14:06:39 <mihalis68_> #startmeeting ops-meetup-team
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14:06:57 <mihalis68_> I haven't updated the etherpad with an agenda for obvious reasons
14:07:09 <mihalis68_> however, we are getting some questions about a) PTG and b) virtual meetups for operators
14:07:17 <emccormick> I will fire up a meeting. Hang on
14:07:40 <mihalis68_> https://twitter.com/rossmartyn04/status/1246001652018089984?s=20
14:08:15 <mihalis68_> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/raE68K2y/
14:09:40 <emccormick> https://meet.cirrusseven.com/opsmeetup
14:10:05 <mihalis68_> what I thought we could do is try out this open source video conferencing thing (jitsi) to see if it would work for furutre virtual events
14:10:13 <mihalis68_> I'll join erik, one second
14:11:32 <smcginnis> Not hearing anything on there.
14:12:19 <emccormick> Try chrome Aean
14:12:25 <emccormick> Sean
14:12:42 <emccormick> @smcginnis:
14:13:01 <smcginnis> I could hear the join/leave sounds, but no talking.
14:33:52 <VW_> hey @mihalis68_ - sorry -j just saw this
14:36:29 <mihalis68_> no worries
14:36:35 <mihalis68_> I'll be back here in a minute
14:39:31 <mihalis68_> we just tried Erik's Jitsi instance for an ad-hoc meeting
14:39:35 <mihalis68_> it worked well
14:39:50 <mihalis68_> this is an open source video conferencing solution
14:41:27 <mihalis68_> it seems that we could set up a virtual ops meetup using this as a way to bring back events during the global pandemic
14:41:41 <mihalis68_> personally I've resisted using Zoom for various well publicized reasons
14:47:55 <mihalis68_> some conclusions from the video meeting just now :
14:48:14 <mihalis68_> jitsi looks like a possibility for ops meetups to happen virtually but still leveraging open source
14:48:40 <mihalis68_> we'll ask for a ptg slot. Apparently the open infra team are setting up a jitsi instance
14:48:59 <mihalis68_> it may be possible to link jitsi meetings to the openstack etherpad server
14:49:38 <mihalis68_> this might allow "presenters" to be in the video conference, and "viewers" to merely stream it (via youtube, twitch, vimeo, something like that). This would scale better than every person needing to be video conferenced
14:50:18 <spotz> Hey! Didn’t know we were meeting:(
14:50:33 <mihalis68_> we will pick up the discussion of possible virtual meets on the twitter account since that seems to have the best engagement
14:50:39 <mihalis68_> yeah I did ping just after 10am
14:50:43 <mihalis68_> you didn't miss much
14:50:51 <mihalis68_> there's nobody else here right now :P
14:51:27 <spotz> I’ll email the sign up sheet for PTG when I get home
14:51:53 <mihalis68_> for ops meetup?
14:52:03 <mihalis68_> oh email it to me?
14:52:21 <mihalis68_> thanks. Sean erik and I think a session in vancouver would be good
14:52:27 <spotz> I’ve just assumed we were on hiatus. To sign up for time slots
14:52:42 <mihalis68_> we have been on hiatus, but time to get back in action
14:52:50 <mihalis68_> we can do things during full lockdown, let's try!
14:53:33 <spotz> Well last emails we’ve had about the meeting were cancelling:)
15:01:07 <mihalis68_> yeah. I will try and make things clear with a refreshed calendar meeting for the meetup team plus some communication on twitter and the mailing list. Will be in touch soon
16:00:59 <mihalis68_> #endmeeting