14:06:42 <mihalis68_> #startmeeting ops-meetup-team
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14:06:52 <mihalis68_> #topic actions
14:06:52 <shintaro> o/
14:06:56 <VW_> o/
14:07:02 <mihalis68_> o/
14:07:11 <mihalis68_> I have not update the agenda sheet today
14:07:16 <mihalis68_> not much to report
14:07:19 <mihalis68_> #topic actions
14:07:43 <mihalis68_> I sent a draft report on the recent ops meetup hosted here to the foundation people who asked for it for SuperUser
14:07:58 <mihalis68_> I also requested an update on whether we'll be able to host in London in January
14:08:16 <shintaro> We have a room for Opsmeetup on Thursday afternoon in Shanghai
14:08:35 <mihalis68_> yeah I saw that.
14:08:41 <mihalis68_> 3 hours
14:09:14 <mihalis68_> to be perfectly honest, I am glad I didn't arrange to stay longer in china only to find out 3 hours is all we get for that
14:09:58 <shintaro> Better than nothing, I guess
14:10:09 <mihalis68_> true
14:10:39 <VW_> I'm not making it to Shanghai at all
14:10:54 <VW_> is someone from this group going to be able to be around for the short session
14:11:07 <mihalis68_> erik mccormick for sure
14:11:11 <mihalis68_> shintaro I guess?
14:11:18 <shintaro> yes I will be there
14:11:28 <VW_> cool. I'll have someone there - he's gong on his own, so I'll try to have him join
14:12:06 <mihalis68_> #topic shanghai ops meetup
14:12:41 <mihalis68_> I'm not sure what to do about a 3 hour ops meetup. The normal process of a period of asking for topics and moderators and then refining it into an agenda seems rather heavy for that
14:14:26 <shintaro> that's true.
14:15:45 <shintaro> We probably need to find someone from Chinese community to promote the event.
14:18:09 <VW_> That would be a good idea
14:18:31 <VW_> find out 3, maybe 4 topics high on the list of Chinese operators
14:21:23 <mihalis68_> erik pointed out twitter is probably not as good - I'm not sure locals can get to it
14:21:49 <mihalis68_> I hate to be blunt, but I'm not organising this one
14:22:06 <mihalis68_> wont be there, did the last one
14:22:40 <shintaro> Do UC members have contact to local community ambassadors? If that works, I can ask Jaesuk for help.
14:23:22 <mihalis68_> that sounds good. Just to explain myself, my father passed way last week and I've got a lot going on right now
14:23:49 <VW_> Sorry to hear that mihalis68_, and completely understandable
14:23:55 <mihalis68_> thanks
14:24:00 <VW_> they probably do shintaro
14:24:30 <VW_> spotz: you around?
14:24:39 <shintaro> Thank you VM_
14:25:15 <shintaro> Sorry to hear that too mihalis68_
14:25:30 <mihalis68_> thanks
14:25:52 <VW_> I'll try to get you and emccormick connected to some folks shintaro
14:25:57 <VW_> today/tomorrow
14:26:26 <shintaro> appreciate that VM_
14:27:41 <emccormick> sorry I'm here.
14:27:46 <emccormick> catching up
14:27:52 <mihalis68_> which forum sessions did we get? Any?
14:29:24 <VW_> I thought I something somewhere that there were 1 or 2, but I need to go back and look
14:29:33 <emccormick> War Stories
14:29:35 <emccormick> that's it
14:30:11 <shintaro> :(
14:30:19 <mihalis68_> Well, that at least is a good session
14:30:21 <emccormick> RE: the 3 hour Ops slot at PTG, my intention was not to use that if Horace's room comes through
14:30:37 <emccormick> Unless I missed that falling through
14:30:51 <mihalis68_> I thought 'Horace's room' and the 3 hour PTG slot ended up being the same thing
14:31:05 <mihalis68_> admittedly not been reading these emails super carefully
14:31:20 <emccormick> No, Kendall gave us the 3 hours
14:31:45 <shintaro> both ended up the same 3hr slot
14:31:57 <emccormick> aww poop
14:32:13 <emccormick> That's what I get for getting excited
14:32:53 <smcginnis> It would be great if we can have someone from that region lead up some (most?) of the planning.
14:33:03 <mihalis68_> Is it me, or have the foundation forgotten about ops entirely?
14:33:03 <smcginnis> I will be there, but not sure how much I will be able to be involved.
14:34:32 <emccormick> I don't think there were too many options for them this go around
14:34:50 <emccormick> Sounds like the facility is just not up to snuff for what we're used to
14:34:59 <emccormick> I'm sure Vancouver will be significantly better
14:35:30 <VW_> yeah - I think emccormick is right
14:35:31 <emccormick> At worst, we can take over the bar at the Fairmont ;)
14:35:35 <VW_> ha
14:36:04 <mihalis68_> Everyone tells me shanghai is incredible. I expected Shanghai Expo Center to be great, but maybe they only have a relatively small chunk of it
14:37:01 <smcginnis> FWIW, even the dev teams are not super happy about some of the things this time around. Sounds like there are just a lot of big rooms that will be shared. That should make it interesting to try to hold some discussions with other things going on all around you.
