that I've taken the initial SDK review further down the road of getting the auth right, even though KSA will change the SDK.
19:33:00 <dtroyer> I am primarily building an example that steps through the whole thing to get it in one place and easy to understand
19:33:31 <dtroyer> and considering doing KSA directly
19:34:38 <stevemar> we're using it indirectly now with occ
19:34:57 <dtroyer> There are a couple other reviews that have sat for a bit between the efforts for image v2 and yesterday's fun
19:35:16 <dtroyer> stevemar: occ is getting out of control
19:35:31 <dtroyer> maybe it should configure logging too
19:35:35 <dtroyer> </sarcasm>
19:36:45 <dtroyer> ok, moving along then
19:36:52 <dtroyer> #topic open discussion
19:37:35 <dtroyer> The preliminary schedule for Tokyo is out, we have one fishbowl, one workroom (Wednesday) and a Friday morning meetup slot
19:37:44 <stevemar> sounds good
19:37:45 <dtroyer> all subject to change yet
19:37:55 <stevemar> we realllllllly need a session on doing 2.0 and the rename
19:38:06 <stevemar> can we hack on that on friday :)
19:38:21 <stevemar> or maybe we should wait til we go to the sdk (whenever that happens)
19:38:46 <dtroyer> SDK is going to be added as a dependency in a minor rev
19:39:25 <dtroyer> after the last couple of weeks I'd personally like to be rid of glanceclient first
19:39:49 <dtroyer> but yeah, we'll talk about that process there and hopefully gett he sequence worked out
19:40:37 <dtroyer> we also need to address some significant testing holes
19:41:35 <dtroyer> anything else?
19:43:18 <dtroyer> well alrighty then…
19:43:56 <dtroyer> Thanks everyone
19:43:59 <dtroyer> #endmeeting