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21:30:31 <DevonBoatwright> Hey everyone!
21:30:35 <DevonBoatwright> Is anyone here yet?
21:31:26 <DevonBoatwright> So... is it just me?
21:32:54 <DevonBoatwright> I will brb.
21:33:01 <darrenc> Hi DevonBoatwright
21:33:15 <DevonBoatwright> Oh hi darren!
21:33:27 <DevonBoatwright> Heard it ding and ran back to the computer
21:33:39 <darrenc> haha
21:34:00 <DevonBoatwright> So.. Shilla and I have a bit of an issue. We run the local meetup group and need to get to a meetup we organized.
21:34:15 <darrenc> I think we need two more people to reach quorum
21:34:30 <DevonBoatwright> So I cannot run the meeting. And neither can she. I am wondering if we might be able to suggest a new meeting time?
21:34:54 <DevonBoatwright> It seems we both run into issues frequently with this time slot.
21:35:10 <DevonBoatwright> Even an hour earlier would work better? Would that work for others?
21:35:11 <darrenc> yes, makes sense
21:35:34 <darrenc> Erm not for me
21:35:38 <DevonBoatwright> I thought I would be able to run today and she could get to the meetup first, but DC traffic is keeping her from getting to the meetup on time
21:35:50 <darrenc> half hour earlier would work for me
21:35:52 <DevonBoatwright> ok. We need a time that works for you, too. :)
21:36:22 <DevonBoatwright> Hmmm... that might work. Or a morning time. I can't remember what the time is there for you
21:36:30 <DevonBoatwright> It's 5:30pm here
21:36:34 <darrenc> Middle of the night :)
21:36:57 <darrenc> 7:30am here
21:37:02 <DevonBoatwright> Oh wow. OK. So would a morning work for you? Can we revisit this over email?
21:37:06 <darrenc> timezones are hard
21:37:15 <DevonBoatwright> I have to leave in a couple minuutes or I will be late to the meetup, too
21:37:19 <darrenc> yep mornings are good
21:37:40 <darrenc> ok, let's cancel this meeting and I'll email the team to revise the meeting time
21:37:46 <DevonBoatwright> ok. Let's take this maybe to an email thread and we can set up a new meeting. Thanks Darren and really sorry about this
21:37:53 <DevonBoatwright> OK. Sounds great!
21:37:55 <darrenc> no worries
21:38:01 <DevonBoatwright> Thanks for getting on
21:38:06 <DevonBoatwright> #endmeeting