14:37:49 <mihalis68_> ok. I guess if everyone is in the same boat it is a venue issue, and thus not much to be done about it now
14:38:37 <VW_> hey folks - hate to do this, but I have to drop early.  I'm on the West Coast and need to head to the office.  I'll work on connecting members of this team who will be in China with UC and local ambassadors
14:38:46 <VW_> please let me know if you need anything else
14:38:51 <VW_> talk to you next week!
14:38:55 <mihalis68_> that sounds great, VW_, it's great to have you back!
14:38:57 <emccormick> cool thanks
14:39:05 <shintaro> thank you!
14:39:06 <VW_> happy to be here
14:39:22 <mihalis68_> anything else for shanghai?
14:39:27 <mihalis68_> who's presenting war stories? :)
14:39:39 <mihalis68_> or moderating, I should say
14:41:25 <emccormick> nothing here
14:41:46 <mihalis68_> #topic any other business
14:42:00 <mihalis68_> as previously noted no update yet for meetup #1 2020
14:42:07 <mihalis68_> but we're hoping to host again (in London)
14:42:40 <smcginnis> In case it wasn't seen - just want to make sure everyone is aware of the overall event changes in 2020.
14:42:45 <mihalis68_> otherwise, there's not much to do other than one Forum session (war stories) and then 3 hours of content on day 4 of shanghai. I am recusing myself from the latter but happy to take on war stories
14:43:00 <smcginnis> Sounds like the spring event will be a smaller project focused event, then the larger summit type event in the fall.
14:43:40 <smcginnis> http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/foundation/2019-September/002794.html
14:44:22 <spotz> vw_ here, was upgrading the mac
14:44:24 <spotz> Took longer then I thought:(
14:44:32 <mihalis68_> he's already left
14:45:44 <spotz> bah, took longer then I thought
14:45:53 <mihalis68_> thanks for the update, Sean. I don't feel I understand event 1 2020 at all, TBH
14:46:12 <mihalis68_> or at least, whether ops are part of it
14:46:19 <smcginnis> I guess we shall see, but I'm thinking of it as more like the PTG events than a summit.
14:46:43 <smcginnis> I'm sure (and I would hope) ops would be very welcome and I hope we can set up some Forum and Ops Meetup type of things there.
14:47:02 <smcginnis> jamesmcarthur: Any input on that at this point? ^
14:47:25 <shintaro> Something like Denver PTG?
14:47:37 <smcginnis> I think it will end up being kind of like that.
14:48:06 <emccormick> I was thinking more like Openstack / Openinfra Days
14:48:24 <emccormick> just don't know if it'll all be working sessions or if there will be presentations too
14:48:51 <jamesmcarthur> is catching up
14:48:54 <shintaro> Seems like the target audience is Devs but not ops?
14:48:54 <smcginnis> That could very well be.
14:49:09 <emccormick> o/
14:49:28 <smcginnis> I take this as meaning kind of like a Forum/PTG - "with a strong focus on open collaboration sessions"
14:49:59 <emccormick> Once jamesmcarthur catches up he can probably tell us ;)
14:50:19 <jamesmcarthur> OK - re: 2020 event - Ops are definitely welcome. From the dev/ops side, I think it's going to be like forum/PTG as smcginnis notes.
14:50:46 <jamesmcarthur> A mini-summit is sort of what I've been hearing, but I don't think anyone has fleshed out the exact details of that yet.
14:51:01 <smcginnis> I know we are still very early in planning, so there's probably some time to adjust what we really want that event to be.
14:51:15 <jamesmcarthur> I'm going to flag this conversation though and bring it up to the events folks.
14:51:20 <jamesmcarthur> Y'all aren't the only ones asking :)
14:51:42 <smcginnis> I'm sure they are trying to figure things out too, but it would be great to get more clarity when we can.
14:51:43 <mihalis68_> I guess we should all keep talking and try to make it awesome for all
14:51:50 <smcginnis> ++
14:52:16 <shintaro> +1
14:52:25 <emccormick> Whatever form it takes, just lets make sure to put an Ops spotlight on it from the start
14:52:36 <emccormick> Don't want to shove it in there as an afterthought
14:53:14 <smcginnis> ++ again :)
14:53:19 <emccormick> Whatever promo things come out of the foundation when the announcements are made will hopefully help make it appealing to both groups
14:53:59 <jamesmcarthur> I promise to come back and update this channel when I know more :)
14:54:00 <emccormick> for Denver it was kind of an afterthought. A somewhat gangrenous appendage ;)
14:54:21 <emccormick> Thanks Jimmy.
14:54:27 <mihalis68_> last call
14:54:53 <emccormick> Bourbon. Neat.
14:55:10 <mihalis68_> eh?
14:55:25 <smcginnis> You said last call. :P
14:55:31 <mihalis68_> oh...
14:55:37 <mihalis68_> :)
14:55:54 <smcginnis> Time to turn on the lights and shuffle everyone to the door.
14:55:57 <mihalis68_> ok, thanks everyone. See you next week
14:56:00 <jamesmcarthur> lol
14:56:02 <jamesmcarthur> bye all!
14:56:06 <smcginnis> Thanks!
14:56:11 <emccormick> o/
14:56:11 <mihalis68_> #endmeeting