21:30:35 <DevonBoatwright_> #startmeeting ops_guide
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21:30:45 <DevonBoatwright_> It worked! ok
21:31:03 <njohnston> o/
21:31:25 <DevonBoatwright_> Hello. I'm still learning this. Please bear with me.
21:31:42 <DevonBoatwright_> Should I do a roll call?
21:34:58 <DevonBoatwright_> Is it just you and I njohnston?
21:35:12 <njohnston> I don't know...
21:35:25 <njohnston> Just start with the agenda and folks will chime in
21:35:28 <njohnston> or not :-)
21:35:35 <DevonBoatwright_> ok.. lol. That sounds like a good idea
21:35:42 * sc68cal lurks
21:37:09 <DevonBoatwright_> #topic action items from the previous meeting
21:37:16 <DevonBoatwright_> Did I do that correctly?
21:37:33 <DevonBoatwright_> Oh.. hm.
21:38:19 <sc68cal> yup
21:38:30 <darrenc> hi
21:38:50 <DevonBoatwright_> Hi darrenc..
21:39:39 <DevonBoatwright_> I am still so new, I am okay with you taking over the talking points of this meeting since you guys, I am assuming, know most of what is going on.
21:39:54 <DevonBoatwright_> Shilla has spotty internet and can't get to the meeting.
21:40:58 <darrenc> no worries
21:41:24 <DevonBoatwright_> :)
21:41:57 <DevonBoatwright_> At least I could get the meeting started this time.
21:41:57 <darrenc> Sorry I didnt get a chance to update the agenda
21:43:09 <DevonBoatwright_> ok. Should I change the topic to something else then?
21:43:27 <darrenc> oh, so action items from last meeting
21:43:47 <darrenc> I converted the arch guide work items to bugs
21:44:31 <darrenc> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+bugs?field.tag=arch-guide
21:45:09 <darrenc> Just need a few ppl to confirm the bugs
21:45:51 <darrenc> So the idea is that we'lll focus on them during the global bugbash
21:46:09 <darrenc> although there's nothing stopping us from working on them now
21:47:45 <darrenc> So we've push the arch guide blueprint back to the N-release
21:47:49 <darrenc> pushed*
21:48:17 <darrenc> but it would be nice to get as much done before the end of this release cycle
21:48:29 <darrenc> because we'll need to focus on the ops guide next
21:49:35 <darrenc> so realistically I'm thinking we would have the arch guide done by halfway through the next release, and then work on the ops-guide
21:50:42 <darrenc> and the next ops midcycle would be a great opportunity to gather information
21:51:18 <darrenc> any thoughts?
21:52:09 <DevonBoatwright_> I am still too new to really have any constructive thoughts.. I feel like I am mostly lurking and learning.
21:52:55 <darrenc> no worries, feel free to ping me anytime if you have any question
21:52:59 <darrenc> questions*
21:53:54 <DevonBoatwright_> ok. Thanks. :)
21:54:54 <darrenc> np
21:55:38 <darrenc> so moving on?
21:55:54 <darrenc> #topic ops midcycle
21:55:54 <DevonBoatwright_> next topic?
21:56:20 <DevonBoatwright_> #topic ops midcycle
21:57:04 <darrenc> There will be a bunch of etherpads from the ops midcycle that we should look at
21:57:23 <darrenc> to glean information for the ops guide
21:58:59 <darrenc> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/MAN-ops-meetup
21:59:36 <darrenc> asettle attended, so I'll speak to her
22:00:33 <darrenc> That's all I have
22:00:44 <DevonBoatwright_> This has been a very quiet meeting
22:01:00 <darrenc> yeah
22:01:36 <darrenc> I guess one other topic is the openstack bugbash
22:01:46 <darrenc> who's attending?
22:01:49 <DevonBoatwright_> #topic openstack bugbash
22:02:07 <darrenc> So who's attending?
22:02:30 <DevonBoatwright_> When is it again?
22:02:34 <darrenc> 3link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OpenStack-Bug-Smash-Mitaka
22:02:39 <darrenc> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OpenStack-Bug-Smash-Mitaka
22:03:03 <darrenc> March 7-9 in various locations around the world
22:03:20 <DevonBoatwright_> Shilla says she probably won't be able to
22:03:32 <darrenc> ah ok
22:04:02 <darrenc> I might be attending in Sydney
22:04:27 <darrenc> I thnk mjrichardson might be flying over as well
22:04:40 <darrenc> in which case, we'll work on the arch guide
22:05:10 <darrenc> but there's nothing stopping us from doing it virtually as well
22:07:57 <darrenc> So I think the action item here is finding out who can attend the bugbash
22:08:11 <darrenc> or participate virtually
22:08:15 <DevonBoatwright_> Agreed.
22:08:59 <darrenc> ok, I'll send an email to the team
22:09:25 <darrenc> ok that's all I have
22:09:38 <DevonBoatwright_> ok.. Sorry it was just you and I! LOL
22:09:45 <darrenc> lol
22:09:55 <DevonBoatwright_> Is there anything simple to help out in this? Like copyediting or anything?
22:10:15 <DevonBoatwright_> Should I talk offline to you about that/
22:10:27 <darrenc> We can talk offline
22:10:31 <DevonBoatwright_> okay
22:10:45 <DevonBoatwright_> So I guess this meeting is ended?  I am okay to end it?
22:10:55 <darrenc> sure
22:11:18 <DevonBoatwright_> ok. Thank you!
22:11:41 <DevonBoatwright_> #endmeeting