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19:07:41 <dtroyer> two is more than we've had for a while :)
19:07:45 <dhellmann> heh
19:07:53 <dhellmann> I'm looking at that display command hook patch now
19:08:01 <dhellmann> I'm going to throw another patch on top of it to add some tests
19:08:07 <dtroyer> summer for half the world, go figure
19:08:20 <dhellmann> how are we doing with the doc-migration stuff for OSC repos?
19:08:24 <dtroyer> ok, thanks.  I wasn't sure if that fits what you intended for the hooks
19:08:40 <dtroyer> I think I have most, if not all, of the reviews merged
19:08:48 <dtroyer> will check again after this
19:08:50 <dhellmann> ok, cool
19:09:08 <dtroyer> ah, I have not looked at os-client-config yet, so there may be some there still
19:09:10 <dhellmann> how are things going otherwise? any reviews I can help with besides that display command item?
19:09:47 <dtroyer> I can't think of anything specific, there are a couple that need working through the command/option layout
19:09:50 <dhellmann> the os-client-config items all merged: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/os-client-config+topic:doc-migration
19:09:51 <dtroyer> in osc proper
19:11:07 <dhellmann> ok
19:11:15 <dhellmann> that's really all I had :-)
19:11:40 <dtroyer> I am planning to do a set of releases soon, will be out of town for a few days here but can keep an eye on that since it's looking like they will not be ready until Monday now
19:12:36 <dhellmann> I can take care of that for you, if you want. No sense in worrying about that while you're on the road.
19:14:19 <dtroyer> ok, thanks.  cliff is ready once your bits merge, there is one more review on osc-lib I want to resolve yet, then it is ready.  I am behind the curve on o-c-c but we do need one before the freeze yet there too.
19:14:40 <dtroyer> osc-lib: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/462150/
19:14:48 <dhellmann> if you have the list of patches you want to wait for I can set that up
19:15:04 <dhellmann> in fact, if you have the patches, you could file the release today with depends-on :-)
19:15:14 <dtroyer> we can merge that, if rui's question needs addressing it can be in a follow-up
19:15:35 <dtroyer> oh, good idea...
19:16:02 <dtroyer> the last one merged is the release SHA, right?  assuming that doesn't change
19:16:48 <stevemar> o/
19:16:49 <dhellmann> yeah, and I can fix it if the sha ends up changing
19:17:23 <dtroyer> it's OSC that is the unknown, and since it has another week (right?) before freeze I'm focusing on the libs now
19:17:55 <dhellmann> dtroyer : https://review.openstack.org/481192 adds tests for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/479157/4
19:18:01 <dtroyer> thanks
19:18:35 <dhellmann> I would prefer to merge those together, I think, so I'll +2 https://review.openstack.org/#/c/479157/4 but leave the approval to you
19:18:46 <dtroyer> stevemar: do you have an opinion on the live migration options between https://review.openstack.org/#/c/462150/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/460059/?
19:18:56 <dtroyer> dhellmann: ok
19:19:47 <dtroyer> stevemar: I am writing a comment with my thoughts to add to both reviews to pick one to handle both of them since they overlap
19:20:16 <dtroyer> basically, it's a combination of not wanting to use the argparse nargs option (at all if possible) and picking option names
19:21:29 <dtroyer> grrrr, I gave you bad links: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/427565/ and https://review.openstack.org/#/c/460059/
19:29:05 <stevemar> oh the migration bits...
19:29:26 <stevemar> sorry, i don't have much of an opinion on that stuff, not in my wheelhouse
19:30:00 <dtroyer> ok, np, thanks
19:30:20 <dtroyer> from a command format standpoint though, I prefer —cold to —no-live I think
19:30:47 <dtroyer> but also don't want the hostname to be optional, maybe would rather have —live-auto for the no-host-given version
19:31:00 <dtroyer> the second one I'm not totally sold on yet, but I still don't like nargs
19:35:20 <dtroyer> ok, anything else?
19:35:40 <dtroyer> My apologies for not having better structure to this, I'm still catching up from the last couple of weeks...
19:37:40 <dtroyer> ok, thanks guys for your time!
19:37:43 <dtroyer> #endmeeting